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I know. It’s been over six months since I put content here. You CAN still find me on the ‘gram, FB, and if you so choose, the twitters, but I’m making you look that up because I say shit there.

New Beginnings.

Truthful shit nobody likes if you’re not into facts.

Anyway, I’ve moved. Downgraded to a one-bedroom apartment, after a lot of drama from Avondale Villages (yeah, those same people.) It was the move that made the most sense for where I am and what I do. MARTA is still across the street. In fact, it’s closer because I’m closer to the front of this large complex once again. Literally, I’m one building over, but because of the size of these two buildings, it’s a good distance that’s shortened. Before the move, I went out to see Entheos, Archspire, Sings of the Swarm and Whitechapel. Splendid show.

First night in my new place, almost a Full Flower Moon #WitchyTimes

TaxSlayer was fun, but they let me go in the middle of March, so I’ve been scrambling to find a replacement job because rent is no longer covered by the non-existent girlfriend. We split up. Let’s call it “artistic differences.” You don’t need to know, anyway.

Despite all of this, I started my Summers in Seaside novella. That release date is July 20th, 2023, and while it’s been a frantic ride trying to accommodate all the shit we’ve set up (and by we, I mean Amanda and her other author); I think I’ve got the admin stuff handled. The title will be Second Chance Summer and here’s the loose description:

Ember Kitty is SOOOO much happier here without any other static.

She wanted a change before she felt old and useless. He needed something to pull him from his self-induced prison.

Sandy knew something had to change. At fifty-four, her successful advertising business was slowly killing her. A dramatic change and a new location was exactly what she needed.”Little did she know, Seaside, Oregon, with its peaceful beaches, beautiful ocean view, and small-town feel would reopen a wound she thought had closed thirteen years earlier.

Craig thought his life was awesome. Great job, always busy, plenty of money, and an understanding with whomever he spent time with. Until he looked at his existence and found it to be not just boring, but empty. His remedy? Cut communication from his old life, throw his bag in his car, and drive north from Oakland, CA. Stopping at Seaside seemed to bring him respite until he saw the one woman who shattered his heart years ago.

When he seduces Sandy and confesses his feelings for her, it quickly goes south, leaving him with only one option. Return to his previous life.

When Sandy realized how terribly she treated Craig despite her feelings, she vows to salvage things until she accidentally smashes her SUV into his Porsche.

Can our lovers overcome their past and give romance a second chance, or will they end up brokenhearted and alone?

Grab your copy of Second Chance Summer and follow our May/December romance for passion today.

I literally have to wrap up the sex scene and give them their HEA before the draft is finished. I know it’s been tight on this time, but the move and job search have drained a lot of my time. I’m happy to be back at the keys, with a little kick in the ass from Dorothy Shaw, plus some extra help I’ll consider going into once that drama is handled. This story is contemporary, older woman, younger man, second chance romance. I suppose it could be considered a Small Town Romance too, seeing as how Seaside is a small beach town.

I’m having fun writing it. Mostly, the soundtrack has been the first two A Perfect Circle albums when I’m in Sandy’s POV. If it’s Craig’s, then it’s Particle Thief, sometimes Whitechapel, Rogue, or Tell the Wolves I’m Home. Right now? Both characters need smoothing out, but I won’t worry about that until next week when I start editing.

Seriously, right now? I want a fucking cupcake and a cigar, so….off to Got Cigars after a stop at Lenox Cupcakes. Question is, what do I get? Chocolate? Lemon? Or…

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