Writing Workshops

In addition to writing, I also teach. Listed below are the workshops I’ve developed to help romance writers get a better grasp of key tools for their stories.  Workshops are geared towards writers of all levels though the BDSM for Romance Authors I really suggest you have an understanding of the craft of writing.  It’s not required but for all the material covered, it helps speed things up.

I have taught for Coffee Time Romance, Hearts Through History RWA, Orange County Chapter RWA, Passionate Ink RWA, FF&P RWA and most recently Lowcountry RWA,  I taught the Male POV workshop to Cal Writers – Berkeley group in early February 2012.  In addition to teaching at Savvy Authors, I teach these courses on my private loop.

Male POV – Creating Better Heroes– This course focuses exclusively on learning how to write from the Male POV. The romance genre is filled with a plethora of writers who write straight erotic romances as well as an increasing number of writers who write male/male romances. Obviously, bringing our characters to life is key to keeping and gaining new readers, but what if you’re a woman who has never really been able to grasp the male mindset?  Do you want to enhance, understand and craft heroes that readers will talk about?

The importance of understanding the male mind in conjunction with the Heroine and her journey are imperativeto any well written romance.  The syllabus can be found here  I am in the process of further developing this course for Mystery/Crime writers as I have had interest expressed in seeing the differences in those genres.

BDSM for Romance Authors – This workshop is for authors in the romance genre who dabble BDSM in any form, be it writing spanking stories, light bondage, or like myself, heavier darker things. What authors often fail to recognize about Kink and BDSM is that the term BDSM is a BLANKET TERM encompassing many different things that if utilized properly and marketed appropriately can expand an author’s audience. If you’ve ever role played, held your lover down, worn a corset, used food during sex, guess what? You’re KINKY!

Click HERE to see the syllabus

WriteSEX – A primer on writing erotica, covering the basics of writing erotica for a profit.  This is an extension of the WriteSEX blog and is usually taught by a few of us from WriteSEX .

Why Kink? – This class will focus on the basics of kinky sex, including why people indulge in non basic sexual practices, a little BDSM knowledge, define kink, cover role play and how all of this can be used in your stories to add variety and spice to your sex scenes so the reader remains engrossed on more levels.  Adding kink to a story and the plot helps expand the author’s potential reader base by including a wider range of interests.  We’ll cover some of the marketing basics for kinky writers.  

2016’s Teaching Schedule

For Savvy Authors –
Male POV – March 21-27
Mentoring Writers April-June
WriteSEX – June 6-12
BDSM in Romance – Nov 21-27

Outreach International
Male POV Feb 1-5th

Heart of Colorado RWA
Male POV Feb 1-29th (same course as above, I just didn’t realize I’d double booked)

Detroit RWA
Male POV LIVE!  August 23rd

WriteSEX – April
Male POV – May
BDSM in Romance – July

I forgot my 2014 schedule but here’s 2015!

For Colorado RWA

Male POV – Jan-28-Feb 6th
BDSM in Romance – June 1-12th
WriteSEX – November 2015
How NOT to Squick an Editor – Feb 2016

For Lowcountry RWA

How NOT to Squick an Editor (details to come shortly) March 2-27th
Male POV – August 3-28th

For Outreach International RWA

Male POV – Feb 2015
WriteSEX – April 2015
Squick an Editor – July 2015
BDSM in Romance – Nov 2015


For Savvy Authors

BDSM in Romance 3/2/2015 3/29/2015 4 weeks  $30/$40
WriteSEX: Defining Erotica 6/15/2015 7/12/2015 4 weeks $30/$40
Male POV – Creating Better Heroes 8/31/2015 9/27/2015 4 weeks $30/$40
Squick an Editor class 11/2/2015 11/29/2015 4 weeks $30/$40


2013 Class Schedule:

January 6-12 – Male POV for Savvy Authors
June 10-16 Male POV for FF&P RWA chapter
July 17-31st Male POV for CreativeSexuality.org (Live webinars the 17th, 24th, 31st)
July 22-28 – Why Kink workshop:  BDSM 101 for Writers FF&P RWA Chapter – http://romance-ffp.com/ for details
August 1-15th Male POV: Creating Better Heroes – Outreach International RWA Chapter – http://www.oirwa.com/ for details
September 16th-22nd WriteSEX Workshop (Probably Savvy Authors, I forgot!)
December 2-9: BDSM For Romance Authors -Savvy Authors http://www.savvyauthors.com
December 14th: Male POV: Creating Better Heroes LIVE!  Orange County RWA Chapter – http://www.occrwa.org/ for details

What others have said about Sascha’s classes

“Just wanted to say thank you. I really enjoyed the lessons in this class – I
took your BDSM course, last spring (I think that’s when it was), through the PI
RWA chapter, and it was fantastic. It really made a difference with some things
I wasn’t sure about.” – Gianna Simone, Author

“This has been a very interesting class and I want to thank you before we get to the end. The archetype discussions have been most illuminating. I took your template and revamped my character template in Scrivener and rewrote a lot of my heroes’ info. Lots of useful stuff. I have lots of heroes in my series and making them work is  important.”  – Claire Hoffman, Author and RWA member

Thank you Sascha for a most informative class”   -Joan Maze, Erotic Romance Author

“Thank you so much to our workshop presenter, Sascha Illyvich, for the
wonderful insight into writing male characters! We have lots of great
information to consider for our heroes now :-)” – Karla from Hearts through History RWA Chapter

“This has been a very informative, excellently crafted and helpful class” – Barbara Karmazin, Erotic Romance Author

“Sascha, thank you so much for this class. After taking this class, I
realized that I know my male characters better than I thought but now
I can keep them consistent and on task to reach their ultimate goal.

Thank you so much for your help. I can’t believe the week went by
sooo fast!”  -Laura Major, SableLitReviews.com