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Yesterday’s adventures with doctors…

Yes, I can slapp the bASS very well, though I tend to play more progressive metal!

For the last 20 years, my wrists and sometimes feet, have gone numb when I lie down on my back for a cat nap. In the last few years, it’s been my hands at night on too many occasions. My last neurologist appointment was in 2012 and she told me at best, carpal tunnel on the bilateral. She’d said at best without surgery, to take B6. So, when I’d have this problem, I realized it was a b6 issue and I’d wake up, pop a pill or two and go back to sleep.

At the time, basic bitch vitamins (Kroger brand) were what I took and they worked, but not all vitamins are created equal. What really throws me is the way I eat should make this irrelevant. Ever since Lovers have done Wildfit, and even before that, I’ve eaten clean, gotten plenty of veg (I know some of you read it differently heh heh heh.) I started experimenting with different dark leafy greens, adding the aklagizer in my system daily and still, this problem persists.

The new neurologist basically confirmed yup. bilateral carpal tunnel and is having me do a blood lab for B12. Getting stuck in that muscle by the thumb fucking HURT! As if the nerve conductor test wasn’t bad enough.

And I’d like to finish this novel by end of the year at least since Nov expiration is this Friday and even I can’t write 60,000 words in what? Three days? I tried years ago LOL!

I need to text a friend of mine, that bASS in the pic above? It’s in California and I want it back.

Oh, and I get wrist braces – hopefully MedicAID will cover those. I have a prescription even!

And writer plans have been made for 2021. I spent a lot of time with my older Beauty talking this over for next year. Her reminders helped a LOT. I have a LOT I can release and a LOT I need to do for the next year so I definitely need my head back in the game, unlike the last two years. I MISS running that hard. And I will not go down quietly.

Writer plans include the following:

I have the Undead Souls books – 2 and 3 need editors and cover art.
Hot Knight needs an editor and cover art – for L’Don.

Permission for Pleasure needs an editor and cover art and a beta for the BDSM. For L’Don. Both her books turned out to be romantic suspense, and they’re kinkier than I”ve written in a few years ;).

Plus, I need to email Tastyworks (The Bat and Sosnoff most likely) for a better investor plot that can be thwarted in the Options world. Not quite the Options trader book I planned but…

I need to finish Crossing the Rubicon, then it and Stalker need editors, and I need to write the third book in that series.

I need to rattle cages at RWA for teaching more next year.

I need to create the books for my BDSM class and Male POV class.

Blurbs for Opeth Pack need updating and I need to add them to categories on Amazon.
Fuck it, I need all my short stories back from Wolfpack and two of the shorts may be lengthened. PNR vampire with some BDSM in the first short. You’re welcome, Kathy!

The Mafia/Illuminati Para-Rom needs a complete rewrite and I need two serious beta readers for the two books written and then to plot out the last four.

My FMA/Boardwalk Empire novel needs to be written.

Saint in Sinner’s Eyes – A spy protecting shapeshifters. A rogue operative targeting a high profile crime boss. When worlds collide, will either escape with their life in tact?

Oh, and I need to ask Maya what she thinks about A Christmas Favor – because I need to cover that ASAP and get it out for the rush…


What are you running head first into?


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  1. I’m having carpal tunnel surgery in both wrists tomorrow. hehehe When my neorologist was doing the tests he kept apologizing because he had to increase the current so high. I just shrugged and told him not to worry I couldn’t feel any of it. lol

    1. Wow hon. Yeah, it fucked with me, the stupid electricity. Said I’m usually the one making people uncomfortable! He grew uncomfortable after my response to his question regarding whether I was a medical tech or not…

      I flat out told him the truth. I’m kinky!

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