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Newest Release by Sascha Illyvich, erotic romance author at Decadent Publishing

While I haven’t been here so much lately due to convention exhaustion and such, I have been around the internet.

First, the fine folks at SizzlingHotBooks came to me with this review of The Playground, my first 1Night Stand from Decadent Publishing

Each person has different desires when it comes to what turns them on in the bedroom. But what happens when two partners struggle to agree on what they need? The Playground shows you that compromise is always the best answer.  See the full review here

Then I popped over to Heart of Romance, as the lovely Sarah Hoss offered a spot to authors and I jumped at the chance to showcase Surrender to Love, my second 1Night Stand from Decadent Publishing.

See the full interview here

I ended up coming back to work this week, wearing both editor hat and writer hat as I continued to fine tune Stalker.  I know, the excerpt off this site has been removed, the old Radio Dentata blog got hacked back in 2011 and I haven’t had a chance to replace any of that stuff yet.  But the new revised chapters will be better anyway.  I also resumed working on Saint in Sinner’s eyes, the followup to Burning for Derrick.  Yes, Max’s story.  For those that have read snippets of Burning for Derrick, the feedback seems to say “We want Max’s story” so I’m giving it to you!

My hands are still slightly sore, wrists are killing me, honestly.  The weekend I spent in Atlanta for Frolicon was pretty awesome, I enjoyed hanging out with Cecilia Tan and some old and new friends.  Most fun I’ve had in a while, with my bullwhip and singletails though, and those have killed my wrists!

But onward I press, pushing forward, pushing up.  WAY up.

More later.  Oh yeah, and the books listed are ALL better than 50 Shades of Grey AND my sex scenes are hotter. And practical.

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