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It’s been a busy week as usual.   Editing duties are kicking my ass, worst yet, it’s MY OWN project!  I forgot how many times I used the lame phrase “the fact that…”

Damn, but Covenant of Wolves 1: Stalker(Dub Mix) will be better because of my alterations and edits!  And I”ve already figured out how to strengthen parts of the romance to make the book more in line with something Marisa can sell.  I’m pretty thrilled, it’ll probably take me roughly a month to get it done the way it SHOULD be, and still one more potential round of edits after that.  I’m letting this story rest for a few more days while I work on other projects.

Torn to Pieces, formerly known as Iolite’s Ritual is being reworked and submitted to Ellora’s Cave for their Hex Appeal line.  YOu can blame Dawn Montgomery for that one.

I’ve been spending time at According to Ditter on Facebook, rousing the ladies there with excerpts, sex appeal and hot stories!

I stopped in at You Gotta Read Reviews for a brief interview.

Sure I had more shit going on, but basically it’s just been keeping my head down while I write/edit.

Oh, we’re almost at the 10k mark with Saint in Sinner’s Eyes.  I should get another few thousand words in today and this weekend, we’ll see.  The tough part is that the weather’s been pretty nice in California, except for the last two or three days . In fact, it’s pimpe smoking weather today.  Cold, gray, but still better weather than if E. L. James wrote it in 50 Shades… (milk that shit yo!)

Guess I need to back up my claim about better stories…so here’s an excerpt from I Will Submit to You, Master:

In this scene, Mistress Jackie has just found out that her best friend Julie and the man who forced Jackie’s submission were a couple, and that Master Collin required Jackie’s submission in order to repay a small debt.

Laughter floated through the air. “Relax Jonathan.  This is a hands off woman.  Besides, she’s not your type.”

He cocked a brow.  “Really?”

Jackie smirked. Looking at Julie’s pretty face was deceitful.  “Just what is my type, Mistress?”

More laughter.  “This one’s a bit…mean shall we say.”  Julie made her way down the stairs, walking with the grace any lady of power would exhibit.  Her dress fit her perfectly, emphasizing her curves despite the fact that she only stood 5’4.  Her short cropped hair had been dyed a deeper shade of blood red that brought out the sea green of her eyes and made her look almost dead if it weren’t for the blue veins that ran along her arms.

Jonathan set a hand on his hip.  “I’m not mean. I just prefer to use my toys the way they were meant to be used.  With full conviction that I can’t break them physically.”  He smiled.

He was full of himself too.  Great.  Where had she seen that cockiness?

It didn’t come across as typical top syndrome.

Julie slithered up beside Jonathan and slid an arm around his waist. “Yes, you break them and then they come to me crying.  So sad.”  She threw her head back and put her arm on her forehead for dramatic effect.

Jackie felt ire replacing the fear she had earlier.  Narrowing her gaze at Julie, she dismissed the scrumptious Jonathan with a wave.

Julie set a hand on her hip and titled her head.  “What, now we can’t have a little fun?”

Looking down at the smaller woman, Jackie stiffened when she realized where she knew Jonathan from.

Gritting her teeth, she glared at Jonathan “Your brother is an asshole.”

Jonathan chuckled.  “That he is.  But he makes up for it with charm and a mighty good control over a bullwhip.”

Julie shoved Jonathan aside.  “Get going you big dork.”

With a snicker, Jonathan headed towards the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow and check on things with that other client.  Lord knows he’ll need some counseling after your planned session.”

Julie smirked.

“What the hell was that all about?”

Julie’s green eyes returned to Jackie.  “Not only am I a pro dominatrix, I mentor others who have come from abusive BDSM relationships and wish to remain in the lifestyle.  Tomorrow I have a client who is former Special Ops that needs to be reintroduced into civilian life after a particularly horrible stint in Afghanistan.  Because he’s military, I’m not charging.  I am getting my price though, don’t worry.”

Jackie groaned.

“Everything in this world has a price, my dear.  Everything.  Finding out what that price is, is the fun part.  Extracting it is even more fun.”  She offered a wicked grin.

Jackie knew what fun could be had at the expense of others, but her job as a Dominant was to make men serve and satisfy her.

Sometimes women did the same thing too.  But Jackie hated subjugating females to the shit men wanted, believing women were the far superior gender.

They had to be.  Otherwise her mother wouldn’t have escaped her ex husband and outsmarted him by capitalizing on his habitual visits to a female dominant.

She’d lured the man with a PHD into her web, caught him in it, tangled him and tortured him as only a vicious dominant woman could, then killed him and made it look like an accident.

Then she took her own life, leaving Jackie to fend for herself and with the lesson that submission was weak.

Yet here she was, submitting to Julie in order to get a damn hole in the wall fixed.

She had to be out of her fucking mind.

Jackie set hand on her hip.  “So what is your price from me?”

Julie grinned.  “That’s yet to be determined other than the fact that you’re submitting.  And yes, Collin will be involved.  He’s my husband.”

What?  Fury sent heat up her cheeks. With clenched teeth and fists, Jackie turned on her heel, spinning around so fast that her hair whipped her in the face and headed towards the door, one heel clicking against the marbled floor before an arm grabbed her by the elbow.

Julie snorted.  “You can leave now, but I think you’d prefer to see this out.”

Ice filled her veins.  Jackie spat out the words in a vehement tone.  “You never told me you two were married. When did this happen?”

Julie ran a hand through her hair, ruffling it and scratching the back of her head.  “About a year ago.  We’ve kept it quiet because many in the community have trouble understanding that two dominants marry, keep an open relationship and are honest with each other. Our secrets, including this, are jus that.”

Lowering her eyes at Julie, Jackie pursed her lips together.  She waited a breath, crossed her arms over her chest and stared into the indescribable visage that was supposedly her friend’s face.

The flash of annoyance registered in Julie’s sea green eyes.

Stiffening, Jackie slowly turned to face Julie. “What’s in it for me?”

Throwing her head back in laughter, Julie set a hand on her curvy hip.  “First off, fixing that hole in the wall I know you’re agonizing over, and that window too.  Also, aren’t you curious to see what makes Collin tick?”

Jackie didn’t respond.  She had better things to care about than that stupid brute alpha male that thought he could put her in her place beneath his very delectable boot.

Julie turned up her chin.  “Look, you came out here.  You must be curious.”

Exhaling a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding, Jackie ran a hand through her perfectly styled hair.  “Fine.  But—“

Two fingers pressed over her lips. “There is no but. Remember, you’re submitting ultimately to me. Even Collin would have to mind my rules, and you know about my rules.”  She winked for emphasis.

Those rules she did know very well.  She’d seen other men bend to her will or be thrown out of her presence just by their mere disobedience.  Many came groveling back.  Only a few didn’t.  Those men were never seen at the club again.

A perfectly sculpted eyebrow rose.  “You know my first rule.  All the way and my way or no way at all.”

Her staunch tone irritated Jackie.  Yet she did indeed know the first rule. They’d spent time talking about it over the phone years ago.  Collin was the new variable here.  He was the one with the problem, not Julie.

Jackie set a hand on her hip, “I’m assuming this is just for kicks and giggles?”

Shaking her head, she looked directly at Jackie.  She spoke with conviction.  “This is for your benefit.  I don’t exactly have you by the balls so to speak, but close enough.  And besides,” she tilted her head, slanting her wicked smile, “it’ll be fun.”

“How am I supposed to see Collin tick if I’m submitting to him?”

Jackie turned and stared towards the stairs.  Looking over her shoulder, she offered a wry grin.  “Oh, he’s very vocal as you know by now.”

Jackie laughed bitterly.  “Get on with it then.”

“Good, I’m glad you agree.”  Julie reached for a chord and tugged it.

A large gong rang that sounded just like it came out of the movies where rich people had them placed throughout the house.

Two nude males appeared, both very well built, one had short dark hair and the other’s head was shaved.  Both kept their eyes lowered.  Their cocks were hidden behind large cages that appeared to have spikes pointing inward.

Jackie cringed at the sight of both men.

“Take Jackie upstairs to the second level servant’s quarters.  I want her stripped and properly cared for before we begin the evening’s fun.”

Neither gave a visceral reaction.  Both men spoke in unison.  “Yes Ma’am.”  Approaching Jackie, they offered their hands.

She saw the marks on their wrists, matching blade marks presumably. “Oh how Julie likes to mark her toys.”

She sighed and let them lead her up the stairs.  The red carpet was plush beneath her boots.  Several pictures hung on the walls in elegant gold frames that probably cost more than Jackie’s car.  The threesome stopped in front of a large white door with intricate carvings and a gold handle.  The male on her right opened it and presented the room with the sweep of his hand.

“This is the room Mistress has selected for you, Miss Jackie.  Once you step inside, you will be one of us, temporarily at least.”

The hope in his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.

Jackie nodded.  “Property?”

“Oh no, Miss.  We are treated very well, cared for.  I’d even wager that the Mistress loves us in some capacity.  But we are not property.”

Interesting.  The concept of love had never been something Jackie concerned herself with.  People, namely her, got hurt in the end.

The other male spoke, his voice rose in pitch.  “Are you ready?”

Fear registered in her gut, butterflies and all that.  Clenching her fists together, she straightened her shoulders and decided that the best approach was to show them she couldn’t be broken, she was too proud.

Collin would certainly get a kick out of trying, but in the end he’d be disappointed.  She just wasn’t submissive.

Lifting up her chin, she strode through the entrance to the room.  Nicely furnished, the room was about the size of hers and had its own walk in closet that had been left open.  Off to the other side was a bathroom.  The main show piece was a four poster queen sized bed with eye rings attached to the posts.  Stepping towards the bed, Jackie ran a hand over the perfectly carved wood, feeling the sturdiness of what was probably oak.

The two males stepped beside her and stared straight into her eyes.  The one on her left spoke first, his voice holding a softness that echoed the way his hand brushed against her shoulder.  “It’s time to prepare you, Jackie.”

Gritting her teeth at being addressed by her first name from a male submissive, she sighed.  “Fine.”

The male with the higher voice led her to the edge of the bed.  “Boots off.  Stockings off.”  He began unlacing her boots and peeling them off her feet, caressing her with a delicateness that was meant more to comfort than to arouse. Still, his strong hands did something to her insides, making her nipples pucker.

When both stockings had been removed with care, they’d been folded and set inside a dresser Jackie hadn’t seen earlier.

With the help of both men, she was forced to stand and have the skirt pulled down her legs, exposing her shaved pussy to both men.

Neither made a sound or showed any signs of arousal.

Jackie twitched.  Hands smoothed up her thighs and reached for the hem of her corset.  The male with the higher pitched voice tugged at the laces in back, cupping her bottom with one careful hand.

Stiffening, Jackie felt relief from the pressure imposed by the corset on her breasts.  Two pairs of hands guided the leather corset off and set it aside on the bed, baring Jackie’s body for the entire world to see.

Gripping the oak pole closets to her, she squeezed and crossed her legs.

A gentle hand on her thigh parted her leg, using more pressure than she could muster to keep her thighs parted.

From a kneeling position, he looked up at her, the devotion to his owners present in his blue eyes.  “You will not have any privacy in your time here. What you do for Master Collin or Mistress Julie you will do for us all.”

Scoffing, she looked down at him, noting how the passion in his servitude seemed somewhat different than those who she made serve her.  Irritated at the lack of apparent male arousal, she spoke.  “Are either of you in the least bit interested in my body?”

The darker haired one spoke.  “While we appreciate the sight of a beautiful lady, she is not our lady.  Therefore, no reaction is required unless it’s commanded.”

Sighing, Jackie fought the shiver of worry that raced through her. These two men were devoted deeply to Mistress Julie.  Would she come out of this devoted to Collin?

Hell no!  He was married to Julie.  She’d never tolerate him having permanent submissives.

Of course his large ego wouldn’t let her have submissives either, but apparently she was proved wrong there.

One of the men disappeared into the bathroom, returning only a moment later with a large hairbrush.  “Sit please.”

Jackie did as she was asked. Facing the wall, she sat cross legged and waited.

A hand rested on her shoulder. Another tugged the ponytail holder from her hair and began unweaving the braid, careful to brush out the different stands of hair.

His light touch sent another shiver down her spine.

Stroke after stroke fanned her hair out over her back while the slave kept a respectable distance from her.  Occasionally his cock cage brushed her bare flesh but she ignored it with the patience of a saint.

Goddess only knew she was becoming more irritable as time went on.

Silence passed until the softer voice male ran the brush through her hair one more time.  He spoke calmly.  “There, done. Please stand and face the mirror my brother has brought for you.”

Heaving another sigh Jackie stood and did as she was asked.  Her hair had been brushed so that it parted in the middle and framed her face.  The deep burgundy color of her mane emphasized the wet purple color of her plump lips.

The bald male brought a wash cloth to her lips.  “Please,” he wiped away the lipstick to reveal her normal lip color.

Deep red.

There wasn’t much about Jackie that wasn’t red, except for her pale skin.  She looked less doll like and more human.  It felt as though power were being stripped with this ritual.

She supposed it was.

She turned to find the bed empty save the black comforter she sat on earlier. “Where are my clothes?”

The darker haired male looked up.  “They’ve been locked in the drawer over there.  I do not have the key so I cannot get them for you.  You will be provided with clothes if you’re allowed to wear any.  Since you’re a second level submissive—“

Jackie cringed visibly at the term.

He continued.  “You’ll be permitted things we aren’t.”  His eyes roamed up the length of her body and back down before the door behind him opened.

“Oh what a lovely sight you are!  I had an idea that you were hot, but damn babe, you’re smoking!”  Julie strode in with Collin at her side.

Jackie began to cover herself and turn.

A hand on her elbow stopped her.  His eyes spoke the one word.  “No.”

She straightened her shoulders and lifted her chin up deftly.  Collin stood behind Miss Julie.  His black t-shirt stretched over a well defined and broad chest.  His arms hung down like thick cables with his hands in his pockets.  He wore a five o’clock shadow that gave him a more rugged appearance.  Dark curls of hair floated over eyes that sparkled with the intensity of a hunter about to capture its prey.

She swallowed, noting her throat had gone dry all of the sudden.

He stepped in front of Julie and looked her up and down.

Flames in his eyes pulled at something low inside her. She dammed herself for being so susceptible to the way he looked at her, but kept her focus on the line of his strong jaw.

She imagined smashing it with a sledgehammer.  She’d use the heel of her stilettos to grind out his eyes and leave his bleeding skull for the ravens to pick at.

He smiled. “My, you’re just as gorgeous in daylight as you are in the light of the club’s dungeon.”

She smirked.

Reaching an arm out to touch her, he stopped short.  “Oh,” his lip curled downward in a mock pout.  “Shouldn’t give you what you most want right yet.”

Jackie made an undignified noise.  “Cocky bastard.”

His frown became a smile.  “Yup.  That would be me.”  Stepping closer, he touched her, fingers spreading wide to caress her locks.

She stiffened.  He was close, too close.  The hint of masculine aroma wafted between them and arousal arced between them.

Tilting his head, he pressed into her skin. “My, you’re warm.”

Jackie remained virtually motionless despite the thudding of her heartbeat against her ribcage.  Her nipples remained taut and her legs clamped together to conceal the wetness she began to feel.

He carefully brushed her hair away from her face.  His smile widened.  “You have such expressive eyes, Jackie.  I should think to stare in them often.  I love the radiant purple color of your irises.  Matches your pretty auburn hair.”

She frowned.  Did he have to touch her tenderly?  She wanted the torturous punishment and degrading servitude he would demand from her and she wanted it now so she could leave here.

He cupped her cheek in one hand, stroking her with the pad of his thumb.

She wanted to lean into the roughness of his hand and let him stroke her.

His thumb pressed against the spot just behind her ear.

She met his gaze with an angry stare.

His mouth opened, his tone dropping to a whisper.  “You’re angry now but that’ll change over the next few days.”

Her eyes opened wide.  “You think to break me in a few days?”

Collin withdrew his hand. “You’d be amazed.  If nothing more, I’ll have shown you what I want you to see.”

She scoffed.  “Fine.  Let’s get this over with.”

He chuckled lightly. “You’re eager to serve, knew you had it in you.”

Jackie fought the urge to slap him and ultimately lost against her body’s reaction.  She brought her hand up to strike him but stopped short.

He’d captured her wrist. His eyes narrowed in a predatory stare and his nostrils flared.  “There’s the fiery spirit I told my wife about. That’s it.  Just,” he almost growled the words, “let it out.”

Jackie yanked her hand from his and took a step back.  The way shadows fell over his face intimidated her.

He’d cleared the distance between them and shoved her down on the bed with one arm.  Another fumbled with his jeans.  He’d freed himself in one motion, his thick cock falling out long and hard.  The bulbous head dripped with precum.  “Suck my cock now.”

BDSM RomanceGasping for breath, Jackie struggled against what she wanted and what she knew she had to do.  Reaching for his cock with one hand, she found it swatted away.

He growled.  “Mouth, only.”  He yanked her head back with his free hand.

Her mouth opened and felt the velvety steel shaft slide past her lips.  He tasted as she knew he would, manly and salty.  Inhaling deeply, she caught the scent of flesh on her nose.  Taking him in deep, deeper until she’d pressed her lips and nose against his rock hard stomach, she flicked her tongue over the delicate underside of his shaft.

She thought about biting his cock off but it had been pulled from her mouth just as quickly as it had been shoved in.

“Again.  I’m going to face fuck you and you’re going to swallow.”

Her eyes drifted towards Julie.  The other woman stood with an amused expression on her painted face.

Collin’s cock slid past her lips again with the same roughness as before, only he didn’t pull back.

She let her tongue linger over the helmet shaped head of his cock, tasting sticky precum.

He pulled back after a moment and shoved his cock back inside her mouth, building up a rhythm that drove his balls against her chin.

Jackie was surprised to notice he shaved.  Collin didn’t seem like the type to keep himself clean shaven, but she wasn’t submissive, either.

Taking his cock in and out of her mouth made her nipples harder, pussy ache for something to fill it. Rubbing her hands down the sides of her body, she caressed her round breasts until two pairs of hands yanked hers behind her.

The other two men were still in the room.

Frustrated, she moaned along the length of his cock.

Collin’s tempo picked up now.  He’d started thrusting harder, faster, slapping her chin with his balls while his dick rammed down her throat.

Within a moment, he’d grabbed her shoulder with one hand, cupping her chin while he drove himself in and out.  His hips moved faster and faster.

She cried, gagging on the thickness of his cock and the fact that he wasn’t giving her time to adjust or breathe.  Tears slid down her cheeks.  Her pussy was soaking wet now.

After a few more thrusts, Collin grabbed a fistful of hair and tugged her head back.  With his free hand, he continued jerking himself.

“Swallow, Jackie. All of it.”

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