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Oakland, before it became a warzone.

I haven’t done a long form work post in forever. I know, slacking but again, RAM/RWA and some late Bob Proctor helped me DECIDE to get my ass in gear and move this shit! As it is, I started a novel in the middle of plotting because I knew how I wanted to open the damn book! I love it when that happens! We’ve been dealing with the cockroach saga here, indulging the landlord’s slowness on this shit show of a redevelopment project, though there is movement. I’m attempting to find regular work again and yet again, becoming discouraged by the process. More on that in another post. My biggest bitch was not getting my mushroom coffee on time due to the fucking shit post office here in Decatur!

When I was given control of my books back, I had a LOT of unfinished series stuff that needed resolutions. Not simply for sales purposes, but for me, the author. Nights of Lust needed a satisfying ending, considering all the heavy emotional stuff I put the characters through. Vampires and werewolves deserved a happy ending because I write romance and because there’s a lot of shit in the world that’s broken.

At the beginning of the year, I finished the second book in what was previously called my Covenant of Wolves series – which will have details coming soon. I’m probably releasing that entire trilogy in 2023, but to jog your memory, or for my new readers, Covenant of Wolves was my “Gone with the Wind (I typed wine…heheeee) Meets Terminator 2 meets Faeries and Wolves type novel. It should have had a lot more BDSM in it, but alas, the bondage and dominance didn’t make the cut. What came out was a complete rewrite of the first novel based on Crone’s feedback after she read feedback from another editor my then agent sent the MS to.

I’m two books into that series and once I finish the next thing I talk about, I’ll start and finish the final novel in this world. Imagine a world of Faery where instead of dark magic, beautiful disasters, trickery, magic beyond what you can conceive, glorious dances, ale, cakes, and the dangers that come with Faery, you ended up eradicating all of that for a land of wires, propaganda, disinformation, and a State Run Society. Then, bring our characters into that and have them attempt to dismantle it while fighting natural urges that draw them together. Yeah, that’s the short version.

Speaking of that thing I have to finish? Well, in the next blog post, we’re getting a cover reveal. That’s right, what was once Slow Burn, which became The Bodyguard (ugh) is now a new series altogether. One that fits the romance trope AND the cover is MUCH more on point. Book Two, Saint in Sinner’s Eyes (never changed titles) is getting an adjustment and in Oct will have a new cover. Book One’s cover reveal is Sept 15th!

You say that’s three months to release two books? Nope! In late June I started Protecting the Saint, the third and final book in the new series of shapeshifting former spies. I’m also expanding the current short origin story detailing how Max and Shayla met. It may become the free gift after finishing the first novel, a free download just because, or I don’t know yet. BUT I have more to tell for you, FREE! Same world, two characters who were bit parts in two books get some page time too. I’ll get on that ASAP.

I’m curious. Last year, I wrote a novel about a Demon who deals drugs with the intent to fix the humans in society who can restore beauty to this world – the important people who wound up down on their luck, using, addicted, couldn’t figure out the path ahead, but once they did? They’d radically change the world for the better. His back story involves events that occurred a few hundred years before the book opens but my question is, would you want to see that as a full out e-book? Or would you enjoy reading that through something like Vella via Kindle? Do you read serialized fiction on apps? It’s a standalone with potential to be a trilogy, but it needs edits. While I’m planning that out, I’d like to hear from you.

Until then, here’s the start of a series that IS complete, available for reading NOW on Kindle Unlimited! Don’t worry, they’ll get new covers!

His Reign – Opeth Pack Saga Book One

A destiny he never desired. When death stalks the heart mates he abandoned, can he find the strength to return before their lives end in slaughter?

Jozsi never wanted to lead the pack. And though it means walking away from those who fill his heart, for the sake of his sanity he deserts the dying tribe. But even as he sets out on a fresh path, an issued challenge demands he return to face his destiny.

Determined to cling to his freedom, the rebel wolf refuses the call. But when the current leader counters with threats of slaughtering his cherished lovers if he continues to refuse the challenge, Józsi resolves to save them, even if it means facing certain death.

Will Józsi prevail, or will he lose his life to fang and claw? Download His Reign now and jump into the fray with our hero!

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