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I was interviewed for a podcast (air date TBA) a few days ago by an author who has less time in the industry (far as I know) than I do, and some of the questions she’d asked were awesome because I was able to take a trip down memory lane.How many of you know that Sizzler Editions actually launched BEFORE Ellora’s Cave? Or that E-books didn’t come from AMZN, B&N online etc?

It was a cool thing to recall what got me started, what kept me motivated during the early days of romance publishing. Of course, I got asked about an author we have feelings about, regarding her portrayal of BDSM, and being able to mention a few of the classic authors on the podcast. It allowed me to bring up a few references to authors I used to edit and credit them with what I’d hoped were budding careers.But this was really about me LOL!

We’d discussed some of the “what made you go into romance, you suave, handsome, debonair Alpha of a male”That answer changes the more I dig. Because I’d had that…let’s call it a hiatus, back in 2018, and had asked many of you for reasons as to why I should continue, (thank you all for that) it was once again nice to be reminded that even though 2020 has only been good for my investor P/L, I can still finish TWO novels this year.

I was able to give a basic history of the industry, talk about authors of mine like Margie Church who I believe did a fantastic job of writing not only poly, but BDSM without being in the Scene. I think I mentioned Shakir, can’t remember. There were a lot of things to cover in the interview.

It reminded me of reasons why I’m putting so much time into Amazon Ads (which are slowly but surely working) and why I’m not worrying so much about an afternoon routine right now, outside of watching markets. And this interviewer did her homework, but probably missed out on the hiatus. The growth in the industry has forced me to strip down all the bullshit of my writing processes, rid myself of the military precision I used in said process, and get back to basics, with some help from My Two Loved Ones. Remembering where I came from has allowed me to dig a path that’s much slower than I’m used to. Maybe in the new year, I’ll move slow enough to move even faster.When I get the link to the interview, I’ll post it, along with a shoutout to the awesome moderator!

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