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This is an unedited sex scene from my second Opeth Pack book, Raining Kisses.

Nicholaus never wanted to accept the Prophecy’s fate for him, pack enforcer to the Alpha. Leaving the Opeth Pack at an early age, he moved to New Mexico in order to change his fate to something more fulfilling, yet lonely.  However, a desperate need to return to his lovers and his land picks at him.

Krystyna and Katarina grew up in Hungary learning and loving the people, their pack and most of all, Nicholaus.  After he killed Katarina’s brother for abhorrent behavior, he disappeared, shattering both women’s hearts even as he’d protected them from egregious acts of other pack males.  Now they’ve grown up and wait to take place as pack healer.

Can Nicholaus return in time and prevent further loss of any more pack mates while rekindling a relationship with Katarina and Krystyna or will they be lost to him forever?

(Forgive me, I’m reworking some things so the blurb is shit…)


“What are you two thinking?” he narrowed his gaze.  Sniffing the air, he now smelled the pungent fragrance of arousal coming from both of them.

They turned, eyes wide and filled with an emotion deeper than lust and so much more than love. Krystyna and Katarina sauntered to him, each of them flanking him on a side.

“Love us,” Katarina begged.  Her breath whispered softly over his ear, sending shivers up and down his skin.

Krystyna nodded. “You promised my lover something and you should own up like a man.”

Nicholaus growled at the challenge.  He couldn’t take the torture of both his lovers assaulting his senses, putting him in the defensive and overloading his mind and body.  He sucked in a breath, trying to drag air into his lungs but when Katarina leaned into him, pressed her lips against his and cupped the back of his head, he found he could only take in her aroma.

Krystyan’s hands found his shoulders, pulling him closer between them while she dropped fiery kisses all over his neck, drawing her tongue over his flesh.

Goose bumps appeared on his skin, the hair on the back of his neck stood and his cock throbbed.  Heat built in his loins. His struggle to free himself was a loss, once both pairs of hands held him captive.

Only it wasn’t because he couldn’t overpower his lovers.  Trembling beneath the love and fury of their emotions, Nicholaus could only feel.  Frozen by the love given to him, he let himself enjoy the sensations of two pairs of soft lips pressing into his skin, dragging down his face or neck.

He’d grown painfully hard by now.  When a hand caressed his erection, he nearly jumped out of his skin.  He opened his eyes to see Katarina’s hands treading over his stomach, feeling the ripples of his abs. Krystyna’s palm cupped him.

He blinked, saw Katarina’s ruby red lips moving towards his. Leaning into her, he tasted her lips, sucked in what air he could, finding it full of her luscious scent and the spicy tang of Krystyna’s arousal.  Knew that when the two were together, their aromas mingled instantly, remembered just how it used to be when they were younger.

Pulling back from Katarina, he found Krystyna’s teeth working over his flesh, exciting the animal within.  “I’ve got to taste you both,” he uttered between kisses.

Katarina’s mouth was velvet soft while Krystyna’s lips upon his neck burned him to the very core.

He stiffened between two sets of skilled hands caressing him, moving over his back, shoulders, down his abs all while Krystyna kept her hand over his cock.  He didn’t want to want them both, knew he needed to stop them but the weakness in his knees only helped to drag him further into ecstatic lunacy.

He swore beneath his breath.

Katarina’s lips locked with his.

The glow now surrounding his body added warmth to the smoldering lust building between them and Nicholaus felt sweat on his brow.

Krystyna’s tongue slid into his mouth and he found himself stroking it with his tongue, sucking on it, all while his fingers found the tie on Katarina’s skirt.  If he yanked, it’d come loose and fall down, exposing her naked ass.

He pulled back, went in to nibble on her lip.

She mewled against him, a low grow followed that he knew was designed to show him her strength too.  He’d never doubt that in her, not truly.  She was subservient to him because she chose it, but she could hold her own She had so far, without him.

So had Katarina.

The smell of sandalwood and earth rose up, making his nostrils flair.

Krystyna cupped his ass, squeezing him and pulling him into her. “I’ve missed this, you bastard,” she breathed against his ear.

Her words sent vibrations along his ear, down his spine.

How easily he found himself letting them controlling him, keeping his beast at bay.  He knew from the moment he’d spotted Katarina in Albuquerque something bad would happen and so far, it hadn’t.  Well, except for those few dead bodies…

Pressure in his temples eased with each stroke of fingernail against his chest.

“Give in,” Katarina led with her lips and her husky voice, trailing kisses down his chin, licking the center of his throat.

Krystyna found the sensitive spot behind his ear with her tongue and swirled it in circles.

His knees grew weaker, he couldn’t stop moaning.

Nicholaus knew it was over. He was here in Hungary, and his life was about to change despite his best attempts to maintain a stable course.

The ache in his loins reminded him of all the reasons he had to stay.  The only thing keeping him sane right now was the loud screaming in his head.

Even his beast ignored that.

Nicholaus swore between heated kisses.

Lips found his fingers, sucked sweetly on his digits. Buttons popped off his shirt, exposing his chest to be kissed before another mouth found his nipples.

Hands tugged him towards Katarina’s house. “Follow me,” Katarina giggled.

Krystyna’s tongue licked a blaze of lust down his neck, over his collarbone.

His cock throbbed painfully. He had to bury himself in one or both of them soon.

“You two are—”

Krystyna’s lips smashed against his in a desperate attempt to control him, to mold him to her body and keep him here.  He didn’t miss the possessiveness in their touch.

His hands roamed over her shoulders, down her sides and settled on her hips. He pulled her to him.

Katarina licked his neck.

Shudders ran through him. He turned, not knowing what to do just yet, and faced Katarina. Staring into her gorgeous green eyes, he knew she desired the same thing he did: penetration.

“This is so wrong,” he muttered between kisses.

Krystyna’s mouth plundered his, driving a wedge between logic and lust that shifted his focus.

Nicholaus couldn’t think beyond the kisses. Krystyna’s lips were sweet, succulent and juicy. He turned away from Krystyna and cupped Katarina’s face. “Come here, drágám.

She refused. “Let’s go back to our house.”

Her voice, a sultry sound, affected him in a way that no other woman’s had since he’d left Hungary. Every conquest he’d ever been with paled in comparison to Katarina’s lovely voice.

Trotting behind the two women with his senses on overload, his body thrummed with nervous energy in anticipation of what was to come once he stepped through the threshold.

“We’re going to finally reunite.” Katarina’s voice held so much promise it pained him to think he would be so damn stupid as to leave them.

There was no way he could disappear if he made love to the two of them again.

Even so, he felt some unseen force tugging his body, urging him to follow behind Krystyna and Katarina so that they could continue giving mutual pleasure to each other.

Katarina’s grip on his wrist was tight.

So was Krystyna’s. “You’re not getting out of this.” Krystyna looked back at him with a devilish smile and heated desire dancing in her eyes.

“I don’t intend to.”  He heard the words, they came from his mouth but he didn’t recognize his own voice.  Not with all the want in every syllable.

“Good,” Katarina nodded. “Because it’s been ten years.”

He didn’t miss the tinge of anguish in her voice.  “I’m sorry,” he whispered again, keeping step with the two women who dragged him.

“Don’t be sorry, just stay with us where you belong.” Krystyna turned to face him, her stern expression softening.

“I thought—”

“Don’t think,” Krystyna’s lips sealed over his mouth, capturing him. Her tongue darted over his lips before she nipped his lower lip.

Nicholaus leaned forward and bit her back.

Krystyna yipped and smiled wide. She looked at Katarina.

Katarina tugged harder on Nicholaus’ hands. “Come with us.”

The breathy whisper of Katarina’s voice made Nicholaus shudder.  Laughing at the double meaning, Nicholaus lifted a hand and cupped Katarina’s chin. Staring deep into her eyes, he realized then that he couldn’t refuse her a thing. He never had been able to, which was part of why he left Hungary.

Katarina took his hand and sucked on his fingers, sliding each one in and out of her warm mouth. “I want these inside me.”

He nodded and continued following both women back to their house. Once through the door, he was led past the ratty old furniture and cluttered kitchen into the bedroom, then shoved down onto the bed and flanked by both women.

Kisses burned both sides of his face, down his neck. Hands roamed over his chest, caressing his arms and running over his sides. Both women seemed to move as one, each mirroring the other.

Nicholaus shuddered into the mouth that bared teeth and scraped them down his collarbone.  He lowered his head, arched into the lips, seizing the mouth with his. Thrusting his tongue between parted lips, he tasted Krystyna’s wet, inviting mouth.

Her hand cupped the back of his head, locking her mouth to his while she nibbled, nipped, and suckled his lips.  Her free hand roamed down his chest, hot against his flesh.

Katarina found his earlobe, swirled her tongue around the sensitive skin.

He groaned, let another shudder rumble through him.

Krystyna bit his lip, her canines brushing against his chin before she moved down to his neck.

Hands fumbled with his pants. “Damnit, take these off.” Katarina’s fingers clawed at the top of his pants.

“Let me.” Krystyna broke from the kiss and leaned over his body, brushing his chest with her ample breasts. She reached for the button and popped it off, opening his pants. “There.” She licked her lips and helped Katarina slide the pants down his legs.

“Ooh, what have we here?” Krystyna brushed her knuckles over his shaft.

His cock bobbed up in response, twitching from the brief contact.  Looking down his stomach, he watched Katarina’s mouth open.  “You’re both too dressed,” he growled. Reaching for a fistful of hair, he fisted Katarina’s red curls and tugged her upwards.

She slithered up his body, stopping to kiss molten fire over his stomach.

Nicholaus arched his hips upwards, gripping Katarina’s hair tighter.

She took his hand from her head and brought it to her breast.  “Squeeze this, drága.

The round, firm flesh of her breasts fit his palm and made his mouth water at the prospect of suckling her to orgasm.  Cupping her, he pinched her nipple into a tight bud and enjoyed the groan she let out.

Katarina arched her body into his, trailing her silken curls over exposed flesh now covered in goose bumps.

Krystyna nipped his bare hip.

Stomach tightening, Nicholaus hissed out a breath until Katarina’s lips sealed over his. She tasted sweet, spicy. Smelled wanton. Plump lips crushed against his. Tongues darted between wet lips until he captured her tongue and sucked on it.

Katarina ground her hips into his thigh, locking her legs around his.

Krystyna reached over and shoved Katarina’s skirt up, exposing pale skin. “I love these.” She bit Katarina’s hip.

Katarina cried into her kiss with Nicholaus.

He reached down, cupped Katarina’s ass and slapped it hard.

Glaring, Katarina moaned deeper, louder.

Nicholaus knew he’d been playing with fire, expected to get burned. Thought slipped from his mind.

Krystyna sat up and stripped off her top. Luscious, high, full breasts spilled outward, pink nipples swollen.

Reaching a hand out, he cupped a breast and gaze her a gentle squeeze.

“I like it rougher than she does, remember?” A wicked smile crossed Krystyna’s face.

He nodded, mouth open.

“What else do you remember, drágám?” Katarina bent over, her red hair spilling over Nicholaus’ chest.

She drew one of his nipples into her mouth and sucked.

He hissed from the contact, arching his body into hers.

She held him down against the bed, using lupine strength to pin him there while her tongue swirled around his tight nipple.

He forced himself to relax, to enjoy the sensations of both women pleasing him.  Letting out a long, deep breath through clenched teeth, he peered down the line of his body and over Katarina’s head to see Krystyna sliding off the bed.  “Where are you going?”

“You’re taking me to heaven, szeret.

He arched an eyebrow. “Oh, am I?”

She nodded. Stepping back from the bed, she stripped out of her bottom and stood before him. Darker in complexion than Katarina, she looked every bit as Hungarian as her counterpart. European facial features, gracious curves and slender yet muscular thighs always threatened to steal his breath and now were no exception.

Gracefully, she stepped forward and crawled back on the bed.

Katarina lifted her head from Nicholaus and faced Krystyna. “I’ve missed this,” she whispered.

He caught the sadness in Krystyan’s eyes before lust clouded over the emotion.  “I know. But it’s okay for now.”

Katarina frowned and then smiled again. “I know it will be, szeret.

Nicholaus knew what those words meant. His heart had already become involved way too quickly.

The rational part of his mind screamed at him to stop this charade except all logic had disappeared the moment Krystyna bent over his thighs and yanked his pants off.

She sealed her lips around his cock, took him in one hand and formed a tight suction around him until she’d taken him all the way to the base.  Then she dragged her lips slowly over him while her tongue swirled around the underside of his cock.

The sun couldn’t be any hotter than her mouth, nor any more comforting.

Katarina cupped his balls, tugged lightly.  Her fingers caressed his inner thigh, nails sraping lightly over his skin.

He slammed his head back against the pillow and moaned.

“You like?” Krystyna popped the head of his cock out of her mouth and licked her lips.  She dipped her head, flicked her tongue over the precum slicked head of his cock.

He trembled beneath her.

Fingers stroked between his ass cheeks. Hands lifted his legs, rolled him and Krystyna onto their sides.

She adjusted, shifting her weight to rest comfortably on his thigh while keeping his cock in her mouth.

Nicholaus leaned on an elbow, clenched his ass in response until a wet tongue slithered between his cheeks. Squirming, he balled the sheets in his fists. “You two are…” He sucked in a breath when that tongue snaked around his asshole.

“I remember what you like,” Katarina hummed against his thigh.

Vibrations buzzed throughout his body. He’d become one giant nerve ending. Tension built up inside him. He had to reach out for one of them, fill one of them, show them both he loved them.

Not now, his mind cried out.

He ignored that part of himself for the time being and focused on the hot pair of lips sliding up and down the length of his cock. He drew his other leg up, setting it carefully on Krystyna’s shoulder while she sucked him.

Hands caressed his arms, his thighs. Someone cupped his ass, spread his cheeks apart.

That moist tongue sank inside and wriggled around.

He felt invaded, then aroused even further. His cock couldn’t possibly get any harder, could it?

“Katarina.” He clenched his teeth.

She slithered up his body in response, wrapping her arms around his waist.  Her fingers tangled in Krystyna’s hair and the other woman let out an eager groan.

The warmth of her body against his was comforting. Her luscious form settled in all the right places behind him. Soft breasts against his wide back, ultra feminine hips against rigid masculine ones.

He reached back with what little self-control he had, found Katarina’s slick, soaked pussy and pushed past her lips.

Krystyna pulled off his cock, letting the trail of precum hang from her lip to the tip of his cock before catching it with her finger and sucking it clean.  She cupped her breasts, pinched her nipples and caressed herself while a glow surrounded the three of them.  Yes, the heady scent of lust filled the room, made Nicholaus’s nostrils flair.

Krystyna turned around, arched her hips back, brushing Nicholaus’s cock with her soft ass.

“I want inside one of you” he groaned

“You’ll make love to Katarina.” She threw her head back, glanced over her shoulder.

The sight of her reddish brown hair cascading down her feminine body made his mouth go dry.

Rotating his body to face Katarina, he took hold of her hips, pressing into the softness.

She cried, her mouth an open invitation for his tongue’s invasion.

Looking into her eyes, he saw the flames of passion burning bright.

She reached between them, grabbing his cock. “I want,” her eyes fluttered, and that passion never waned.

His heart thundered in his chest.  If he did this, he’d lose himself in her, in Krystyna and then what?  His heart wanted what his mind would not allow.  But his body’s automatic movements steered him where he needed to be in the moment.  “I do too,” he whispered.

“It’s settled. Make love to us,” Krystyna reached for Katarina with one hand; the other cupped Nicholaus’ balls.

He had to back out of this.  Had to avoid their gaze.  Lifting his head, again on automatic pilot, he met Krystyna’s gaze, saw her eyes smolder with desire and knew it wasn’t just sex for her.  Doing this would deepen their bond, make them a stronger trio.  Except they would be only as strong as the weakest member; him.  “Are you sure?”

Krystyna lowered her gaze at him. Looking at him through half open eyes, she nodded. Her eyes begged him to fill her lover, then fill her. “You’ll end up inside us both before it’s over with, szeret

It never ceased to amaze him how quickly they could decide who he fucked, with nary a word or argument.  They truly knew each other.

“Please me as Krys has asked, szeret.”  Lips parted, her lids closed half way over her eyes, giving her that sweet, bedroom begging look he enjoyed so much.  It showed her sweetness, her purity even though what they were doing was not considered pure. Not in his world anyway.

The way she looked at him made him realize he had no idea how he’d ever refuse her.  Grinning wide, he nodded.

Katarina arched her hips upward and sank down on his cock.

Her pussy gripped him like a fist, searing his ever nerve ending and making them both cry out in pleasure.  Soft, creamy, warm and wet, her molten pussy added to the bonfire of lust building in him, the feelings tightening in his gut.

For a moment, she didn’t move, the content smile on her face showed that she savored the contact.

His cock throbbed inside her.

She squeezed him with her lips, arched back and forth, then sank down on him again, burying him to the hilt.

Slow, agonizing pleasure rocked his body with gentle spasms.

Tender kisses turned to bites on his thigh.

He settled his hands around Katarina’s hips, watched her move slowly, caught Krystyna licking and nipping at Katarina’s ass.

Two fingers remained lodged into Krystyna’s wetness, moving in and out while her thumb rubbed her clit.  In the dim light, he saw the glistening wetness coating her lips.

Katarina squirmed on top of Nicholaus.

He cupped her ass, rocked his hips up and down, spread her apart further and drove himself in deeper.

She fell forward, landing with her hands on his chest to brace herself.  Her ass slightly lifted off him gave him a view of her apple shaped ass, reminding him that next time he’d have to fuck her from behind.

Then he froze.  There wouldn’t be a next time.


Somehow, Krystyna managed to settle herself between them and lick Nicholaus’s shaft before tasting Katarina’s sopping pussy.  Both trembled against each other.

“I’ve always loved that I could do that to both of you,” Krystyna laughed, a low sensuous sound.

Come here,” Nicholaus urged her with a growl. “Bring your ass here.”

Krystyna slid out from beneath them and moved onto the bed beside Nicholaus.

Lifting herself up, Katarina slid up and down the length of his shaft, throwing her head back in ecstasy, while her hair spilled down over her back and brushed the tops of his thighs.

Taking his face in her hands, Krystyna’s mouth seized Nicholaus’s.  Immediately, she nipped his lips, swirled his tongue around his rugged jaw and over his ear before taking his earlobe in between her teeth and applying gentle pressure.

He’d closed his eyes tightly, blocking out the noise in his head urging him to end this and save himself the heart ache.  The sensations coursing through him between both women made his balls tighten, his gut get even tighter.

Nails dug into his side.

His eyes flew open, heart pounded.  He caught sight of Katarina and saw the thin sheen of sweat glistening over her skin, just like it had his.  Soft ripples in his stomach muscles bunched when he rocked his hips in tune with Katarina’s movements.

This was heaven before hell, he supposed.  But in the back of his mind he could only think of the one thing.


Chapter Five


“I want to tongue fuck your hot pussy, Krys.”  Nicholaus didn’t recognize the low, deep rumble of his own voice, but he understood the one motive behind his words.


Krystyna’s eyes lit up, widening with pleasure.  She nodded, shifted and turned to face Katarina.

Tongues danced, the sounds of sucking echoed loudly in the room before Nicholaus grabbed Krystyna’s hips and helped position her over his face so he saw straight in her sex. He licked his lips, inhaling the spicy scent of her dripping sex before he pushed his tongue into her wet core, making sure to take wide licks while exploring her folds.  He tasted, licked, sucked and speared her clit, enjoying the muffled sound of her moans while Katarina moved on top of him.

Krys shuddered above him.

Pressure built higher and higher, his blood pumping quickly through him.  The wolf in him definitely found pleasure in the ménage they shared.

The firmness of Krystyna’s ass in his hands made it harder to spread her open, but Nicholaus managed, diving deeper into her to taste her, own her.   He flicked his tongue over her clit, then took the bud between his lips and speared it repeatedly.

Katarina’s cries grew fierce with each thrust, her movements becoming jerky against his cock.  She’d started off slowly, but built up a quick rhythm that drew them both toward climax.

It took some concentration but Nicholaus managed to keep Krystyna’s thighs from crushing his head and totally blocking out her mostly muffled cries of pleasure.  Though Katarina’s pussy squeezed his cock and he lost all focus, gasping into Krystyna’s thigh before biting her.

In this moment, he was more than fucked.  He’d been claimed by the only two beings on this planet who could trap him.  All thought shifted to the horror of that outcome until Krys jerked from him nipping her thigh.

It was time to end this for them both, then sever the ties to protect his heart and ultimately theirs.

Another squeeze of Katarina’s pussy forced his concentration elsewhere.

Familiar routine sucker-punched him in the gut, forcing air from his lungs. Or was that Katarina’s pussy convulsing around his cock? It didn’t matter. She fell forward; her hips rose and fell on him.

Thrusting his tongue deep inside Krystyna’s slick folds, he licked and suckled her clit, flicked his tongue over the nub.

Krystyna squirmed in response.

Using his natural strength, he gripped her ass with one hand and held her in place.

Krystyna moaned louder, her words incoherent

Nicholaus forced the pre orgasmic fog from his mind just long enough to flatten his tongue over Krystyna’s bud and press hard.

Her thighs squeezed together and her hips bucked against his face, nearly suffocating him.  Her orgasm slammed into her, tremors ripping through her body matching the cries echoing in the tiny room.

He pushed her hips just above his face enough to give him time to catch his breath.

Then Krystyna slammed down on him, digging her nails into his chest while he resumed hitting that sweet spot.

Another pair of fingers clutched and tore at flesh as Katarina’s orgasm hit too, triggering Nicholaus’s release.

His balls drew against him, the slaps of flesh on flesh mimicking the sucking sounds he’d made at Krystyna’s pussy until he felt the wash of come flood his mouth while his cock exploded.

Screams of pleasure blocked out all else until the cries subsided into sighs and the trembling above him stopped.

He waited patiently until Krystyna moved ever so slow, positioned herself and collapsed beside him.

Katarina fell onto his chest, rolled forced herself to flop on her back.

Both women reached for his hands, turned to face him.

Shuddered vibrated through each woman and a different sort of heat settled around him.  This heat felt more like the fur of his beast, the calm of the forest around him.  He closed his eyes, slowed his breathing, let his mind fall prey to the emptiness that would come next.

Hands stroked his arms, his chest. A hand cupped his chin, another tousled his hair.

Silence filled the room all right, save the three hearts beating almost in time, three pairs of lungs working, panting still to catch up with the physical exertion.  Then the softness of hands smoothing over sweat slicked skin added to the sounds.

Nicholaus tried to move but found neither woman would budge.  Instead, they put their hands over his heart.

For a moment, he swore he felt tranquility amongst the threesome.

Nicholaus glanced at Krystyna, heard Katarina’s deep, even breathing, signaling she’d fallen asleep from their ordeal.

She looked back at him. “She’s asleep already,” she whispered, stroking Katarina’s hair, the large smile on her face so wide it seemed she’d just been given her favorite thing.

Of course she had, this was the world to her.  The three of them, in bed, sharing.  Except now he couddn’t, not because he didn’t want to.  That had never been the case.  Nicholaus wanted to protect his lovers more than anything else, but fearing what he was, what he could become, meant he had to pull the dine and dash routine.  Still, he nodded and turned his head toward Katarina.

Eyes closed, breathing remained steady, slow.  Breasts rose and fell in time with each exhale.

Light from the window spilled in, emphasizing her red hair against her moon kissed skin.

She toyed with strands of his hair, twirling them around her finger before tugging them lightly.  “You will stay a few days, right?”

Krystyna’s question caught him off guard. He looked at her, “I, I don’t know what to say.”

“She has not fallen asleep so quickly after making love in such a long time. This is the first peace Katarina has known in a very long while. Would you steal that away from her?”

He sat up on his elbows, parting his hair back to one side.  No, he’d never take her peace from her, not if he could avoid it, which was why he’d leave soon.

Maybe he could stay for a day or two though.  Follow up, check out the new alpha if he showed.  See what quality of life his lovers have. “What of you?”

She sighed, weariness showing in her eyes.  “I have grown used to your shit, Nicholaus. I do not pretend to like it, but I accept it.”

Careful not to disturb Katarina, Nicholaus sat up. “Let’s go into the living room and talk.”

Krystyna nodded.

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