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Clint shifted uncomfortably in his seat, but met her stare with a hard gaze.  “I promise, it won’t land on you.  My brothers have my back and we’re going to finish up the mess with our local associates soon as we can.  But that’s all I can say.”

“Else you’ll have to call me your ol’lady and make me subservient?”

Clint snorted.  “As if you’d ever be submissive on any level.  Why do you think I hired you?”

Chuckling, Haley waved a hand about.  “Oh, I don’t know.  Because maybe you said to the universe, I want the biggest bitch to be my lawyer?”

“Yeah.  We’ll go with that.”

Funny how he didn’t backtrack on them being a couple.  For the time being, she’d chalk it up to exhaustion, alcohol and stress.

Not that she wanted to be his girlfriend.

Or did she?

“Something going on in that pretty head of yours, Hales?  I saw the wheels spin for a moment.”

“No.”  Haley didn’t try to stop the yawn from happening in hopes of deterring Clint’s actions.

He set a hand on her thigh but didn’t move it any further.

The spark between them flared brightly, making her stomach clench in anticipation but the look in Clint’s eyes not only told her he wanted her as bad as she wanted him, but he’d be patient staking his claim.


“Yeah.”  She faked another yawn but the look on his face said he wasn’t buying it.  But, Clint took another sip of his tea and rose to his full height.  “You should probably walk me out then.  It’s getting late and we have a thing.”

Nodding, Haley stood and moved back from the couch.  Any small space she could find herself in with Clint was not a place she needed to be.  Not right now.

Before she made it to the front door, Clint was on her, pressing her against the wall, fingers holding her shoulders, and his mouth on hers.

She pushed back against his chest but the bulk of his muscle stopped her and she finally reneged when his tongue slid into her mouth and she made the mistake of inhaling him.

Yes, she tasted him, the beer, the cigar, but her nostrils flared at him.  Instead of shoving him away, she’d found her hands clutching his shoulders for dear life and moving to his upper arms while his fingers tangled in her hair.  Another hand captured her around the waist and pulled her into him while he nipped and sucked at her lip, biting playfully with enough pain to stake a claim.

It pissed her off.

Unfortunately, it also hardened her nipples and made her nether region take notice and her breath hitch.

Good thing she hadn’t decided to change when she’d come home.

Haley kissed him back, inhaling his essence while he slanted his mouth over hers.  She couldn’t stop herself from wrapping a leg around his waist and pulling him even tighter against her while she cupped the back of his head.

He’d slid one hand down to grip her ass through her jeans, giving her a good, hard squeeze.  The move felt as possessive as his love nip, even though what he’d said to her earlier replayed in her head.

That noise was slowly drowned out by him sucking in a breath and kissing her hard, gliding his tongue over, and ultimately between her lips.

They wrestled for control of the kiss, but he won.  It wasn’t the MC influencing his hormones, this was all Clint.  The man who was in control of everything, kissed her.

His tongue explored her mouth as though searching, learning.  Each slow, deliberate lick had a purpose and hit its mark, heightening her arousal further.  Skin grew too warm and she wanted to pull his cut off, yank off his clothes and hers, but he’d kept himself pressed against her so she couldn’t get a finger between them.

He backed off, sucked in a breath, as did she.  Then he leaned in and kissed her once more, this time, with softness.

Haley tasted all of him and more, her body throbbing now from the way he caressed her mouth with his.

Then he pulled back and moved away from her before making his way to the front door.

Before she could respond, Clint had let himself out, shut the door behind him with a quiet click, leaving her heaving and frustrated, leaning against the wall in her living room.

His mug still steamed slightly but the heat from the tea was nothing compared to how she wanted to melt when he finally kissed her like he meant it.

Goddamn him.


This is the first of probably 3 MC romances I plan to write during the 2018 year. Clint is already finished in draft form but I need to edit it. I’m looking for betas, and those who subscribe and donate to my Patreon will get sneak peeks!

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