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*This was from Facebook after some reflection.*

It feels odd doing writer things after not doing so since my hiatus. The reality is, I have

six books that can be put back on Amazon and can sit there without me having to do any further work up front and they’ll either sell, or they won’t, but I can play with FB ads when I’ve got the marketing fund rebuilt.

What people often fail to see is that the goal for me, because I did a dangerous thing twenty years ago, is to get back to marching to MY drum – so many

people are just existing to exist. They’re not living, they’re surviving. I started reading about entrepreneurs (hey I spelled that right first time!) who didn’t like being temporal prostitutes.

So they made their own paths and while it was a struggle in all cases, they prevailed and have their world the way they want it. Nothing can touch them.

I was given the key (bartending school) and now I’m looking for the door or doors that it’ll unlock so I can step through. But as much fun as that will be (much like working at the cigar shop), it’s a means to an end. I had an interview yesterday at a really dope spot, have another on Friday with a catering company, and another Monday (taking Dave’s advice) and think it’d help establish my solid base so I can get BACK to writing. I have a second Undead Souls MC book to edit(pay for edits/coverart) and a third one I may write this year, plus a course to finish developing. I still have the Mafia/Illuminati para-rom series I need to edit/publish, and the Undead Souls MC might have a spinoff, plus I have at LEAST 6 titles that need an editor and cover art, PLUS two #LoveLetterstoHer that are DONE save the previous mentioned. And while I’m making money today on my trades despite the near 100 point drop in the Spuz in my live account (or I was two minutes ago…) I’m actually profitable in the paper trading account, but that’s a LOT more capital. And a LOT more trades. Markets are only open (non futures trading) 9:30-4, so I’d have plenty of time during my work day to make that day my own.

So, means to an end because fuck just existing.I took Tim Ferriss’s advice in The Four Hour Workweek and almost four years ago began to reclaim my time. I have lovers I want to spend it with. Friends I want to see. Experiences I want to have.


“Stop living a lie, existing cause you can” – Northlane.

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