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So far it’s been a pleasant week of writing. Mondays I have all afternoon to write so I worked on the opening chapter of “Submit to Him” a story I’m writing for a beloved friend who is related to Cynnara Tregarth and Nikita Gordyn. Submit to Him ends where “Her Shelter” left off, with Reinhold learning how to be a better switch and Mistress Crissy understanding that her wolf prince is indeed not just a submissive, but his dominant nature must come out as well.

I saw my cardiologist on Wednesday, cranked out 3k on “Dark Desires” my menage story for Total E-bound, and came home to end up at Grants Tobacconist.

Thursday I wrote another 2k on the menage story and plotted out the first act of “Blood Bound” my mainstream erotic romance for the Dark Elementals Series.

Friday saw no real work done but thanks to email I was able to shoot the shit with M. Christian about writing in general, business issues writers deal with and talk about agents. I’ve got a good feeling about Lori Perkins and her co-agent Marisa. I’m looking forward to working with them to grow my career!

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