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The rest of the week I clean, organize, get ready for this year because I’m doing things differently. This week I’m going over notes for Riding Myst and starting my plotting for Riding Rayne (third Undead Souls MC book) because I need to get on that.

Tastyworks on the left – Word and Riding Myst on the Right!

I’ll be working every day at the shop from the 12th to the 31st of January so I’ll have Scrivener cranked up while I’m selling cigars, doing shop maintenance. I won’t be actively looking for bar tending shifts/gigs until the last week of January, no point if I can’t come in for an interview while my boss is out of the country. I will be continuing my tastytrade education, and continuing to plot. I still have a lot of work I CAN release as I have income for editors/cover art/marketing. I may be picking Khloe Wren‘s brain about some of that.

While some of those funds will be put away, I have plans for much of what I pull in, depending on some news I’m waiting on, too.

I found a list from last year – goals for the year, mostly including financial goals. IF we eliminate that fucking outlier move in $TGT (goddamn soccer moms!) then I had a good learning year as a trader. This year? Yeah, more income, more trading.

I burned the list, sent those wishes up in smoke to the universe to hear.  It’ll provide fruit in the coming months.  I didn’t tell the world this, and since no one reads this heavily right now, I DID apply back to work at an IT company here in Atlanta.  I need something, I need stability and growth.  That’s the only thing I’ve been missing and now it’s time for me to seize it through bar tending and maybe going back into IT.  I’m outdated, but I was assured that having a skillset will set me apart from other candidates.  Also, I’m not a server – which I need to make fully aware the folks at FoodSERV.  I couldn’t serve my way out of a paper bag.  If the lesson wasn’t clear when I worked at Coca-Cola back in Oct, then it wouldn’t ever be!

I’m a bar tender.  That’s what I paid all that money for.

I’ve done my year in review and my planner for 2020. If I’m not careful, because trading, I’ll start to look like Louisa Bacio and her crew – complete with colored markers etc LOL!

I’ve opted to spend more time making decisions, and less time thinking about them. That’s part of what Tastytrade is all about – not just pure wealth creation. I needed to disrupt ME. Again.  Making quicker decisions will aid that.  I’ll have to think faster on my feet and accept shit as it comes.  That’s good.  I need to stop looking at the arrow for verification.

So, out with the old, in with the new move. And “I’m very cool, I’m cool, the very move.”

Ready for 2020!

Of course…being back as a writer, you know that means I’m…

Open Spotify (NSFW!)

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