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Well, mostly. I am now a resident of the state famous for liberty, home of Holt’s Cigar Lounge, and the Amish! HA! THe weekend of April 27th, my wife came to get my Ember Kitty and Me, board a plane, and get us back to home where we belong. And good thing too, because the distance and separation was killing us both. Honestly, it hurt to be married to someone who you love and loves you back with the same fervor and not be able to touch them.

Protecting the Siren – A Fated Mates Rockstar Romance

But we made it. My office is set up, shared with my beautiful wife, ready for my work at FSA Feds, and as writers. She’s the author of several cowboy romance novels, Navy Seal novels, and provides quite the contrast with my darker, grittier paranormal romance novels. Check out her work here. Also, who the fuck is Margaret Kay Brooks?  I didn’t search for her, I searched for Em Petrova. Which, you should definitely check out. And yes, I’ve been a reader of hers for years.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, there’s a LOT going on. I’m tearing apart a new trilogy and redoing the first book in what I hope will be launched in June, entitled Wolves of the Fae Court. The first book, tentatively titled “Rise of the Fae” was previously titled “Stalker: Dub Mix” but obviously, that shit won’t sell. The book features my wolf and fae couple and requires a LOT of reworking for it to not just fit in with the romantasy genre, but for a better story overall. I’ll share bits and pieces of the process when I’m nearing the end of the first book.

Last week was my first week here and goddamn, was it long? I had an eleven hour day, a twelve hour day, and the rest of the week was normal due to the deadlines for claiming 2023 expenses in FSA.  The previous week, a cigar buddy and I went to see Decapitated, SepticFlesh, Allegean and Kataklysm. Fucking FUN show! The pit was insane, but no, I did NOT get involved like I did at The Ocaan…

The cigar lounge threw a somewhat understated, but very appropriate, going away party for us. Mentioned my career stuff so hopefully I’ll have some new readers. Oh, that reminds me, I’m migrating to a different newsletter service. Nothing will change on your end, but my end looks vastly different and improved, much like the website design here.

Anyway, off for venison burgers. I’ll have more book-related news coming soon!




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