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Bet you thought I was dead, yeah?  LOL!  No, 2020 didn’t take me out.  I’m pretty much invincible.  But I realized I hadn’t had a chance to post during all of last year’s chaos.  Hell, even the previous year I hadn’t made the effort and you really deserve not only my effort but my apology.

A LOT has gone down since my last post. I went to bartending school, worked a handful of events, even got a job that caused me major back pain, along with getting fired (thank FUCK) from that shit hole, only to get a really good bar gig at an Indian spot in Buckhead…

That closed thank you pLandemic Covid-19.

I’ve moved.  Bigger apartment, better view.

That’s the life events.  You’re here because I’m a writer and you love that.  So, let’s get down to business.

You may remember in 2019, I released Riding Tempest in the 20 Shades of Shifter boxed set that I Love Vampire Novels put out.  Well, Oldest Lover convinced me to continue in that world and I’ve birthed Riding Myst and Riding Rayne to complete the Undead Souls MC trilogy.  I had a lot of fun talking with a writer on the plot regarding the overall series and how pleased I was at how it all came together, and I plan to share that with you all soon.  Riding Tempest is ready to go, but the other two books need edits and cover art.  I have a cover artist and I’ll share the cover for Riding Tempest in this post.  

Cover for Riding Tempest – out in late 2021 or early 2022!

I found an editor recently and decided I was going to take all of the books I have ready for that stage and start funding the process to get them ready.  I’m still somewhat cash-poor, so I’m asking Vocational Rehab to help me get updated on my IT skills so I can go back into that world.  I was in IT up until about age 35, from tech support at age 19 to random computer restores and tech writing, I’ve been around but my skillset became severely outdated since I rarely used it for anything other than basic level support and haven’t had a real job (the cigar shop technically doesn’t count) since I was 19 years old.  That being said, as I have income, each book will be edited, given cover art and then I’ll line up a release schedule for 2022.

Oh, but I DO have new material.  I’ll share what I’ve written in another post, but be warned:  It’s not going to make it to the final cut.  I don’t like my heroine; she’s too innocent.  But don’t fret!  I’ve got a new heroine to take her place and my old one will still make her appearance in this new demon romance. 

If you remember, the last series of posts had the original version of Stalker: Dub Mix, my paranormal Fae/Wolf romance.  I rewrote that, but in August of last year, I started the second book in the three-book series.  No, it’s not finished, though I’m about halfway done right now.  It…end of the year was tough.  But I also began plotting the third book in that series, along with giving the entire three-book series a new series name and each book has new titles from what the old ones were.

I have a lot of decisions to make regarding the HOW of moving forward, and you’ll likely be involved on some level if you’re an active participant.  But I AM still writing, despite not being here or on social media much, outside of trading.  

Let me know your thoughts on the cover of Riding Tempest!

Have a blessed 2021!

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