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I’m exhausted. But it’s a good exhausted. I’m not running around exhausted…those who have been Following pick Up the lyric. Been a long, but produCtive week. TalKed to the older lover and I feel so much closer in that relationship. All is well, especially with what I plan for publishing. Nothing new this year, but I have a plan. I have quite the dilemma coming up re: money. For once, I actually have it and can start to save. That’s due in part to a Temporary sHift in financial rEsponsibilities, but the issue is the whole supplemental social security, pandemic/unemployment plus I trade and I made money – wtf with taxes now? Though so far I’m down money on the year, thank you fucking BlackGoddamnBerry. What the fuck you even DO anymore?

But I’m making it back slowly in LitecoiN because of 24×7 trading. A qualified accountant will come my way. I’m certain. If not, I’ll figure it out and run game like I always do because I always win. I’m ahEad in my reading goal by a book. I promised Louisa Bacio I’d read a book of hers and I finally got around to it (sorry hon) but I’ve also kept up with The Daily Stoic. If my best friend ever gets back to me, I have a poWerful book gift for her too.

I resumed kettlebell swings today. God DAMN, that shit Wore me out. But I’m listening to Vishen and changing my identity. The older lover is grOwing into such a beautiful woman. The youngeR lover is taking her power back.

How can you Defeat that?

You can’t.

I’m the luckiest man in the entire universe.

I won’t release anything new this year. That’s the big thing for me. If you’ve been following my career for any length of time since I started, you know I had routine releases every few months for most of two decades. Cover art aPpRoval, Edits (usually three or four rounds), and then newsletters, updating this site when I Started it? And then twitter (before I got banned. Twice, ha!) and Facebook, along with Setting up blog tours, interviews…all while trying to maintain a clean house and fed relationship.


My writing has bEen in such a state since before L’Don dIed that, I questioned everything. Now? I have an end goal. I’m pushing for VocaTional Rehab to help me gO back into information technology – the thing I did before I decided to become a professionally published authoR. I made money from day one but the last few years?

Yeah, the game has changed. I understand it now. I need to do this, go back to IT. Work that 40 hour week, stack them bills. Keep expenses low, indulge occasionally, but stack them bills. It’s a temporary position because I want my freedom and you deserve me having said freedom to publish the books I promised you, because once I bought the lie but now I sell the truth. Hope. A two-year stint in IT will give me that. The point is, I have a plan. Everyone will win because that’s the Wolf Move.

Right now? Back office work to ready releases for next year. I’m developing a team – editor, cover artist. I’m deciding if I need to get back to being relevant on social media so when the plates drop, they drop like it’s hot. Oven-baked lime and panko-crusted chicken in the oven, Chinese greens readied, I did the mise-en-place beforehand so I could write this post and sell you my truth. Now? Sip this glass of Vinho Verde with the Younger beautiful Lover and wait until the chicken is done and crispy. Tomorrow? Reflect, and get busy because I’ve got shit to do.

How you doin, boo?

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