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Most of you have no idea what I’m talking about, but on Facebook, let’s just say I’ve been pretty blessed by the recent new additions to my reader base.  We’ve talked sex, jokes, shared hot photos, (see, even shared a woman’s pic for the three other guys in this group!) and shared books, love for our favorites, as well as finding new favorites like Dawn Montgomery and Liz Crowe, who by the way, will be in an anthology with yours truly due out sometime towards the last quarter of the year.

The fine folks at Decadent Publishing have convinced me to give them more work, so something else will be in the works as I start planning for year end quarter releases to make my Christmas check happier, and to make more of you lovelies even more thrilled!

Oh and there is another project in the works with Bonni Sansom, Margie Church, Marianne LaCroix and I that promises to delight.  Also planned for an early September release through Sizzler Editions.

You may have seen the new cover art for some of my older releases.  The covers are being redone because we’ve learned things about the market, I’ve found a few awesome cover artists and given some of the other stories I’ve written over the years a slight facelift.

It’s been fun to have a career that has spanned more than a decade.  News coming up on those stories mentioned soon!

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