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Book Review: Every Breath You Take by Hope Tarr

Agent Saritza Hernandez and I discussed expanding my reach into contemporary worlds and I thought what better way than to refresh how humans process emotions by reading through the 20 or so BLAZE novels I’ve collected. Starting off with Every Breath You Take… By Hope Tarr was a good call. His job is to watch […]

The Holidays are upon us!

Erotic romance readers rejoice!  Another holiday season is upon us and that means we have a ton to look forward to in releases.  For starters, Lora Leigh, Jill Shalvis and J.  R. Ward have new releases coming out. Because Christmas is upon us, (Yes I know November hasn’t ended just yet) I thought I’d promote […]

Continuing Lisa’s Sway

The continuation of said sex scene… Lisa swore she knew Sam Gallo from somewhere.  She couldn’t remember where but it didn’t matter.  He’d managed to be bold enough to distract her from her text conversation with her boss, Harvey. As a PR specialist, it was her job to find clients, which meant attending parties like […]

Sex Scene Saturday – Lisa’s Sway

This is from an unreleased and unfinished story – Lisa’s Sway.  It’s my attempt at the Harlequin BLAZE market. BLURB:  Real Estate mogul Sam Gallo is caught up in a scandal that could ruin his business and needs help.  He hires a PR firm to help him only to discover the person they send out […]

DragonCon Update

It looks like I’ll be in Atlanta again to attend DragonCon. There will be a Fetlife panel and I’ve been asked to be on it as an expert so that should be fun. We’ll cover what Fetife is, why and how to use it effectively, from what I understand. I need to find the other […]

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