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The Allure of Age Gap Romances

In the vast literary landscape of romance novels, one theme that continues to captivate readers is age gap romances. These compelling stories explore the complexities and nuances of relationships where the protagonists belong to different age groups. From tender tales of first love to mature stories of second chances, age gap romance novels offer a […]

Free Books from Best Selling Contemporary Authors!

With last week’s completion of my Summers in Seaside novella, Second Chance Summer, I was reminded that we’re doing a giveaway. Details are below but there are a ton of prizes from the authors in this series and they’re all quite fabulous! Click the link for the giveaway! Would you like to win some fabulous […]

Writing Checks I can’t cash…

The title is a bit misleading: as I CAN cash said checks but…WHEN. And if you’re wondering what the ever loving fuck I’m going on about, it has to do with my writing schedule and trying to handle all these releases. In previous posts I’ve always blathering on about how much I have written and […]

Edits back for Paula’s Craving – Out soon from Decadent Publishing!

Naturally I have no cover art yet, but the book has been off for edits for a few weeks now and I have them back in my hot little hands.  First round, with some expected changes, unexpected plot twists and new material.  The scene I’m about to pull will end up here for you after […]

Diamond Jubilee Continues on my blog!

Thought we might keep the spirit of this jubilee by posting a sexy excerpt from one of my contemporary releases.  The folks at Romance at Random have been very kind to me and I’m appreciative, so much that I think comments on this post (or any Diamond Jubilee post on Sascha Illyvich will put […]

Continuing with Caressing Caitlyn: Music

I spend a great deal of time customizing soundtracks to my stories, even if they’re as short as this one. On the playlist for this story were songs that were less aggressive and more in line with setting up a sensual tone. The FLir, out of LA is a shoegaze/electronica band and their first album […]

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