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If you’re coming across this campaign, it’s because you’re an avid reader, preferably of romance, but other genres entice you, too. It’s even more thrilling for you when other genres blend with romance, and you get a great mix of character-driven plot, and plot-driven story.

Do you love a great story that captures your heart, thrills you, and keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat? These tales will twist up your heart, make you cry, laugh, shout at characters, and ultimately leave you with a satisfying ending–which is why you read.

I have been able to connect with readers of my romantic fiction, since my career’s inception, about seventeen years ago. It’s been an amazing ride–especially talking with readers who’ve been fans since day 1. Now, I want to take my writing and connection with fans to a deeper level, as well as reach more new readers.

Through the amazing platform of Patreon, I can share insight and bring fans a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process.  Through your support, I can spend more time on the two things important to me: Writing novels and connecting with the fans who enjoy powerful stories about humans struggling against all odds to ultimately find happiness.

In the form of novels, I can share whole worlds with readers. It is also easier for me to continue mentoring new voices in fiction, when finances are steady.

The level of support is up to you, but all amounts are truly appreciated.  I’ll be updating the blog here a few times a month and definitely sending out shout-outs and thank-you notes. And bringing you, my readers, along by my side throughout the writing process.

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