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Have you bought your copy of Slow Burn yet?

I’m thrilled to have woken up to this:Slow Burn 1st Day Rank

On top of that, there were two reviews left so far.  We’ve been spreading the word, so maybe it’s time for an excerpt from the book.  Today is the last day to get it at $0.99 by the way!

Try this on for size.

Derrick woke up in a soft bed. His body ached, his stomach burned and bruises marked his forehead along with throbbing pain in his back. He brushed strands of hair from his face and tried not to grunt. Then he saw the beauty next to him and something tugged at his heart.

Sonja lay beside him still wearing his trench coat, jeans and a top that begged for removal because it held back beautiful breasts.

He licked his lips. Then he smelled the dried blood and frowned. He looked down at himself and found he’d been bathed. At least mostly. His fingernails were still dirty. Sore, too.

Then he stirred. And pain hit him, making him grunt.

Sonja’s eyes shot open and her body jolted. She shook. The wild look in her eyes alerted him to something flashing in her mind, but what? What nightmares did she run from?

The air smelled of torment, a different scent than fear. More black, more unsettling, the energy crackled with bright white pepper and that overwhelming sense of dread he recognized from his own energy when he’d wake up and see the faces of those innocents he’d been ordered to kill. Or the face of his brother lying down in a pool of his own blood while paramedics came to remove the injured and presumed dead. Derrick caught her hand and rolled onto his side, facing her. “Shh,” he put his other arm around her, gripping her close before her shakes stopped. He pressed two fingers against her lips and felt the searing heat from the faint touch. He pressed a little harder, caressing plump lips.

Tears streamed down her face.

He wanted to kiss them away.

She opened her mouth and screamed; power flowing out from her in a torrential force that clued him in to just how terrified the images were that she saw.

Then he saw them, the faces of the sad, the lonely, the angry, those who had taken their lives. He’d seen a very brief glimpse of the men who captured her, then his mind went fuzzy. Quickly stilling his mind, he leaned over her and did the one thing he could think of to distract her from whatever horrors raced through her head.

He kissed her, muffling her cries.

She sobbed but gave herself openly to the kiss. The power flowing from her stilled, calmness now settled around them. She still shook, her body convulsing in his arms while she tried to flail this way and that, turning from him with such force he had to use his puma strength to overpower her and force her back to the kiss.

Somewhere in that haze of their mingling tongues, the air changed again, this time the scents of terror and agony fading to give way to something dark, yet sensual. Derrick tasted her, pressing against the sweet plumpness of her mouth against his. Eyes open, he gave her hand a light squeeze.

She settled, blinked and looked at him through her wild gaze until her breathing slowed and she seemed to return to the here and now. Sonja shifted against him. She reached for his face, lithe fingers stroked along his chin.

He hardened instantly at her touch. Careful to steady his reaction against rising hormones, Derrick moved, feeling the softness of her breasts beneath his jacket. “You’re still wearing my coat,” he licked her chin, then bit her neck.

The tears stopped, and she sniffled. Sonja laughed and kissed him back, taking his face in her hands while she slid beneath him. “It fits. Perfectly in fact. I think I’ll keep it.”

He chuckled, a low sound that widened her eyes. He’d noted the change in behavior once he’d stilled his mind and focused on centering her, something he’d never really done before. Instantly she smelled of arousal, rather than the stingy, pungent scent of fear.

“Definitely,” she nodded. “Definitely going to keep it.”

She stole his concentration by wriggling her soft flesh against his; he could only process the perfectness of her arousal. He bent down, nipped her exposed neck and waited a moment. Her pulse beat steadily. His puma wanted a taste of the creature beneath it.

Hands fisted in his hair and dragged his head to hers, forcing his mouth against hers. She tasted more sweet and savory, as the powerful thrum of lust sent blood pulsing through her. The puma knew, it was time to mate again, and with this woman.

Derrick smelled dark fruit, the scent of her arousal dancing over his senses. With a thumb and forefinger, he caressed a trail down the line of her jaw, over her neck until stopping at the top of exposed cleavage. Then he let his nail lengthen, a sound that made her gasp.

Derrick dragged his nail back up her neck and down it again, dipping further between her breasts while watching her expression change from concern to aroused amusement.

She shuddered, arched her breasts up.

He nuzzled her breasts then dipped his head down, flicking his tongue over her salty skin, tasting the spice and dark fruit on his tongue. Then he slid up her body, dove in for another kiss while a free hand traced circles on her cheek.

She moaned her approval into the kiss, letting him control things at first. Then she pulled back, nipped his lower lip, tugged on it.

The puma inside snarled playfully.

Sonja kissed him again, let him lead this time.

Derrick took his time, studying her mouth with his tongue, memorizing it. He wanted to let this happen forever, kiss her for eternity. She tasted so perfect, felt so right snuggled against him. He even closed his eyes, found the intensity of her scents magnified by the temporary loss of sight.

Her hand clutched his forearm.SlowBurnCoverEbook

He brought his hand to hers, interlocked their fingers, broke from the kiss. Derrick inhaled sharply at the sight before him. Red hair sprawled beneath her, fanned out over her shoulders against the white silk sheets. A slight red tint colored her face. Lips were primed and plump for more kissing. And the blue-silver of her eyes sparkled. “Maybe you should wear only my coat.”

“Patience, cat. We have some time. Right?”

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