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Cover for Menage Bound, a romantic bdsm tale of an impending threesome

Looks like after finishing up Saint in Sinner’s Eyes, I’m taking a break as an author.  Sort of.  What’s coming up is that I have those projects mentioned in an earlier blog post that need finishing, fixing what have you.  I’m pretty excited to finally put out some new material and some old material that has actually been improved upon since original publication.

I just sent off what was originally titled “Iolite’s Ritual” to Sizzler Editions.  I think the working title now is Torn to Pieces, though I can promise a new title upon the publisher reading and accepting it.  The new version includes a third chapter that explores the relationship between Jackob and Kerian and their involvement with Iolite, something the reviewers wanted to see when the title came out years ago at another publisher.

Some good news came out the other day.  Menage Bound has been doing well via the reviewers.  No surprise there, but I am thrilled!

“Place a cigar smoking, Jack and Cola drinking corporate executive woman and two horny and hungry alpha males together and you have a ménage like no other.” – RomFanReviews

They really liked the story!

Sizzling Hot Books had THIS to say:  “Each story is unique and Menage Bound is unlike any that I’ve read before. The characters demand notice and Mr. Illyvich’s writing draws you into the story, making you feel like you were there.”

Don’t you think you should pick up your copy of Menage Bound now?

Amazon has it!

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