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The stereotypical image of female romance authors writing in sexy lingerie sent my blood boiling. With that glass of wine and needed inspiration, writing erotic romance became an easy choice for me.  You should see this author at trade shows, always a drink in hand, always surrounded by sexy women and of course I only go to the sexiest, sexy parties.

Damn, wouldn’t that fantasy be nice?  It isn’t “too” far from the truth that I do tend to have a drink in hand at most conventions, more often than not, and whether it’s Cecilia Tan or one of my lovely groupies, I do tend to be surrounded by sexy people everywhere.  I must maintain my image.

Earlier this year I was in Atlanta for Frolicon, promoting myself as an author amongst the kinky crowd and it wasn’t out of place to see me with my arm around a naked woman.  Truth is, said naked woman was one of my hosts and is a nude model and actress, but that’ll be our little secret.  The fantasy I create in my erotic stories should mimic those written by authors before me and those coming after me.  And believe me, those coming after me are usually in a hurry to repeat the process…

I write to escape, I write to give escape.  I write because, what else the hell would I do?

When my publicist and agents said I should give myself a title to distinguish myself from the other three or four (straight) males in this business, I thought Hey, I can do that.  I can be the bad boy of romance.  It’s not too far a stretch, honestly.  I write hard, I play hard.  I relax, hard.  Hell, I’m always hard! 

I’m sure if I thought about it, I could probably tie in the word “hard” to one of my books from Decadent Publishing or Sizzler Editions, but even that’s hard.  Wait, I’m sensing a theme…

The point is I do this for me, I do this for you and I do this because the image of who I am is fun.  At the end of our days shouldn’t we feel like not only have we accomplished something, but accomplished something we WANTED and ENJOYED?  Writing romance gives me that.  To be honest, I’m pretty lucky and I know just how blessed I am.  But I’ll digress as the real reason you’re here is to see what’s underneath my kilt.

Go on, take a peak.  Until next time…

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