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I’m guessing the fabulous folks at Decadent do not want me disclosing my sexperiences, but I must mention them in brief as this draws readers and works on people’s natural curiosity about the sexual nature of erotic authors.

The fact is, the encounters an author has, make for a fuller experience in writing, provided the author has had numerous adventures.  If not, the author is left living vicariously through pornography, erotica, other means.  (Like me)  Being the Bad Boy of Romance, this actually works in my favor, as it justifies my flirtation, my drinking and premium cigar smoking all while providing an illusion, an image of something readers expect.

I’ve been talking with other authors about the unspoken author/reader contract and how upon publication, if the author platform does not define the relationship, the experience a reader gets from an author’s book, then the reader defines it.  This is not a bad thing, but it’s not the best for attracting the most attention for the group of readers your book is targeted to.  If however, every blog post, every interaction, tweet, facebook status, and book all say the same thing, then the AUTHOR is defining that contract.

Just like I defined the contract here.  Reading my books will give you an experience you’ll never forget.  The reviews paint Menage Bound as a hot sexy read where the characters are lifelike and real, and the reviewers could imagine themselves in that world.  And frankly, some of them WANT that fantasy.  Maybe I’ve lived it.  Maybe not.

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In my world, my books tend to be about trust on a deeper level. And in my latest 1Night Stand, Menage Bound, Siddella must extend trust in the 1NS service that she can have a fantasy played out.  Two hunky men, both dominant, both not fighting OVER her but instead, working well within the boundaries she sets.  Jason and Chase must trust the same service, then extend said trust to Siddella for her acceptance that two men can have a healthy long term sexual relationship that involves pushing boundaries and growth.

Find out if they can do it by going to Amazon and buying Menage Bound!

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  1. For me it’s somewhat through experience, but a lot of it is…knowing what women fantasize about. What women want…That perfect experience. A woman knows what other women find sexy. As for men, there are some that are tuned into women to a degree they know exactly what fantasy to create for them. Kudos to you Sascha 🙂

  2. That’s the idea. I’d never get away with my raunchier fantasies, and that’s fine, but what sells for me is the illusion created around me and my work. As one publisher put it, “You’re the bad boy of romance, readers will only know they’re getting a HOT read!”

  3. If the author is writing about a fantasy they have experienced I think it would make the fantasy a reader is reading more believable. It also gives the author knowledge of what women are seeking in a romantic fantasy. Not all men really know and not enough read erotica to explore it.

  4. I do believe that writing through experience would be the easiest for an author to write but not necessarily the most believable.

    Authors are usually readers also, so they know what a reader wants in the fantasy of that genre. They have their own fantasies that have or have not been fulfilled. A good author is talented and creative enough to bring that fantasy to life.

  5. I am not quite sure how to respond since there is really no question asked. I have no idea what sexual experiences an author brings to his/her book. I only know what turns me on and what doesn’t, whether the storyline and characters are believable, and whether the entire book draws me in or not. That is how I judge the book, not how much sexpertise the author has/hasn’t had.

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