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In a recent romance by Lori Foster, she told the story of Drew Black, SBC President of the most prestigious UFC fighting organization out there and his journey into love with the heroine Gillian Noode. The story was hot and definitely due to the characters personalities, very enticing and a thrill ride but early on in the book, we got a glimpse of another character.

One of Drew’s fighters who has a troubled past decides to influence one of the supposed villains in an attempt to change her mind, only he too falls in love with the slightly naive woman. The beauty here is obvious, but for someone like me, it threw me off as a reader but not enough to make me put the book down. This had me thinking, in Forced Pleasure I had a secondary character named Gawith who just happened to be yummy piece of man that stirred Francine’s passion once she made the choice to leave Micah and go chasing tail where she might be wanted.

Thing is, not only did Gawith become part of the final scene, he ended up with his own story If I were so inclined I could actually write another bdsm tale involving Gawith, Micah, Nicholas and Francine over the two year period of his training from Gothy BDSM kid (of legal age!) to a more self confident, intuitive Dominant over Francine.

In fact, I just might do that 😉

How do you feel about secondary characters whether in bondage romances or other stories? Do they help you? Do they annoy you?

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4 Responses

  1. well, I can’t answer for the bondage part, since I’m not familiar with it, but I LOVE secondary characters in romances and such. they add a lot the story. how your Main Characters react to them is telling of their own character.

    plus I’m a series junkie, so I like seeing the struggles coming.

    1. well Gawith’s story between Forced Pleasure and Sweet Submission will make for an interesting story to me and I was glad to give a younger Dominant a bit of the action. I think he’s an inspiration to the youth in the BDSM community LOL! Series Junkies yay!

  2. S-
    I have found secondary characters sometimes become more interesting to me than my original protagonist. Sometimes, when I am writing, I start to be consumed by a secondary character and find that I need to take a break and write a nagging story about a small, almost insignificant character that won’t go away. That character always endsnup with a much larger role than I thought they would in the original piece, but I think it is because they get fleshed out a bit and become so much more real.
    I just posted a story on my blog that is about a bit characternin a vampire story I’ve been writing for ages, but she became really interesting to me and I had to get to know her better. I love the little story, and her.
    So I think secondary characters are quite important and really SHOULD have a life of their own… For what it’s worth.

    1. I think Gawith is going to get a story in which I explore the few years between him meeting Francine in Forced Pleasure and the time where Sweet Submission picks up. It’d give me a 30k piece for Sizzler, give more background on Francine, Nicholas and Micah and be fun overall.

      Sometimes that consumption helps for great stories. I need to explore who Gawith really is. I mean I know sort of…

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