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Master of Wolves by Angela Knight

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Jim London is outraged over the death of his friend, a fellow cop and werewolf–and wants to get to the bottom of what he thinks was murder. The only way to find out is to go undercover–and, in his wolf form, Jim can do that better than anybody. There’s one complication: the new K9 handler, Faith Weston, is sexy enough to bring out the animal in any man.

I had to laugh at the scenario set up once I started reading the book. Being the K9 partner of a sexy woman and being able to see everything she does, from eat, sleep, shower, dress, etc made me wish I was that wolf.  Imagine Faith Weston’s surprise upon learning about her special K9 and then having to deal with the sexy Jim London.  Angela takes us on a unique journey in the Mageverse world, giving us a different spin on the vampire/wolf mythos along with some fun from the Arthurian Legends to create a fascinating world that entraps the reader and enthralls them for hours.  The sex is smoking hot, as would be expected by fans of Angela Knight’s E-books.  She’s a talented author, one I’ve read over and over again. The plot twist made the read more enjoyable.

She was and still is someone that inspired me as a writer and gave me direction on what and how I could write paranormal romance stories.  I was in the midst of book two of the Opeth Pack saga when I started reading her and I only wish I’d have discovered Knight earlier. Also for those who are pondering a career in writing romance, she teaches courses on fight scenes, sex scenes and is just a sweet humble woman.

Soon I’ll throw up a review about Jane’s Warlord, the first Angela Knight book that got me hooked.

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