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Howling Moon by C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp

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Adams and Clamp reveal more of the laws and mores of the Sazi shape-shifters in their latest compelling romance. The leader of the Sazi shape-shifters, Chief Justice Charles Wingate, asks former Wolven agent Rafael Ramirez to take care of an extremely difficult situation. His goddaughter, Cat, has been bitten by psychopathic serial killer Jack Simpson, who also happens to be a U.S. senator. Sazi risk turning human if they are bitten, and that transformation is brutally painful. Cat, who watched helplessly as Simpson destroyed her parents, is tormented by his telepathic communications. But she survives the turning and become a jaguar shape-shifter, only to be rejected by the Boulder Sazi pack of wolf-shifters. Rafael, who is responsible for training her, reluctantly realizes she is his true mate. Then, after he becomes leader of the pack, he has to confront the wolf shape-shifters’ prejudice against feline shape-shifters. When it comes to paranormal romance, nobody does it better than Adams and Clamp. Diana Tixier Herald
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Another first for me in terms of what I started reading to learn the world of paranormal romance.  The plot had twists and definitely very developed characters.  Due to the nature of both heroine and hero being on opposing sides of things as wolf and jaguar shifters in the world of the Sazi adds to the emotional conflict as well as the steamy sex.   Both authors gave me a jumping  point to expand my universe while keeping me focused on the book at hand.  I did read this in one setting, and ended up picking up a few other books in the series.  I know it’s the fourth book in the series but it’s definitely one worth picking up.

At this time in my career I had just started plotting and working on The Opeth Pack Saga

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