Praise for Slow Burn – A Sexy Spy Thriller

Cover for Slow Burn - A Sexy Spy Thriller

Cover for Slow Burn – A Sexy Spy Thriller

“I found this book a very edge of the seat, moving, I couldn’t get enough-kind of book. I would’ve kept going, and reading forever, that’s how pleased I was with the entire book!

Five stars!” –Deneale’s Book Buzz

“Erotic and Imaginative combine for a great read. Spy + Puma shifter and the heroine is a Metal Rock singer with the power to soothe and control the masses by “cleansing” them of their darkest emotions.
The sexual tension between this to burned hotter and hotter on each page. Plot-wise, it kept me turning pages to find out the satisfying ending. I recommend this book to any who love paranormal, thriller, or just a hot sexy read.” – Rowan Jade on Slow Burn – A Sexy Spy Thriller

“Slow Burn is a wild rush. I mean WILD. Are you looking for action, hot erotic sex, and an ex-spy who is a shifter that can move between worlds? You’ve come to the right place.
Amid the wild heavy metal practically ringing in my ears, plus the emotional pull of the prose, the writer viscerally sucks you in from page one. Believe me, This book doesn’t let go. It left me shaking.
Want a roller-coaster ride of thrills? This is it!.” – Bette Golden Lamb on Slow Burn – A Sexy Spy Thriller

Reader Praise for Lucky Stars Boxed Set

11698952_598322990307545_5370317310070839514_o“Sascha Illvich gives us Submit to Him. This is a very intense and erotic recount of one of the Goddess’s own Witches and her Wolf. She must learn to overcome her insecurities in time to save herself and all of mankind….. can she? I loved this one.” – Ameliah Faith Review for Lucky Stars

” holy goddess it was smoking hot! It touches on BDSM, but it was more about the love and the give and take of the relationship, which turned it into a melt your panties read.” – Rachel on Amazon for Lucky Stars


Fans rave about Three Times Lucky!

A Perfectd Fit COVERThere is a real life element to this book regarding her parents not accepting her choice of lovers. The sex was HOT, the passion between the three was strong.”  – Amazon Review of my short in Three Times Lucky

“A Perfect Fit- Sascha Illyvich
This is what I expect of a short story – where the story can explain characters, and the story is about a certain event in that characters life. Again, no spoilers, this story focused on that event, and provided me a conclusion. It was a fun little pleasant (very pleasant – wink wink) read throughout their journey. I’m glad the author didn’t go with what I consider the “popular way” to go, so I am very satisfied with the direction he did take the story. I would definitely buy another of this author’s books!” – TJ Harden on my short in Three Times Lucky


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