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Yup, Your boy got the coof. Two days of being down, asleep in bed for much of the day, coughing, exhaustion and fever. It started last Wednesday night. I started off with a shit day because my main large monitor finally kicked the bucket. So, on top of my HP CPU fan having an issue, the monitor dies, leaving me to teach and write/edit on my ThinkPad.

Now that machine is a BEAST, but it’s still a 14-inch monitor and it’s great, but I’m still visuallyendangered-2020 impaired. It caused a strain on my eyes and I thought I simply had a headache at the end of the night. By the time I finished watching Tastytrade and my nightly cigar, I was shaking. The good thing that came out of Wednesday was this ginger, turmeric chicken soup I made in my wok! So much aroma floating around the apartment! Yay!

We went to bed and the next morning, Crone and I speculated how I could have gotten sick and if it was in fact the Covid. I kept saying no. Friday I woke up starving. I got out of bed, fed both kitties and pull out beef stew meat because I was DYING for red meat and the only thing I could fathom might have been Hungarian Goulash.

Saturday I felt better. Still foggy in the head, that lasted until Sunday. By this time, younger lover had developed symptoms and on Monday took a home test. It read positive for the Coof and she said we both have it. Well, I had it. Now, I have this annoying cough that’s lingering because I’m a cigar smoker and it’s been cold outside. Oh, and this damn rash, too. But other than that, fluids, tea, Quercetin, Zinc etc. and more food. Plus, I started drinking two cups of bone broth a day. I need the micronutrients and collagen.

Younger lover hasn’t been so lucky, but that’s another tale.

Heels - Skirt- ass
Because you didn’t expect this? It’s ME!

This past weekend I started writing again. I was itching to get back to making the words, so I started Istvan and Isabella’s book, formally book two in my Nights of Lust series. Long time readers know this book initially had been written back in 2006 but never saw publication. Endangered had been published by the now defunct Venus Press, then Red Sage, then the now defunct City Lights, before I finally asked Lia Davis to create a cover for the vampire/werewolf novel so I could put it back up.While Endangered has gone through a myriad of edits and changes, Cursed was the story I wrote that needed to be ripped apart and dissected. So, I said fuck it! Time to rewrite from the ground up with all the new knowledge I’d gained at RWA on creating characters with emotional flaws I could exploit during sex to ramp up the inner conflicts! Yay tormented characters! LOL!

In between Endangered and Cursed, I wrote a novel that started out life as “Separated Self” and finally became An Alpha Torn. The quick and dirty synopsis is:

After waking his beast and realizing he needed training to control his violent impulses, Josef is escorted to Hungary to be part of a dying pack where he must fight for every scrap of dignity, every morsel of food. His only solace? The pack omega, a sweet, damaged girl who bonded to him the instant he set foot on Lake Balaton land. But there’s danger afoot when Syndicate thugs have followed Josef to cause chaos wherever he is.

How will Josef balance his training with his newfound heart relationships? Will he forsake Livia and Isabella for Kissa? Can he save the pack from impending vampire threats?

It’s an equally hard novel just like Endangered, but it’s shorter (by about thirty thousand words) and has more sweet moments. It’ll explain a lot when you read Cursed. And I’ll release it once I can afford to grab a cover for it from Lia Davis.

Oh, that was something fun today too! Before I drew my daily Tarot card, my Crone called, and we had a brainstorming session about Cursed that has me pumped to write the story and even more so to release it for your pleasure. I had plenty of internal conflict developed despite the characters being seventeen years old, but my external conflict needed some assistance and I really think you’ll dig where this story goes. Also, I upped the violence. Vampires and wolves get their hands dirty, and not just by throwing magic at their opponents. Think Dracula’s rampage in season one of Castlevania. Blood, guts, gore, it’s all on the page. Don’t worry, it won’t be overblown, but as pissed as I am about so many things…well, this is the outlet I can legally use to push those demons away.

There’s a good chance that on top of this novel, I plan to start what’s currently titled Razed in Lustre, the third and final book in the Protectors Trilogy since I finished Crossing the Rubicon back in Dec. My Fae/werewolves will see the light of publication soon!

Oh, one last piece of news. I finally published Riding Tempest. You can grab your copy here.

Riding Temptest-HighResAbout Riding Tempest: Tempest needs one more payday to stop hauling cargo on the violent roads in Faery. Biker gang violence forces Tempest to ally herself with the very MC originally trying to steal her cargo. Can she trust Jonas to protect her or will he turn out to be another dirtbag outlaw who breaks her heart?

In order to save his ailing sister, Jonas, thief of the Undead Souls MC, must find a Halfling vampire-faery for her blood. His luck comes up when word arrives that one such faery is hauling valuable cargo, motorcycles with multidimensional travel capabilities that can aid the MC in returning to their realm. Can he convince Tempest to help his sister while remaining loyal to his MC? Or will newfound passion turn deadly?

Happy February and Blessed Imbolc!

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