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The dishes are being done now in the dishwasher, carpet is vacuumed, bathroom is acceptable to both girlfriends and the kitchen smells of Hungarian goulash. Sheets are clean thanks to my beautiful younger lover running point while I spent the entire day catching up on $AMZN ads class material since missing two days last week and man, shit is brutal! My eyes lol! But the results I have out now will give me some context to my career that was missing back in 2018.

Even more results with more ads, but the work is not for the mentally weak.  Even once you learn the simplified version of ad iteration, it’s still work because you’re changing, growing and watching, all while collecting data.  Everyone thinks writing the novel is the hardest part.  I’d argue that’s easy.  Yes, you have plots to keep in line, characters to form, worlds to build possibly, and if you’re lucky, the occasional “Fuck me, I wrote that?”  moment.  The one where you realize that what you did there was absolutely brilliant and you HOPE your readers get it.  That takes a lot of authors no more than 2-3 months, depending on size of the novel.  It takes me usually about two months to write 65-80k.  And the novel I started last week, I had planned to have finished by end of August.

That shit won’t happen.  Thank you education and enhancements, because I have a chance now to not only level up my career, but my more immediate sales because of the Amazon Ads class.  I have a few titles I’m re-uploading since taking possession of them from City Lights.

Marketing however, has been the tripping point.  When I released Slow Burn through City Lights, I spent money on various advertisers and while that did generate a return, that return simply implied my book had been seen and rank went down.  It resonated with NO ONE as far as sales were concerned.  And I have been in the position the last several years where I need money spent to return two fold at LEAST.

In the past, I felt kind of powerless with little money to spend on books I believed in, let alone the material I was writing or that had sold really well under someone else’s (ILVN) marketing and ad spend, which meant I had to rely on the old story. I must be a shit author.

I know better.

Since day one.  Not discounting luck, but I have sold from DAY ONE.

Didn’t change the internal story. Ya’ll may remember the great Stay in Bed cause fuck you and why should I continue writing of 2018…Not until Dec of 2018 when Oldest GF and I began plotting out the following year did I even get hyped again about my career, and that includes finishing the second Mafia/Illuminati para-rom. That series needs more world building.

If the story looks familiar, it is. The intro has been changed.

The older gf nudging me into the Skye Warren’s FB Intensive and Amazon Ad Profit Five Day Challenge and the younger one supporting me this year really makes a difference. I have some context around HOW to market these books. I’ve told my authors in the past that sometimes, it’s difficult to find them, but there are readers for your novels. I stand by it.

I’m now running twenty-three ads on $AMZN and I have ten plus more planned out tomorrow once I rewrite a hook for The Bodyguard.

And I signed up for the mid-level Amazon Ad Profit course because last week I committed to Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy class on Abundance. Yes, I AM getting one more week of the PLUA TrumpBucks, but that money has gone into savings, gotten me ahead on bills and made me a little happy lettuce in $EWZ, $UAL and a few other underlyings, but not enough to really make a dent.

My head has been a shit show in the past, I’ve made no bones about that.  Starting Marisa’s course today, and doing the lessons daily for the next thirty-five days will help my head.

The FB ads, and Amazon Ads will help my bottom line.  And in that, I can continue to do what I’ve recently come to understand is my one job as a romance author – Sell you HOPE in this currently amazing shit show of a world, so that you can find YOUR happiness and get what YOUR heart yearns for.

Zig was right.  Buy the product and use it, then you can sell it.

I’m happy with the day’s productivity, but now it’s time for a cigar – La Galena Maduro. And you betcha I have a drink in hand. Enjoy your day. And take two seconds to think of two things you are grateful for.

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