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Most of you know I write to music and that influences the direction/tone of the story.  With my new 1NS, tentatively titled Paula’s Craving, this couldn’t be any more true.

The story gist I’m still working out, but my Street Team has seen a few excerpts but the premise is still to be laid out fully.

Due to changes  in health, I’m making changes in my writing habit, so this may take a little longer. In the meantime, here’s the back story:

Paula couldn’t believe her luck when she contacted the 1Night Stand service and was set up with her old high school crush!  Yet, after a weekend of rousing passion, Ryan disappears., making her wonder hat happened.  When she returns Vegas to take time off, she’s convinced by a stranger (not to my longtime readers!) that she should pursue this crush if he’s really worth it.

Ryan’s astounded when he runs into the one woman in his world he never  thought he’d see again after high school, yet he feels he’s so damaged that the only thing he can do is give in to his primal desires, sate her the best he can and then slip away in the night.  Only,  when he returns to Vegas for work, he runs into a familiar (to longtime readers) face who points out that he needs to either pursue his crush or let her go for her sake.  When he contacts the 1Night Stand service, he swears he’s going to let Paula go.

But Madame Eve’s magic works in mysterious ways.  Will the two lovers reunite and learn to move forward together?

The story has a more feminine feel to it due to the history behind it and my heroine’s desire to save  the hero from his own demons.  WIth that, the playlist can easily be divided into Paula’s songs, and Ryan’s songs.

Paula’s Songs:

  1. Paper Waves – The Gathering
  2. Meltdown – The Gathering
  3. Stately Lover – Lacuna Coil
  4. Heroes for Ghosts –  The Gathering
  5. Iolite – Claire Voyant
  6. Amity – The Gathering
  7. The May Song – The Gathering
  8. Reverie – Lacuna Coil
  9. Veins of Glass – Lacuna Coil

Ryan’s Songs

  1. Concealing Fate Part 2 – Deception –  TesseracT
  2. Concealing Fate Part 3 – The Impossible  – TesseracT
  3. Concealing Fate Part 4 – Perfection- TesseracT
  4. Concealing Fate Part 5  – Epiphany – TesseracT
  5. Monsters – The Gathering
  6. It’s all Good – Cold
  7. Sick of Man – Cold

As you can see it’s remiss of my usual death and speed metal but the story itself is being written differently.  More on the history in another post…

In the meantime,  on with the holiday celebration!  A Christmas Favour

“This is a lovely story of a star-crossed couple who have trouble making decisions that will lead to their ultimate happiness. Set against the backdrop of Christmas, it is a story of love, loss, heartbreak, and happiness. I had never read anything by Sascha Illyvich prior to this novel, but will definitely be adding more of his work to my TBR list!
”  – Barbara Hunt Alexander, a reader!

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