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I know, 2010 isn’t quite over yet but I’m still chugging out material. Well, not entirely. As of the last update I had quit writing for the year, up until the 10th of January. I needed the break. I did a bad thing and cranked out 14k in desperation on a new BDSM male dom story I’ll share in a moment, only to realize that I’d worked way too hard to stress out over every little thing.

For starters, the romance line I’m building at Sizzler Editions is coming along nicely and you can go here to see what’s up at the blog with regard to new releases, guidelines etc.

We’ve sort of left The UnNamed Romance Show on hiatus, as Kiernan and I finish up all our year end commitments. We’ll be back soon with new shows, new guests and more!

Onto the new stuff!

I’m currently working on a pair of novellas for Sizzler Editions Intoxication line, called Forced Pleasure. The first tale in the collection features a very sexy and sensual woman who just happens to like playing games with Micah, her boss. Francine is his assistant and he’s had his eye on her for a very long time. Yet he’s done nothing towards getting her in his bed even as his heart yearns for her, that is until she starts pressing him with sensual temptations. Can he survive as the Dominant male in her life or will the fact that she’s currently IN an open relationship stop them both from getting what they want?

The second story is yet to be decided but will run along the same lines. Female submissive has issues and the only way to solve the issues she’ll have is through forced submission that leads to incredible pleasure and a deeper understanding of the heart.

I’m aiming for a February release at Sizzler Editions.

In the editing queue: Covenant of Wolves 1: Stalker(Dub Mix) My agent has that now and has given me some notes on how to fix some of the issues so I reach a larger target audience. So I’m editing the language a little (toning Prince Faolan down a little, but keeping the sex scenes ultra scorching!) and hope to have that off to Marisa by Feb 1st.

My Opeth Pack Saga series is in good hands with Saritza Hernandez and I hope to hear from her as to where to place that soon. I’ll keep you all posted. I suppose I need to add a page discussing the sexy paranormal wolf menage stories I’ve written huh? 😉

This is the last update for the year so I want to wish everyone a safe and happy new year!

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