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Dark Traders came out years ago from Sizzler Editions and had been my first vampire release, technically.  The other story I wrote was much shorter for a different publisher that went under as the e-book business model they were using didn’t work for them.

I was skeptical but at this point REB had been around for already seven years and turning a profit.  Dark Traders was born of the idea that when I was heavily involved in real estate investing, I started playing the What If game writers use to come up with tales.  So often we just throw out an idea and say “what if this were so and so.” Well what if Vampires controlled the stock market?  Would they be as greedy as our humans have a capacity to be?  Moreso? Less?

And if we threw a relationship in the mix, how would that affect things?

Interracial Vampire Erotica by Sascha IllyvichBuy Dark Traders

Miranda is the SEC’s sexiest and savviest investigator. But she meets her match when she is assigned to investigate the X Corp, a company founded and run by vampires. But before she can determine if the undead have violated fair trading rules on the NYSE, Jet Curtis, vampire, X Corp.’s top hit man is sent to kill her. However, once Jet sees Miranda his thoughts turn to kissing, not killing. The two make passionate love, and then, Jet turns her into a vampire like himself. Miranda disappears. Then a year later, she returns, now one of undead, with vengeance on her mind. Can she and Jet settle their differences in order to stop X Corporation from causing chaos on the stock exchange and ruining the American economy? Here is a premium blend of dark eroticism and vampiric carnality for those who like their vampires with just a dash of sex.


Bringing his cup of coffee to his lips, he slowly turned around to see who was around.

A few children, a couple, group full of tourists, so far nothing appeared out of the ordinary.

Looking at the heavy dark clouds around him, Jet felt the wind blow.  Had he any fear left, he’d be afraid right now.  There was someone definitely watching him.

Jet set his cup down and stood.  Collecting himself, he slowly walked outside of the metal gate, his eyes scanning the area to find the predator.

Cars passed on the street.  A trolley bell rang.  Seagulls hovered overhead near the wharf.

Heading towards Market, Jet passed numerous delis and bars he’d frequented as a teenager.

Where was he?

A blur moved behind him.

He kept walking until he came to Market Street.  Stepping onto the brick paved sidewalk, he passed the porno theater and the Warfield.  The blur moved beside him.

Jet’s shoulders relaxed.  It wasn’t a true professional.  It was just another new vampire fucking with his powers.

This was going to be fun.

The sun shone just over the horizon.  It would be dark soon.

Placing his hands in his pants pockets, he began whistling a tune.

The blur moved in front of him, but tripped over a large branch and fell flat on her face.

Jet couldn’t help it.  Bursting out in laughter, he looked into her eyes.  Her deep, angry, violet eyes?

His jaw dropped.  “It’s you.”  It had been a year.

Standing, the dark skinned woman steadied herself.  Her angry eyes smoldered with hatred.  Her fangs were bared.  Her hair had grown to just past her shoulders.  She wore a burgundy red poet’s shirt, black skin tight jeans, and calf high boots.

“I am your worst nightmare.”

“Oh please.  Cut the corny crap, Miranda.  We don’t really do that.”

Surprise showed on Miranda’s face.  Her lips parted.  “How did you know my name?”

Jet steadied himself, ready to fight.  His forearms tensed in his pockets.  “Because I made you.”

Miranda’s eyes opened big and wide.

Jet could clearly see the beautiful shades of violet of her eyes.  They held his attention for just a second too long before the breath had been knocked out of him.

Before Miranda could get out of reach, he grabbed her free hand and pulled her to him.  Crushing her against his chest, he reveled in the soft feel of her body against his.  Her lush breasts were full and ripe, her nipples pointed.

Seizing her mouth with his, he slid his tongue between her full lips.  She tasted oh so sweet still.  He guessed she probably would always taste sweet, not like the way he’d soured as he aged.

She struggled in his arms, pounding on his shoulders until she surrendered to the kiss.  Her hands slid up his shoulders to his face.

Nails dug into his skin, the pain a delicious reminder that he once felt both sides of pain and pleasure.  Stepping into her body, he pulled back and devoured her mouth again.  Parting her legs with one of his, he felt her grind her hips into his thigh.

Such heat.


Breaking from their kiss, he looked at her.  “Damn, you are hot.”

Miranda scowled.  Shoving her hands against his chest, she pushed him away.  Snarling, she lowered herself to a crouching position, hands spread apart.  She cracked her knuckles.

Jet laughed.  “It won’t work.  You cannot defeat me.  I made you.”

His laughter irritated her.  “Why do you mock me?”

“Who is mocking you?  I’ve got much better plans,” he grinned wickedly.

Miranda frowned again.

Lunging towards him, Miranda fell into his arms, knocking him down onto the hard pavement with an oomph.

Laughing, Jet wrapped his arms around her frame and rolled them over onto her back.  He made a mental note to complement her on her stature.  He loved women that were above average.  Pinning her arms down, he used his considerable weight to immobilize her.  It didn’t matter that others were staring at them out of the corners of their eyes.  It had been too long since Jet felt this kind of softness beneath his body.  She would certainly slake his dry streak.

“How about we continue this back at my apartment?”

Sighing, Miranda stopped writhing beneath him.  It was obvious by the defeated look in her eyes that fighting him would prove useless.  Miranda nodded.

“Good.”  Standing, he offered her a hand.

Miranda took his hand and pulled herself to her feet.  “Where do you live?”

Her voice changed.  It became seductive and low.  His charm worked.  Good.  Of course, she’d try to kill him once they got back to his apartment.  He had to be suspicious as a hit man.

“So,” walking down the street, “who sent you?”

“What do you mean, who sent me?”

“It’s not really our nature to kill or attack others.  So, who is paying you to kill others?  Or who is paying for my death?”

Miranda shook her head.  “Nobody.  Since I woke up, I’ve had this insatiable blood lust that I cannot control.  It makes me sick to my stomach.”

“That wears off after the first week.”

“It’s not because I became the undead.  I hate the undead.”

“Oh.”  Every being has problems.  “Why?”

“They cannot be trusted.  You should know.  You made me, right?”

Her bitter tone annoyed him.  “I was sent to kill you, Miranda.”

She jumped noticeably.  Shaking it off, she continued walking with him.  “Let me guess, the second you saw me, you wanted to fuck me, right?”

“Yup.  And now I’m going to realize that dream.”

“Ever the gentleman.  Beast.”

“I’m not the one who attacked you, remember?”

Miranda shrugged.

“So, why are you coming home with me?”

Miranda didn’t say anything.  She was busy playing with strands of hair while they walked.

“Not a talker either, eh?”

“Not like you.”

“Hey, what can I say?  Beautiful women make me chatty.”

“I am most certainly not beautiful.”

Jet stopped Miranda, grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her to face him.  Pulling her to him, he bent his head down and pressed his lips to hers until they seemed to melt together.

Groaning against him, she writhed pleasurably.

His hand slid down her back, cupping her ass.  His kiss became kisses.  His groin tightened and every last drop of blood he had pooled between his thighs.  Pulling back, he ran his fingers through her hair.  “It doesn’t have to be any other way but one.”

Stepping back, Miranda ran her fingers through her hair.  Turning her nose up, she spun around on her heels and continued walking.

Jet shrugged and walked with her.  The remainder of the walk home was just as quiet.  He wondered if she was just as horny as he was or if it’d take a drink or two to loosen her nerves.

On second thought, they both could use a drink.  He needed her to talk.  X Corporation would want answers and he would be required to provide them.  It didn’t matter where he went in the world, they would find him and eradicate him.  Unless she had the right answers to help him bring down X Corporation.

Like he gave a flying fuck.

They were people.  Prey, at this point.  Right?

If that was the case, why was he so interested in Miranda’s strong dislike of vampires?

They arrived at his dingy apartment. The front door had been removed since earlier this morning.  Goddamn thugs.

Upon looking at the old brick building with heavy bars on the windows, Miranda whistled.  “Nice digs.”  Her biting tone clearly mocked him.  “You must not be all that great of an assassin.”

“I choose to live discreetly, that’s all.  Where are you living, missy?”

“The name’s Miranda, first off.  Second, where I live is none of your business.”  She punctuated each word with a poke in his chest.

“Well, Miranda.  It doesn’t matter where either of us live.  We’re here for one purpose, right?”

Drawing in a deep breath, Miranda let it out slowly.  “I guess.  I’ve just always hated the Mission district.”

Studying her soft features, Jet noticed just how light skinned Miranda was.  “You should have fit in fine with your skin color.”

Miranda sighed.  “What white folks don’t get is that amongst the blacks, we are discriminated against too.”

“I never knew.  It doesn’t matter anyway.  As a vampire, you have only one loyalty.”

Dryly, she answered.  “To myself.”

Jet nodded.  Reaching into his coat pocket, he retrieved a set of keys.  Stepping past the doorway, he led Miranda down the grimy hall with its faded yellow walls.  Cracked paint and torn wallpaper hung loosely.  Baseboards were missing.  Walls had large holes in them.

Miranda clucked her tongue.

Jet stopped abruptly.  “What?”


“You got a better place we can do this?”

“Well, what happened to spontaneity?  You know, just us, callous and cold.  On the street, fucking like dogs.  It did look that way earlier with you straddling me.”

“I didn’t see you mind or protest much.  Now come on,” he snapped.

Miranda followed him down the hallway until they reached a set of metal doors.

Pushing his way past the doors, they came to a set of stairs.

“We could have just run up them, you know.”

“Yeah, I could have.  You’d have tripped, missy.”

Miranda reached out and grabbed his shoulder.  The full weight of her fist landed against him but he didn’t flinch.  “I’ll pretend to be hurt.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“And I want to fuck yours.  What’s your point?”

“Are we there yet?”

“Just around the corner,” he pointed.

They came to another hallway, this one was painted in deep, faded shades of purple.  A torn carpet covered shoddy wood floors.  “Right there,” he directed her to the first door on their left.  “This is temporary.”

“Are they after you too?”

“They who?”  Jet pushed the door open.  Watching Miranda walk past him, he looked at her tight, round ass.  Licking his lips, he smiled.

“Whoever sent you to kill me.  They must know I’m alive still.”

“They do, but I’ve convinced them otherwise for the time being.”

“Oh?”  She spun around to face him.  Wetting her lips, she stepped towards him.

Taking her hands in his, he noted how delicate, yet strong she was compared to the way he’d held her the first time when he bit her.  It was odd that she was soft and had retained most of her human features.

“You,” he let out a breath, “are amazingly sexy.”

Pushing her into the apartment, Jet kicked the door shut.  It slammed, stirring dust.

“And you are an impatient pervert.”

“So what.”  Jet captured her mouth with his, pulled her to him.  She still smelled human, still tasted beautiful. Her velvety lips hadn’t dried out at all.  Was this what a newly made vampire felt like?  He couldn’t remember.  His own soul felt like it had been lost centuries ago.

It had been quite some time since he could consider himself a newly made vampire.

It didn’t matter.  Miranda was flush against his body, her legs wrapping around his strong hips.  Her softness brushed against his cock and he let out a moan.  Biting down on her neck, she pulled away.


“Not again.”

“It can’t hurt you, this time.”  He grinned devilishly.

Twirling a finger down his chest, she looked him in the eyes, her lips parted slightly.  “Bullshit.  Let me bite you first.”  Her fingernail trailed over the shirt he wore.

Reaching to grasp her hand in his, Jet tilted his head to the side.

“You’re serious?”


Miranda licked her plump lips again.  Moisture glistened off her lips from the dull lighting.  Standing on tiptoes, she put her hand behind his head and pulled him to her.  Her fangs lengthened and she sunk down into his flesh.

Jet wrapped his arms around her frame, his breathing picking up.  His lungs filled with air, with her sweet scent.  His mind became clouded, his vision blurred.  Ecstasy filled his body, sending the little bit of blood he had left south.  Another moment longer and he’d be hers.

That couldn’t happen.

Still, his cock ached to fill her.  His heart screamed but he wouldn’t hear it.  Of course, his mind practically threatened with insanity if he stopped what they were doing.

A hand grabbed his ass, squeezing both cheeks.

“Miranda,” he whispered.

Chapter 3

Jet’s body blanketed hers on the rickety old bed.  Just the tiniest bit of movement made the joints creak painfully.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered against her skin.  Sliding down the length of her body, he slid off her boots and tossed them aside.  Her feet were tender, yet rough.  Inching his hands up her thighs, he felt powerful muscles constrict and release beneath his skilled fingers.

“Relax.”  His hand found the zipper and slid it slowly down.

Miranda gasped.

Pulling her jeans down inch by painful inch, her arousal hit him.  Wafting towards his ever sensitive nose made him grow harder with desire.

He dipped his head to her bare belly.  She still had a little fat that he found adorable.  Odd, that.  Hit men didn’t find things adorable.

Swirling his tongue around in circles, he licked her flesh.

Miranda squirmed.  Her hands balled into loose fists.

“When is the last time you had intimate human contact, my dear?”  His voice was low, dropping a pitch at the end of his question.

“It’s been awhile.  None have taken their time quite like you.”

“I have,” he pressed his lips lower over her belly, kissing his way towards the top of her curls.  “All the time in the world.”

“Apparently, so do I.”

Pulling her pants down her legs, he bunched them around her knees.  Spreading her legs as far apart as he could, he cupped her searing heat with the palm of his hand.  “You’re unlike any other vampire I’ve ever touched.  Why?”

Looking into his eyes, Miranda frowned.  “I am not that amaz—“

He flicked his tongue over her clit.

She squirmed, balling her fists tighter.

“That’s it,” he muttered against her pussy.  She was heat incarnate.  She couldn’t be undead.  Something had to have gone wrong.

It didn’t matter.  He had a woman with a beautiful pussy beneath him and he intended to enjoy her.

Full, moist lips parted at the touch of his fingers.  Sliding two long fingers inside of her, she jerked, arching her body towards him.

Bearing his full mouth over her pussy, he covered her entirely.

Her breath caught in her throat and she gasped, shoving her hands to his head.

Laving her pussy, his tongue swathed her outer lips, inner lips and finally slid inside the wet, pungent hole.

Crying, “Oh god damnit Jet…”

“Yes, we are,” he murmured slowly.

His words vibrated throughout her body, setting her nerves on fire.  She broke out in a visible sweat.

Jet licked his way out of her and reached her belly again.

Her hands shoved him down towards her sex.

He laughed.  “Impatient to come, Miranda?”

“What part of I haven’t had sex in over a year or more didn’t you understand.  Finish me!”

Jet smiled, baring his teeth again.

“No, not down there—oh goddess!”  Miranda writhed, her hands gripping the sides of his head and forcing him down against her hot pussy.  She came hard and fast.

Licking and sucking all of her juices, Jet slurped.

Miranda lifted her head, smirking.

“What?  I love a woman’s cunt,” he proclaimed.

“I hate that word.”

“Fine.  I’m still going to fuck you now.”  Without another word, Jet slid his hard body over her softness.  Sealing his lips over hers, he heard her clamor protests even as her hands reached for his shirt.

Her smooth hands ran over his strong shoulders, stripping away his shirt from him.  She reached for the zipper of his jeans and lowered it quickly.  Panting, her chest rising beneath his, she moved her head to the side for him to lick.

Latching onto the precious skin of her neck, Jet licked and sucked hard.

Her body writhed beneath his.  Her hands raced up his spine and her fingers got caught in the curls of his hair.  Tugging his head to her neck, she arched her hips into his.

Jet took the hint.  “God you’re demanding.”

“Just fuck me,” she commanded, shoving his pants past his hips.  Strong fingers found his shaft and gripped him tightly.

“You know what you like, don’t you?”

“Yes.  Your dick.  I wasn’t like this as a human.  It’s your fault.  Now shut up and fuck me!”

Jet didn’t hesitate.  Taking himself in hand with one powerful thrust, he was completely inside her.  Heat seared him, threatened to consume him.  Her canal was slick, wet, her folds engulfed him like flames begging for more air.  The spark between them was instant.

And scary.

Still, one thrust became another.  Mingled with her cries, Jet grunted and groaned aloud.  She was tight, hot.  Her hands roaming over his back became nails digging into his skin, hard enough to leave scratches.

Funny how vampires heal in moments compared to humans.

Rolling her hips beneath him, her cries let him hit just the right spot

A hand reached for her shoulder, another cupped her ass.  Thrusting, slamming hard into her, his balls slapped against her body, felt so good.  So natural.  No other woman, alive or undead felt this way.

It really did scare him enough to distract him after she had come a second time.

His rhythm slowed.  His strokes became longer and softer.

“What’s the matter big boy?  Can’t handle this?”

“You little shit.”

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