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I figured I should actually try a little harder to cater to my audience, and since it’s mostly women, I figured we’d talk about alpha heroes.  Mine in particular LOL!

I’ve talked a lot lately about Derrick, my puma shifter from Burning for Derrick, and alluded to Max, his shorter haired brother.  Both men get the job done, using different methods of course.  Derrick isn’t so much an alpha though, he’d rather be at home with Sonja relaxing, smoking cigars, reading or…*wink*

And Max’s story isn’t written yet.  I’ll start plotting that out August 1st!

For now I want to focus on another alpha.  Marco from Wolf Magic is a reluctant Alpha. Well, in the story he isn’t leader of his pack yet, nor is he even an alpha male.  He’s more or less a lost 20 something young pup with a great body, a high sex drive and a penchant for causing trouble wherever he goes.  The Prophecy of his pack states that he clearly will be a leader someday soon and even as the current Alpha starts to lose his mind, Marco is uncertain and therefore, acts out rebelliously.

Being Alpha of the Legendary pack that was created by the Hungarian Fertility Goddess bears a lot of responsibility.  Marco isn’t so sure he can handle it and when he’s sent away, the only thing he can fathom is betrayal.

Paranormal Erotic Romance featuring hot werewolves, a sexy witch and more!That is until Selene, the former pack witch, picks him up.  Their chemistry is obvious from the start as the older woman sees such a specimen of man. Her only desire to start with is just to bed him.  Just because she’s twenty years older doesn’t mean her sex drive is gone!

Btw, Wolf Magic is going into my paranormal print collection very soon . I’m putting the last touches on the collection this week to ship off to the publisher for DragonCON release.  I can’t wait to share all of my paranormal yummies with you!

Wolf Magic is currently available from Amazon.  Click here to buy.

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