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Most of my readers know me for being a sensual BDSM erotic romance author but I’ve dabbled in paranormal romance for the longest time.  In fact, since the e-book industry started nearly twelve years ago I’ve had a hand in some paranormal romance story or another, once I figured out a few keys to writing successfully.

Interracial Vampire Erotica by Sascha Illyvich

My first vampire story for example, I didn’t have much background on but I had seen just enough movies to really get the hang of what I could do with vampires.  Dark Traders was my first release from Sizzler Editions and is actually also an interracial romance.  It’s not well known because I didn’t focus too much on black/white or what have you, but rather described my characters with sensuality and flow that others might recognize.

Dark Traders – A novel of Dark, Forbidden Love!  Can Miranda and Jet settle their differences in order to stop X Corp from ruining the lives of millions of Americans?   I don’t think a more timely novel could have been written since we were in the height of the real estate bubble at the time and the stock market was doing its thing too!

“You will board a plane tomorrow and speak with a Mrs. Connie Maxwell about their books, Miss Raven.”  The portly old man handed Miranda a manila envelope.

Reaching across the desk, Miranda took the envelope and opened it.  Nodding, she thumbed through the pages of documentation until she came to a stop.  “Mr. Musgrave, you want me to what?”

“Investigate their accounting practices, Miss Raven.”

“But I’ve only been with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a short while.  Are you sure you want me going in there?”

The old man folded his wrinkled hands together.  “We are, Miss Raven.”

His monotone voice was beginning to bug her.

“But aren’t there lower levels that should begin the investigation?  What about–?”

The tall, burly man held up a hand.  “We realize that this is a little out of the ordinary Miss Raven, but to be frank, this corporation’s activities could bankrupt this company if they aren’t kept in line with the remained 2,000 plus companies traded daily.”

Whistling, Miranda’s eyebrows rose.  “What makes X Corporation so dangerous?”  Her interest was peaked.

“It seems that X Corporation is playing by different rules than the rest of the companies listed on the NYSE.”

“Meaning?”  Click here for further excerpt


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