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A little back story:  Three weeks ago, almost to the day, I worked an event as a bar back for Cobb Energy Center.  I busted my ass.  Came back next day.  Did bar tending.  Set up, tear down, all the lifting, in a less than in shape 41 year old body with great aerobic capacity but a weak core and muscles, outside of my legs.

Wake up that Sunday whimpering in pain.

Spend three weeks in excruciating pain where I drank booze, amaro (which is alcohol but not for the booze sake) took tons of pain pills, basically self medicated, didn’t eat, writhed in pain, couldn’t think, function or move, outside of forcing myself to head to the Kop for that part time permanent job.

Today?  Finally…now, the post.


Riding Myst intro…

Catching up on some other client work today since I finally feel fine for the most part. The re-introduction of home cooked food has helped, unfortunately my body is revolting against the Chinese veggies, aklagizer and Himalayan sea salt drink.

It only took me three weeks to get over this pain. It took some tough love from…well, She knows. And some help from my other, because I was at one point literally whimpering on the floor with the AC off because I didn’t realize just how bad I’d wrenched my back.

Oh well. Saturday night was the first time I felt like I’d been able to do my job without a hitch. Making drinks isn’t the problem. Hell, kitchen and serving, despite my learning curve aren’t difficult. But since I never had retail experience growing up, some things that should be common sense to me, aren’t.

Then there’s the POS. That’s what I’ve struggled with because only one other person has it down and she left to get more hours at her other job. My GMs are learning too but it’s frustrating, dealing with a learning curve on top of everything at once.

So I slow down to speed up. Something I’m learning with this job that I’ve been learning in trading: Give yourself time to be right. We trade strategies 45 days out and if the stock moves against us after we place the trade, we have time to either adjust or cover. Better to adjust, but possibly better to let probabilities play out and give ourselves time to be right. With this job? I’ve been hard on myself with the learning curve.

So, I’m going to do everything in my power to give myself time to be right.

If you’re in Buckhead, I’d stop by for a drink after 5 when I’m there at The KOP Lounge. Maybe catch Atlanta United, or Liverpool Football Club games!

I’m going to see Fit for an Autopsy with Rivers of Nihil at end of Oct. No pit for me!

I took off trades for profits Friday, need to put more on today but it’s almost time for Market Bell so….have to wait until tomorrow when I can spend proper time.

Oh and something I haven’t mentioned to anyone BUT my Loved Ones is that I’ve figured out a plot issue with Riding Myst in the second Undead MC book. Having to do with the MC and their initial decision to get caught up in the mess involving finding Myst gave me a chance to throw down some tension.

And I intend to get back to plotting what’s going to be called Riding Rayne – the third Undead Souls MC book.  After some reading, I might take another stab at fixing the BDSM scene for #OwnHerHeart. 

I’ve missed this reality. My new one has perks, such as being able to finally clear my bills and start putting funds away.  Saving for my goals list, moving, upgrading my life.

My hope is that you’re doing what you love, or working toward it. Bar tending is great, but it’s a means to an end because I am a writer and (new) trader – those are my passions. Talking about spirits is too, and I’m glad I seized the opportunity.

Do not deny your nature.

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