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2013-05-24 17.07.57It’s about time I got back to reading.  After what I’m going to propose in a later post about writing, I realized I’ll need to read a LOT more in the coming weeks in order to fill the mind and restore the creative juices so I can get the words flowing.

I’m about  halfway through Lover Reborn by JR Ward and without wasting space on a review, you already know I love it.  Good ol’ Black Dagger Brotherhood goodness, true.  No frontin with this story though I’d like to know where she’s going with Xcor and his band of bastards, aside from the obvious.  The best part about this book for me is the head hopping.  Yes, I’ve stated before I HATE it even though she’s interwoven the stories pretty tightly, but in this book it’s done pretty seamlessly.  I don’t feel like she’s cut parts out then brought them back in later, ya know?

This is Tohrment’s book and I have to be honest.  I really have trouble picturing No’One as a beautiful woman, because Ward’s words in earlier stories make her seem..fragile and frail.  Then she’s possibly paired with a Brother, and Tohr at that?

Like I said, only about half way through the book, between edits, my own work, etc I should finish it by end of the week.  And yeah, I was told I needed to get Qhuinn and Blay’s story so fuck…fine LOL!

Oh the pic is probably from when I was reading at Ohlone Cigar Lounge this past Sunday.  Oh and that’s the J. Fuego Triple Siete ZERO I smoked while reading.  What would you expect from your favorite bad boy?

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