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eroticdream2834841.jpgHey Readers,

I wanted to share my latest update.  Separated Self is off with my fantastic beta reader, but I’ve finally put Endangered in the shape I want it in to submit to bigger houses.  Aiming for a few really high quality houses, so hopefully my synopsis is tight, characters compelling and storyline intriguing enough that I’ll have a bidding war!

Suppose we could start off some of the fun with character profiles, so very soon I’ll start doing basic interviews with the characters maybe?

Share some sexy excerpts perhaps?

A little history?

That I can do now.  About ten years ago I’d been contacted by a lovely author friend who said she was opening her own publishing house . At the time, the rate of new house failures wasn’t so high due to the fact that only a handful of E-houses existed AND e-books hadn’t really come into their own as a solid medium to read.  Vampires were just picking up, Underworld the movie had just come out and she’d asked me for a bdsm, femdomme paranormal romance.  I could make the heat level as hot as I wanted, do pretty much what I wanted and submit the story.

A novel was born. Book One of the Nights of Lust series.  I’d created a damaged hero, a Savior queen and her lover with interesting pasts, wrote and edited the book in about three months, topping it at around 85k.

Marie accepted the submission and we got the ball rolling.  Cover art came out, but e-book sales were still low and eventually Venus Press faded, folded and died.  I hear the other owner died from an accident with an assault rifle. Seems her AK fell on her foot, broke it, but fired off a bullet that ricocheted off the washing machine, turning it on while knocking over the detergent.  Well with the broken foot, said gun owner couldn’t get out, and eventually drowned, reverting all our rights back to us LOL!

Or that’s what I heard anyway.

At any rate, I subbed the first novel to one large house back in 2009, and it had ONLY been rejected because it was a reprint and they wanted new material from me. So, you folks will eventually get Stalker once Marisa sells it!

In the meantime, a new novel in the Nights of Lust series, ENDANGERED, has arisen out of the smoke and flames, ready for submission to bigger venues!  I’m looking forward to bringing you this tale of lust, love and redemption!


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