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The only few posts that I wrote last year were obviously open AI created. Especially since I mentioned using ChatGPT. You also notice the NEW WEBSITE DESIGN! It fits, don’t you think? Wolves, Tarot, Magic?  Witches?

But the biggest news for this year so far is that I got married.

That’s right back in November of 2023 I married the woman of my dreams!

Em Petrova with the luckiest wolf in the universe

More on how that actually happened in another blog post.

Last year was definitely a very tough year for me in terms of having to work that night shift job and not be able to get any kind of sleep for the better part of seven months and then some. Y’all know I got some novel stuff done but nothing really made headway until about August or so maybe even September when things were came to a head. I had been in full swing with the CVS job at night and steadily picking up more hours because I needed the money, but that depleted my mental capacity to create

In fact, my wife doesn’t think I slept at all the entire time I worked for CVS. Attempting to sleep. From 1 PM to 9 PM, feed myself, and shuffle off to work?   Considering how vividly I dream and how much I remember almost all of my dreams, I don’t remember having two dreams in the time I worked at CVS. And only now do I remember one of them because it was the most obvious.

But we since closed the door on that chapter when my wife’s concern about my mental state because of CVS, so she finally convinced me on December 7 to quit. I had planned to quit After Christmas because I wanted the capital, but the universe has a funny way of making things work out in your favor.

It wasn’t CVS that did it. It was night shift. I didn’t have breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I ate first, second and last meals because I never knew what time was what unless my boss had answered “what the frequency was.”

Protecting the Siren – A Fated Mates Rockstar Romance

My wife and I were married the day after Thanksgiving. I had started the second job and was still in training but took an hour off.  We got married in my apartment via Fucking Zoom!  It turns out that Utah has very relaxed laws on how a person can become legally married so there is now a Mr. and Mrs. Illyvich.

You might recognize her. I married, USA Today best  Selling author of cowboy romances, Em Petrova.

I’m taking my cat and moving in with her at the end of this month.

The biggest pisser has been trying to get rid of as much as possible, only to throw it out or leave it behind. Because the move is literally in less than eight days!

And we’ve been talking writing for both of us. She and I have huge plans I can’t wait to share, once I’m all settled in with Ember kitty.

Wolves of the Fae Court on deck.  Details next post.

Have ya’ll seen the new cover for Protecting the Siren yet? The book hasn’t changed, but I think marketing is pulling me in a different direction. Tell me what ya’ll think.

Oh, one more huge thing too.  I’m migrating my newsletter from Mailchimp to another service that’ll suit me better.

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