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The stories that launched Sascha Illyvich’s career as a master of BDSM erotic romance. Follow the adventures of Miss Kitty and her submissive, Trent, through humiliation, punishment, training and on straight through to ecstasy. This powerful collection, available for the first time in a decade, includes such Kitty and Trent tales as So Help Me, Mistress!, Sex Swing, School Marm, Trust, A Sensual Seduction, Playtime, Spanking Trent, Just Who’s in Control, Anyway?, and more than a dozen other contemporary classics. “A Powerful Look at Female Domination!” That’s how Sensual Reviews describes the work of Sascha Illyvich


Kitty Forrester whipped the last bit of defiance from her slave. He’d broken, started crying and begging her for forgiveness, which was good because she felt drained. Cheap, even. Her slave had taken forever to break and Kitty began thinking that the Scene had nothing left to give her. She’d bet anything that Marcus, her slave, felt the same.
“Well, are you finally ready to move on?” she asked.
Marcus, a tall man with strong features, shaved head and a well built body stood up. He looked down at the ground and sighed.
Kitty reached out to touch him, but he shuddered and stepped back.
“I think I’ve had enough, Mistress.”
That was his safe phrase. Kitty nodded. Marcus turned around, picked up his trousers and shirt and threw them on. He walked out the door, hanging his head. Kitty knew she’d probably never see him again. Was it a real loss?
Yes. He’d been her ride to the club and she was the last reservation for the night.
“You’d really be better off if you learned how to treat them, Kitty.” Alexis told her over the phone an hour later. Kitty sat slumped in her favorite chair, phone cord tangled around her fingers.
“I told you, that’s not my style. I value life, all of it.”
“Men are dogs, Kitty.”
“Not all of them. The ones that have no interest in what I can give them—“
“Are not aware of their inner submissive tendencies.”
Kitty sighed. “I am in control of my life, Alexis. Let it be.”
“I don’t think you are, anymore. I think you should come see me for a healthy month of training, my dear.”
“I’ll pass, Alexis.”
“You’re missing out on a wonderful month,” she said seductively.
Kitty sighed, bid Mistress Alexis good night and tried hard to go to sleep. It had been a long week. Three new submissives to break in, a new Domme to train and then life itself had to interrupt by way of a home burglary. Luckily, nothing was lost, though it was an annoyance to repair windows with what little cash she had on hand.
All Kitty wanted from her friend was a reminder that the lifestyle was still something she could enjoy. She should have known better than to call Alexis for that sort of reinforcement.

* * *
Monday morning, Kitty woke up, dressed and drove off to work. Her day had barely begun when her car stalled in the middle of the interstate. After thirty minutes, a tow truck had pulled her to work and given a basic diagnosis of what was wrong with her car. Great, more money to be spent after spending a small fortune on a taxi.
Her boss’s refusal to hear her reason for her tardiness almost sent her over the edge, but Kitty bit her tongue. She knew better.
Besides, he was a top who wouldn’t listen to anyone below him. In the grand scheme of things, men like him were better suited to becoming furniture or pony boys. Reality dictated different.
Outside, raindrops began to splatter on the windows. Great, rain. What the hell else could go wrong, she thought.
Don came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist and she spun free.
“You know you want me,” he said.
“You’re a fool. What do you want, Don?”
“Lunch with you?”
She sighed. “Sure, I could use the company, but if you touch me again, you’ll be eating your hand through a straw, understood?”
Don put his hands up in defense and took a step back. “You’re the boss.”
“I like that phrase.”
“Care to. . .” Her cold glance stopped him from finishing his sentence.
After a quick lunch, the bill came. Don reached for his wallet and his expression changed. Kitty frowned.
“Damnit, it seems I’ve left my wallet at the office. Kitty could I ask a favor?” His face was red with embarrassment.
She hoped that he wouldn’t pull this stunt today. It just wasn’t a good day.
“Sure. Don’t worry about it, Don. It’s a Friday, right?”
“Yeah. I honestly didn’t mean to do this today, Kitty. I had good intentions of. . . well Fridays aren’t ever good days anyway.”
“Naturally,” she sighed.
“I’m really sorry,” he said.
Kitty pulled out her credit card, paid the bill and walked outside. She reached into her purse, pulled out a cigarette and started to light up. Just as the flame touched the tip of her cigarette, a car raced past her, and soaked her as water splashed over her.
She stood there in her dress clothes, cigarette still in hand and sat down on the curb. She had the urge to cry, but she wouldn’t. Not now. There wasn’t anything that would pull her out of her fowl mood.
Don came out of the restaurant, offered her a towel and drove her back to the office.
“Would you like me to drop you off at home so you could change?”
“Forget it Don. I don’t have time for your games today.” Don was always after Kitty. He liked his women a little bigger, fuller. Said they were more beautiful when they had curves. Kitty certainly had curves. But she had no attraction to Don.
“No, I’m not trying that trick today, Kitty. I’m just offering a ride home to change.”
“Fine. Thanks.”
Kitty pulled out a brush from her purse, brushed her hair and put the brush down on her lap. The wooden handle had been worn down along with the backside of the brush. It’d been broken a few times on various submissives. Don knew which ones had been lucky enough to receive her punishments. He always prayed that she’d take him to bed and to her dungeon.
Kitty never mixed business with pleasure. He wasn’t even supposed to know about her kinky side, except that they’d seen each other at the same singles club many years ago and he’d recognized her from work.
And he’d lusted after her from the first moment he spotted her. At first, Kitty had her hopes up for Don, but he turned out just like all the other wannabes. His interest had been empty at the time. Kitty watched him work a crowd of females into a frenzy of some sort. She couldn’t tell from where she stood whether it was passion or anger. Probably a bit of both. Don had a tendency to be somewhat misogynistic at times.
The poor fool.
“Kitty, are you listening to me?” a voice rang out. “Earth to Kitty.”
“What? Oh,” she opened her eyes. “I’m sorry Don, what were you saying?”
“I asked if you wanted to come out to the bar tonight with a few of us and just kick up your heels. Nothing special. I promise. And I’ll even buy you a drink.”
“How noble.”
“C’mon Kitty, it’s Friday. Just one drink.”
Again she sighed. “Fine. Just one drink.”
* * *
Two drinks into the night and Kitty already had two men begging for her phone number. Neither man was worth it, but they’d behaved themselves well enough. Maybe she’d get their numbers and call one of them. Maybe.
Jake looked promising. Tall, slender, blonde, and attentive to her needs. He’d refilled her water, brought back a bourbon and coke for her, even paid for her drink without asking or being told.
Don was right. Tonight had made her feel a little better. He sat across the table from Kitty, lit cigarette in his mouth. “You gonna take one of them home?” he asked.
“Nope. What business is it of yours, anyway?”
“None. Just curious, Kitty. They’re college students.”
“Tonight their babes. I feel twice as old as I am.”
“You still look great, doll. Hell, if college students are hitting on you, then something must be going right.”
“Yeah, I suppose.”
“Can you handle them if I change my mind about going home with either of them?”
“Yeah. But you haven’t committed to either one, so what’s the big deal?”
At that moment, Diego, a dark skinned Latino, appeared. “Can I get you anything, miss Kitty?” he’d asked in his thick Puerto Rican accent.
Miss Kitty. . .what a nice ring it had. “No. On second thought, bring back another bourbon and coke. Where’s Jake?”
“He’s, uh. Well, he’s. . .”
“Out with it, boy.”
“Out back throwing up. I’m really sorry ma’am,” his accent was cute. And he was sober. It was almost decided in her head who she was going home with.
“Tell you what, Diego. Sit here with my friend for a few moments. I’ll be right back. Lady things.”
Kitty stood up and offered Diego her seat. The little frat boy sat down next to Don, who almost looked intimidating if it weren’t Don. He’d take care of Diego for her.
She picked up her purse and headed towards the ladies room. She walked in, turned the water on and washed her face off. Kitty stared into the mirror, looking for something. She hadn’t been with a real man in ages, and none of the partners she’d played with had been worth her time as submissive men, either. They were too young, too new, inhibited or afraid.
After her failure with Marcus, Kitty truly felt alone. Dallas had it’s share of BDSM clubs, but after reaching a certain age, the scenes start to mimic each other and the thrill disappears. Kitty longed for that thrill and felt certain about what was missing from her life.
Of course, with Don walking towards the men’s room with Diego on his arm, she wasn’t going to get it tonight.
This wasn’t a singles bar, either. Except that a single man sat at the end of the bar, mulling over a drink. He caught a glimpse of Kitty staring at him and turned his head just enough to peak her interest.
She took the bait. What did she have to lose? Diego and Jake obviously weren’t the type she needed to go home with.
Kitty sauntered up to the bar and took her seat next to him. She moved loose strands of hair away from her face and looked at the bartender. “Another bourbon and coke,” she said.
“Let me get that,” the stranger said. He was taller than she, built from the looks of his suit. He had a five o’clock shadow, strong jaw, a very kissable mouth. The gleam in his eyes wasn’t a reflection from the crappy bar lighting. He was undressing her with his eyes!
Kitty blushed. “Thank you. Sure.”
“What’s a woman like you doing here?”
“What do you mean?” The bartender came back with her drink. She picked it up, sipped it and let the cool liquid slide down her throat. The stranger’s eyes never left her. In fact, she felt his glance burn throughout her like the bourbon had. Very sexy indeed.
“It’s a singles bar. Is your husband an asshole?”
Kitty sighed.
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
“No, it’s not that. I’m single, silly.”
“I see. My name is Trent.” He took her hand from her drink and kissed it.
Her skin burned from his tender touch. The dominant in her wanted to see if he was testing her. The sensible non scene woman wanted to get laid.
“That’s a pretty name. It reminds me of sweet and sinful, all at once.”
“If my mother only knew. . .” Kitty turned her head away.
“Would you like to leave the bar and go somewhere a little quieter, Kitty?”
Now is my chance! “Yes. I know a quiet little place away from here that’d be perfect for us.”
“Okay. Great.” Trent waited for her to stand, dropped some change on the bar and walked behind her. The poor boy didn’t know what she’d had in mind for him tonight, but by the look on his face, it wouldn’t matter.
He was interested.
She walked out to her car with him still following. He reached an arm out, grabbed the handle of her door and opened it for her. It was like a Domme’s wet dream come to life, or perhaps she was reading into it more than she should.
Trent sat beside her, said very little and kept his eyes forward. Trent was odd, and Kitty couldn’t figure him out like she could every other man she’d picked up in a bar. It wouldn’t matter soon, she’d have him writhing on her bed, screaming for his release after begging for hers. Certainly, he could stand a few light swats across the ass.
And a few swats with her flogger. And to have his face between her legs. . .the thought made her wet and she realized that she didn’t have panties on as she adjusted herself in her seat. Her scent had traveled up to her nose.
Kitty flicked on the air conditioning, but it only made it hotter in her car, since it was out of anti freeze.
“I’ll cut to the chase,” Trent broke the silence. “I want you tonight, Kitty.”
Kitty’s heart skipped a beat. His voice rang through her ears and resounded throughout her body.
“Come again?”
Trent said nothing, but cupped her chin in his hand and turned it towards him. He pressed his lips to hers, gently at first and then more forcefully as their kiss deepened. Sparks went off inside her head while Kitty savored the flavor of his lips. She slid her tongue inside his mouth, taking control of the seduction. Trent molded his lips to hers; let his hands squeeze her shoulders only to have her press her full mounds to his chest. Her nipples hardened beneath his heated touch. Her core was liquid now, as she wondered if this stranger would go along with her kinky fantasies.
“Come home with me,” she said in a husky voice.
* * *
Thirty minutes later, Trent lay naked atop her bed, bound with silk scarves. His own anxieties had been masked by his arousal and Kitty’s seduction. She had coaxed him free of his clothes while she remained dressed. The thought of being naked before a sexy, clothed woman was enough of a turn on. One of his fantasies, in fact. The bondage thing was different, and he was afraid, just a little. She was a stranger, after all.
Kitty came sauntering into the room, glancing down at Trent’s body. His cock was large, thick and full for her. She felt the thrill of seduction coarse through her veins and the smile across her face was hard to conceal as she played her role of Mistress.
“What do you want?”
Her breath fell on his ear and his cock strained upwards.
“Tell me, what do you want?” she whispered again.
Trent said nothing. He sighed and strained his arms against his bonds, but Kitty had him bound pretty well. He was surprised, but silent.
“Close your eyes,” she said. Kitty produced a feather from behind her and ran it over Trent’s stomach. He tried not to laugh, but he was ticklish. The feather grazed over his chest, his face, back down his torso and finally, over his cock. Kitty seemed pleased with his body’s reaction as his cock pulsed for her.
He was a magnificent creature. Would he submit to her? Just for tonight, would he be that hungry for her? The look on his face, even with his eyes closed said yes. Every muscle in Trent’s body was tight with anticipation, the same feeling Kitty had when she was first bound, tied and teased, and a glance at his cock made her smile.
She reached down for his cock, gave him a stroke and listened to him breathe. She slapped his thigh to break his concentration and his eyes shot open.
“Shh,” she said. Kitty did something out of role for a test. She freed one of his hands, lowered her lips over his and kissed him. He was reticent at first, but went willingly as she stroked his cock with one hand. It was like his body was giving in, but his mind resisted.
“Savor,” she said when she pulled away from the kiss.
Trent nodded, eyes still closed.
“Your mind won’t let you see that you want me because you’re bound.” She said in a calm voice, “but what do you want?”
Now it was Trent’s time to speak. He was sure she wouldn’t hurt him, but the slap on his thigh made him question her. His cock ached to be inside her, his hands needed to be all over her body. His needs drove him to thrust his hips upwards towards her hands, but she kept them just out of reach of his cock. Trent began to sweat; he licked his lips and parted them to speak, but nothing came out. His body was in shock.
“Tell me, what do you want?” she said, this time her voice was strained and dispassionate. Kitty took his cock in her hand gently, stroked him slowly just a few times before waiting for his response.
Still silent, his erection throbbed in her hand. His body was comfortable, but his mind felt trapped, constrained. What was wrong with him?
“Your mind won’t let you see that you want me,” she whispered. Kitty stood and released his cock. The warmth from his body had gone, but his arousal still remained. Trent had no idea what was wrong with him, other than the fact that he wanted badly to fuck this woman, to release everything to her and keep his hands on her curves.
“Watch me,” she said.
Kitty walked over to the stereo, turned it on and music came from the speakers. She started to sway her hips, sensually. Trent’s eyes followed her hips. He watched her remove her top inch by inch, exposing cream colored flesh against the soft hues of candlelight. She caressed her breasts, taking one in each hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.
“You can’t touch me just yet,” she said.
“I want to.”
“You don’t get it. This is for me,” Kitty growled.
“You’re an insatiable woman.”
“And you’re a bad boy.” Kitty smiled, she had Trent where she wanted him until he flashed a cheeky grin.
Trent frowned.
“That’s my little devotee,” she said. Her movements continued until she’d slipped her hands over her hips. His gaze followed over her and he seemed to be devouring her every inch of bared flesh.
She stepped closer, leaned over him and let her hair fall over his skin before pressing her breasts to his. His chest was warm to her touch. She knew exactly what he was feeling because he was fire to her cool. “What do you want?”
Trent wasn’t able to resist much more. Even the failures that held him back mentally couldn’t stand the amount of desire rushing through his body for this woman. The voice insides his head kept telling him to speak up, tell her of his desires. Submit.
“Fuck me,” he said.
“That’s what I wanted to hear.” Kitty pulled off her skirt, revealing her naked figure. She picked up a foil packet, ripped it open and sheathed Trent’s engorged organ.
“Now, just follow my lead.”

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