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Hey Folks,

I’m sick today but ultimately this week I plan to start working on Max’s story.  Max’s background developed nicely actually while I was listening to Celldweller and on the way to San Francisco for the YNOT Summit.

Where Derrick left espionage, Max is still a spy.  I can almost guarantee that I’m pulling a ton of inspiration from Burn Notice, the hit series about a Burned Spy.  Only Max won’t be burned, but he and Michael Westen will share a lot of characteristics.  And problems.  Particularly with the love interest issue, only we’re going to ramp things up. Including the sexual tension.

I’ve been a big fan of the show since my significant other grabbed the DVD series form the Library.  So while most of Derrick’s story takes place in Miami, there’s a reason for it. But with Max, I’m going somewhere else with him.  Not sure where yet.  I may default back to Albuquerque, NM or I may try to send him to Hungary.

Are there mountain lions in the Hungarian plains?

Guess we’ll find out.

Max’s love interest however will be a challenge to come up with.  Not so much that she’s not already developed.  I know she’s also a spy, I know she will comfort Max’s most terrifying nightmares.  It should be interesting developing her further.

Regarding Derrick and Sonja’s untitled story, I’m about halfway finished with a first round of edits.  Suggestions for publishers?  *g*

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