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Two romantic Tales of Bondage, Dominance and submission are served up in this collection. In Forced Pleasure, we have the struggle between want and need as Francine looks to help her relieve Micah’s stresses in a most unusual way only to realize that her lover Nick has plans of his own to handle both of their hearts. In Sweet Submission, Gawith is happy with his new kinky, poly family but the one thing that dogs him is the mistake he made with the woman who captured his heart. Samantha is the perfect submissive, older, caring, loving and into the Lifestyle with just as much gusto as Gawith. But his mistake could cost him the one thing he needs in order to be complete. BDSM tales in their own right are romance stories, though not always told in the typical fashion or given the typical outcome. But to those who understand What It Is That We Do, there is a beauty never missed.

It took roughly three months to complete these two stories mostly due to all the other things I do. I started it back in November of 2010 with the idea of making one longer story for Francine but the really HOT sex scene at the end of that story not only cut it short but gave me the idea for a second character’s story, the guy who came in during the orgy scene.

I rather like when odd inspiration strikes like that in my work and makes my job easier. The true issue we had to deal with here wasn’t how to get a happily ever after for Francine, but how to get Micah to roll with it. WHen I started writing him, he was pretty laid back but tense. Intense really. Having a woman like Francine work for him makes his life more difficult because he’s attracted to a woman who is probably a good fifteen years older than he is, but holds a classic, timeless sex appeal. And she’s kinky to boot.

Gawith became interesting because he had the bravado a younger Micah might possess but he lacked the confidence Micah held. Even if that confidence was based on something other than solid love and steady commitment from a woman in his life and heart. Gawith’s differences start out on the outside with smoking American made English blends of pipe tobacco to Micah’s English English blends, but they go a little deeper. Francine helps tie them both together and she plays a big part in the second story too, so grab your copy to find out more!

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When working on a story like this, it’s important to not only observe craft and skill of writing but to utilize your beta readers. They provide feedback on story flow, character development and overall plot. I had a few readers who don’t read BDSM but were willing to read my brand of stories for me and give me feedback that I badly needed. Daisy Harris is so not a Scene person. But she is a writer that reads and her help allowed me to step out of the box I’ve written myself in and give me a different perspective so I could soften Micah at the right moments. Without her help, Micah was someone who came off as slightly unsympathetic to his ignorance of his needs.

Writers, keep your betas happy and around 😉

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