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Did you know I’ve been reading Tarot since around 2005? I started with the Spiral Tarot Deck as a gift from my ex and, of course, the infamous ten card Celtic Cross spread while using the book. Over the last almost 20 years, I’ve continued to read cards for myself, for loved ones and the occasional client while deepening my relationship with what some may consider Source or Divinity. If you’ve been following my Instagram account, you have seen me post images from one of many decks I use to either get a bead on my reality, or look for guidance from Oracle decks like Ganesha or The Moon.

Uh-oh. DId someone cause a problem and did it resolve with sexy times? LOL!

I can’t quite remember how I gained an interest in the Tarot. On my mother’s side, her mother used to read the cards for my mother, but she used a regular playing deck. I don’t know how much is truth, especially with sites like now providing more details about our DNA, but I liked to at least pretend there was Romany in her blood because that’s the images I had of her while growing up. It fascinates me to think I come by my intuition naturally, whether it’s true. For most cards in the Spiral Tarot, I no longer have to look them up. The Court Cards still throw me a little, but what I find intriguing about the cards is how they seem to change meaning over time.

I don’t mean iconic cards like Death—which—rarely means a literal death, anyway. Cards like the 5 of Wands show struggle. When I first pulled this card, and until several years ago, it held a negative connotation. Struggle. A fight was ahead. Tough times, perhaps. When I reoriented my focus on the cards with serious renewed interest and began looking at other sources of information, education, my bias was confirmed with a big BUT. The thing I may have missed with this card is that the struggle itself might not be so serious. It might be a waste of time. Dig deeper into the card’s meaning and look beyond the superficial. It might be a mock struggle. Because I have a tendency to throw numerology into the mix, the card seemed chaotic, but years of note taking showed a less serious meaning.

The Seven of Swords in this deck pictures a man running with swords in his hand, as though he stole his lot. Maybe he did. Maybe he has his secrets and has good reason.

The Ten of Wands in this deck shows a woman hunched down in front of a brick wall with ten wands that appear to weigh her down. When drawing this card, I used to think the burden was coming and it would be heavy. Truth had it that yes, a burden existed but another view, perhaps a wiser one, shows that yes, the burden is here and it’s at an end. The cycle (tens) has run its course.

Who is taking the piss here? Me because the 4 of Pentacles fell out and I’m stuck? Or me, because the damn card I pulled shows me possibly on the defensive?

Some years ago, a loved one bought a second deck and gifted it to me. You may have seen me post about the 78 Mythical Tarot – a unique deck where artists came up with their interpretations of each card and crafted a visual piece around that vision. Imagine my shock at the beauty of these cards for one! Second, I don’t know how many of these artists are tarot readers, but I know they offered me another view entirely of the cards I know so well.

Looking at other interpretations also gave me insight into the details I’d miss looking at the Spiral Tarot because my eyes aren’t trained to look at visuals. I’m a writer, not an artist. (I know. Sod off! Don’t @ me!) Take The Lovers. Yes, an iconic card, but never had I realized the woman was looking above the man while he stared at her. I didn’t miss the more obvious symbolism. A humorous shocker was when both my sister and I were heavier drinkers, Temperance would always come up. Now, outside of the obvious, we would laugh at ourselves and realize that yes, we needed to cut back on our alcohol consumption. As we’ve done that, the card comes up and maybe it’s age and wisdom, maybe it’s intuition? I don’t know. But the card begs me to look past the superficial (drink) and ask much better questions to cut to the heart of things.

I’m not aiming to make a business out of reading Tarot. It’s nice for the occasional bottle of wine money or cigar money, but I’m a romance author. There are plenty of legitimate skilled tarot readers around. If you want my expertise, hit me up and I’ll do my best to provide my vision of an answer to your dilemma. If you want to see my card pulls, follow me on Instagram. Understand that for me, tarot is like my spirituality- it’s mainly for me and my personal growth. I won’t lie, I’ve experimented with writing a series based around the Tarot. It’s a somewhat common theme in romance. Maybe that’ll be another project some day.

Have you picked up your copy of Paula’s Craving yet? Let me ask you, would you take it, if offered a second chance at true love?



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