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It seems these folks LOVE giving away books and prizes to lucky readers, and I just can’t stay away from the hop.  We’re celebrating Julie Kenner and her new release TODAY!

From 12/1-12/10 Random House readers can hop from blog to blog for a chance at these fabulous gifts:

Also, I’ll throw down a copy of A Christmas Favour, my contemporary erotic romance to some lucky commenter on THIS blog!  There will be a few posts related to this, so stick around the entire blog hop!

So we’re talking holiday releases and some fantastic reader reminded me that I write occasionally under the name Alexandria Rayne AND I had a holiday release from Total E-bound entitled “Her Shelter” about a poly family.

Reinhold, leader of a dying wolf pack seeks to strengthen his pack and make them great once again.  Yet, his overzealous work habits screw him because he lacks discipline to cut back and give himself a break.

Chrissy, Lynne and Theresa are three sisters, powerful witches who have a LOT to do with the hand of Fate while preventing true harm from coming to this Earth.  Except that they feel gilted by the Gods until they’re given a gift. Dominion over all wolves.

When the Goddess makes a prediction that Chrissy will fall hardest for Reinhold, she fights it, as doe he.  Submission isn’t in his nature, he’s a definite Alpha.  But can he learn to  switch and reap the benefits?

Her Shelter - a holiday themed Paranormal Romance story
Her Shelter – a holiday themed Paranormal Romance story


“Reinhold, baby. Wake up please?” The soft lilting sound of a female voice caused Reinhold to stir. Consciousness set in. He opened his eyes and saw Katiera standing before him, dressed in a floor length black dress with a red scarf tied around the waist. Her purple and blue hair had faded some in recent days, the tips blending into a white neither of them could explain. Her soft bedroom brown eyes stared at him, the look of sadness evident. Her cheeks and nose looked red, as though she’d been crying. Her upper lip trembled.
“What’s wrong, little lover?” He sat up, reaching for her. Touching her silken curls, he tugged her onto the bed beside him.
She slid next to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. “You’re going to be upset with me. That’s what’s wrong.” She frowned.
He grinned. “No baby. Never with you.”
She shook her head and sobbed into his shoulder.
“You can’t be serious. After what I went through, I’m so glad to see you.” His voice was a soft whisper. Squeezing hard, he pulled her into his embrace, stroking her long hair. She shifted her weight against his body and settled into the hug.
He heard another sniffle.
Pushing her back just a little, he looked into those beautiful eyes and grinned. “I’m so very glad to see you, Katiera. What could you possibly have done to upset me?”
She didn’t reply. Shaking her head no, she closed her eyes and tried to pull away, but he refused to let her.
He tilted his head. “Tell me, wolf kitten. What did you do?”
The door opened, startling them both.
“Hi!” A buxom blonde woman with fine hair that reached her very curvy hips walked through the door. Her skin looked soft and slightly tanned. Full red lips meant for kissing or sucking cock graced a face that was beauty and grace in one package. She wore a leather jacket, motorcycle boots that reached her knees and a black t-shirt that read, RULE NO. 1. I’m ALWAYS RIGHT. RULE NO. 2: See RULE NO. 1.

Power spilled off her in waves, the force of her presence was always intimidating to him until he remembered that he was merely dealing with another human. He snickered at the sight of his beloved owner. “What are you doing here, cutey?”
She frowned. “Taking your ass home, babe.”
Realisation hit him. He glared at Katiera. “You’re sending me away early, aren’t you?”
She nodded weakly. The pack hierarchy permitted that she be in charge when the Alpha was too sick to perform his duties and would remain in control until he was well again. But Reinhold was not sick. Not physically anyway.
“Your body was found bruised and battered as though you fought a large deer and lost. I found you and couldn’t stand the thought of you trying to get all this work done over the holiday season while trying to feed our pack and raise our cubs.”
He sighed. “But you’re overstepping your bounds.”
“Ahem,” Crissy coughed. “No, she’s not. She reports to her Alpha, who reports to his Owners. You’re getting sick Reinhold. I can hear it in your voice, feel it from Lynne. My sister is not in a position to get sick right now with all she has going on so I’m picking up the slack. And Katiera should not be punished when you return.”
He sighed. “I’d never punish Katiera.”
Katiera nodded timidly. “Promise?”
He shook his head. “I’m upset, lover Kat, but I know you do things for your Alpha out of love. I’m not so full of myself that I can’t recognise this.”
Katiera’s shoulders relaxed. “’Kay.”
Reinhold swallowed hard. Spending time with Crissy was going to be a new experience. He’d never been with just her. His Lynne, Crissy’s sister was always the one to train or discipline him. But with her ailing health, she couldn’t afford his bullshit right now. That much he understood. Looking at Crissy, then back at Katiera, “When do I leave?”
Crissy shrugged. “Tonight. I thought we’d go shoot pool and have a few drinks this evening before heading back.”
“I’m down with that.” He grinned.
“I thought you would be. So I brought this for you to wear.” She pulled a leash and collar from her jacket pocket. “You’ll acknowledge me as your mistress in public.”
He gasped. Narrowing his eyes at her, Reinhold tensed. His jaw ticked. “I will not be your dog, woman.”
She glowered and took a step forward, setting one hand on her very curvy hip. Green eyes sparkled brightly, illuminating her pouty lips. “Nobody asked you to be my dog. I’d never do that to you, Reinhold. But remember, I own your ass. Now get dressed. We’re going drinking. And I don’t want to see your phone. My sister will call me and you two will talk later.” She smirked and tossed the collar and chain at him before turning on her heels and leaving the room.
He glared at Katiera.
“Don’t be gay. It’ll be cute.” Her smile returned.
“How would you like your pride to be put on a leash?” He growled.
Katiera blinked. “You make me wear one. What’s the difference?”
Reinhold opened his mouth to speak but stopped. He knew better than to mention gender or age when picking on Katiera. Her former owners were abusive and constantly reminded her of her youthful age and gender. They were downright cruel.
He’d had no hard feelings when he’d killed them. But he had enough respect for his mate that he knew what buttons to push. “Fine,” he grumbled.
“Cute Alpha.” She giggled. Sliding off the bed, she stood and sauntered towards the door.
He snorted. “Not coming with?”
“I’m not able to tonight. I have to balance your business books, get things ready for the last quarter taxes then go tend to our new pack mothers.”
“Right.” With a groan, he nodded slowly. His mate was more than just a mate. She’d become an adept business partner, too.
* * * *
Reinhold’s usual routine in any bar was to get himself a scotch on the rocks then find a quiet corner where he could watch for other wolves who needed a pack or just people watch. He’d nurse the scotch then end up with the bottle at his table before the night was over with
and Katiera would drive the two of them home while he rattled off details about some of the patrons he’ d seen who could be wolves and in need of guidance.
His pack had been designated as a trainer pack amongst the wolves where new shifters could learn the basics and grow comfortable with their abilities. The command had been passed down from Diana herself, Goddess of the Hunt.
Tonight however, he was sitting on a bar stool against the wall, rye whiskey in one hand and scotch on the rocks in the other. Smoke from some of the patrons irritated his nose just enough to distract him until he watched Mistress Crissy bend over a pool table, stick in hand. Her nice ass stuck out, causing Reinhold difficulty concentrating on his game. With his cock hardening at the sight of her bent over, he watched her miss a bank shot. Sliding off the stool, he set his drink down on the shelf behind him and grabbed hers.
“Shit,” she swore and handed him the stick before taking her drink from him. The chain hung from his black leather collar. At least, she hadn’t made him wear zebra print like she’d threatened to do. Still, his dignity felt the blow.
Studying the layout of the balls, he realised Crissy could probably sense his arousal. He’d kept his hand on her ass all night.
It was more of a possessive gesture than anything else. Other guys were looking at her, staring at her breasts, and it irritated him. She was his dominant, damnit! Yet she’d already had to warn him twice that he’d overstepped his bounds.
“What the fuck, Mistress? I’m a wolf. Not a damn meat-flesh and bone human. I’m not like the rest of you.”
“Whatever. You’re still a man at heart. Now go get me another drink.” She’d handed him a five and he’d returned with her rye and Coke.
Lining up his shot, he had to move carefully not to give away his painful erection. He wanted to try to keep the upper hand tonight with Mistress Crissy. Not being used to her as a dominant was going to be tough. Hell, as he aimed his shot for precision, he had no idea why Katiera had even suggested he spend the time with Mistress Crissy.
Sure he cared for her, a lot in fact. She was his owner. But, without having spent a great deal of time together, neither knew what the other needed.
And Reinhold knew what he needed. Taking the shot, he sank the ball in the hole.
“Very good, prince.” Crissy smiled. “Where’d you learn to play?”
He turned to reach for his scotch. Her hand stopped his. Did she feel the same spark between them as their fingers brushed?
Raising her chin, she gave him that look. “Answer my question first.”
Fine. He’d play her game. Inhaling deep, he let out a slow breath. “I used to play in college and learned a lot there. Now let me have my drink.”
She raised an eyebrow.
“Please?” He feigned a weak smile.
“Please, what?” Her hand tightened around his wrist.
“Please, Mistress?” She wasn’t his Lynne, she was his Mistress. He choked out the words.
She huffed. “At least, you can fake protocol. You’ll learn before the month is over, Reinhold.” She handed him his drink.
Their hands met for a split second and neither moved. “Oh, I’m sorry.” Reinhold took his drink from her. He took a long sip of his scotch, letting the caramel and charred oak soothe him. The heat from the alcohol burned his throat. His body warmed instantly.
Now did she feel the spark he did?
She didn’t respond. Instead, Crissy turned and set her drink down on the shelf behind her.
He looked down at her in the dimly lit bar and realised the smoke gave her an ethereal look, her features softening just a bit even as she tried to look menacing for her height.
“You’re cute, Mistress.” He laughed. She stood just above five feet tall.
She slapped his shoulder. “Are you picking on me about my height?”
He snickered. “No Ma’am. I’d never insult the lady I intend to bed this evening.”
She raised an eyebrow. “Really now?”
Reinhold nodded. Crossing his arms over his chest, he stared down at her.
She grabbed his chain and yanked him forward, pulling his head down to hers.
Their mouths were millimetres apart. He could smell her arousal, the sweet scent of vanilla and sex, along with the smoothness of the rye and sugar of the Coke she’d just sipped from.
Their eyes met. Locked in a heated gaze, Reinhold took his chance. His body had been painfully hard all night and Mistress Crissy was the only cure he could think of. Pressing hislips into hers, he savoured the plump, juicy feel of her mouth against his as it moved. A hand grabbed the back of his head and forced his mouth to hers with such intensity that he was sure they’d both have bruised mouths in the morning.
Inhaling sharply, her fingers clutched a fistful of hair and tugged backwards before teeth scraped against his neck, sending shivers down his spine.
Reinhold moaned low in his throat, a very masculine sound as he forced his thigh between parted legs, feeling the heat of her sex.
Crissy anchored herself against his thigh and began rocking back and forth against him.
Intense warmth surrounded his thigh. Reinhold reached for her shoulder, gripping her tightly. Pulling her lips from his neck, he applied more pressure into her warmth and waited.
“Enjoying this?” he murmured against her mouth.
She slipped her tongue past his lips and stroked his tongue.
Reinhold fought for control of the kiss with his tongue before submitting to Crissy’s demanding, biting. She nipped his lower lip with her incisors.
He yelped against her mouth even as he tried to suppress a reaction.
She pulled back and looked at him with heated eyes. Flames of desire danced in her irises. “Home. Now.”
“Yes Ma’am.”

Not even the cold could make Crissy shiver. Slinging her jacket over her shoulder, she tugged on the chain attached to Reinhold’s neck, practically dragging him out of the bar, to the tune of several assholes who simply whistled. There was the one guy whom Crissy decked when he called Reinhold pussy whipped.
He didn’t bother to get back up. He was smart.
They’d stopped at very few lights on the ride home. Reinhold’s cock hardened more than he could possibly imagine. Each time they stopped, Crissy slid her hands beneath his waistband, gripping him.
Her fingers around his shaft made him gasp, pumping his hips into her fist. She’d managed a few jerks of his cock before he’d leaned over and nibbled her ear, tasting her with his tongue.
“Oh gods, yes,” she purred, a deep low rumble that reverberated against his ear.
Chills raced up his spine. He inhaled her scent, woodsy like the wolves. In a manner of speaking, she was pack. Human though she was, she and her sisters owned the wolves. Controlled a lot of power.
Right now, the only thing he cared about though was the way her scent teased his nostrils, causing them to flare. “I want you.” A hand crept beneath her grey shirt to cup her beneath her bra. Her skin was smooth, hot to the touch. He felt the weight of her in his hand, squeezing her nipple hard.
She hissed but kept her gaze focused on the road ahead, though she mouthed something he couldn’t hear.
Her fingernails dug into his flesh, causing him to hiss through gritted teeth. Reinhold squeezed her breast harder, biting down on her neck at the same time.
Crissy gunned the engine at the light and sped down the street with abandon. Reinhold hoped they wouldn’t get pulled over. Part of him didn’t care at this moment.
“You’re going to make me come.” He flicked his tongue against her earlobe before nipping her cheek.
“Nope.” She released his cock and pulled the car into a driveway. “You’re getting off if you’re a good boy. I’m getting out. Follow.” Her words were a command.
Sniffing the air, he scented her arousal. Reinhold let out a sigh but knew if her touch was this hot, her pussy must be molten lava. “Oh, I’m a very good boy,” he purred as he slid up beside her, shutting the car door with a slam.
She yanked his chain, leading him up the steps to the front porch. It was dark outside and even though he could discern the various plants and fixtures, he didn’t care to. His body ached for her touch, even as the collar threatened to choke him.
Keys slid in the door and it opened, light spilling into the darkness. Even though she was shorter than he was by a good foot, Crissy had a lot of strength for a human. She pulled him along so fast that he had trouble keeping up, even with his gate.
Hands shoved him past her and up a set of carpeted stairs. “Up. Move. First door on the right. Get inside and strip.”
Reinhold turned to face her, looking at her demanding little smirk. “I could carry you up.”
“You could shut up and march.” She narrowed her eyes, flames of passion smouldering in her deep silver and purple irises.
The wolf in Reinhold wanted to resist, wanted to buck the system. The human with the hard cock won out though. Turning around, he took the steps two at a time, hearing the soft pounding of Crissy’s boots on the carpet behind him.
He knew this house well. Scents of vanilla and citrus wafted towards him, his Lynne’s scents. They were calming normally, but Crissy’s red-hot arousal was more in tune with what he smelled now.
Reaching the top of the stairs, he took the first right, pushing open the door. He felt heat from Crissy’s tiny hand on the small of his back. “March,” she barked.
“Demanding little cu—“ Her hands gripped his shoulders and spun him around. Hair whipped him in the face before he was pulled down to her mouth, her soft, warm and inviting mouth. Her tongue slid past his mouth, wrestling with his.
Setting his hands on her hips, Reinhold backed into the room until he hit the bed.
Her mouth assaulted his hard enough that he’d be bruised if he were a human. She inhaled, suckling his lower lip into her mouth.
With a groan, Reinhold moulded her body to his before falling backwards with an oomph.
Crissy’s weight pressed down against him in just the right spot, forcing air from his lungs at the sheer heat of her beneath her jeans. His cock swelled painfully. Nails dug into his skin, ripping his shirt up and over his head before it got tossed aside.
Hands fumbled with his zipper while lips burned a trail of passion and fire down his chest. Heaving, Reinhold arched into her mouth, feeling her tongue circle around a nipple before she took the nub in her teeth.
Fists gripped the sheets as he drew in a deep breath.
“On me, somewhere, wolf.” Her voice sounded more like a begging, desperate command, rather than her usual stern demand.
Reaching to her sides, he settled his hands in a thick mane that was baby fine. Stroking her, tugging her curls lightly, he heard the pleasant sound of his zipper being slid down before his cock was exposed.
Taking it in one cold hand, she jerked him a few times before settling her mouth directly over his head. “Oh Mistress, please suck me.” He forced her head down just a touch.
Her lips brushed against his cock, soft and pliant. She looked at him over his throbbing erection. “Demand, and I could leave.” She released his cock.
He grinned. “You don’t have the self control. You’d rather fuck me to spite me.”
“Damn you.” Crissy scowled. Reaching beneath her, she undid her pants and shucked them off in one swift motion. Standing at the foot of the bed in just her shirt, she reached for the hem and pulled it and her bra off, tossing it to the pile on the floor.
Reinhold had an excellent view of her body now, pretty face with those silver and purple eyes that made men beg had been framed by the finest of hair that fell just over her sweet hips. Perky, large breasts bobbed as she stepped forward. His eyes travelled down the line of her body until it met the hairless region of her pussy.
“Goddess,” he choked out.
“Yes.” She smirked and climbed on top of him. Straddling him, she settled herself just above his cock.
Heat seared the tip of his cock. He could almost taste her arousal, the heady, musky scent mixed with her woodsy aroma.
Sinking down hard, she impaled herself and let out a groan.
He yelled in triumph as well. Her molten pussy enveloped him as she seized his cock with her sweet, tightness. Nails clenching her hips hard, he dug fingernails into flesh. She’d bleed when he moved his hands away.
She yelled but rose up, her breasts swaying beautifully before she slammed down again on his cock.
Air rushed out of Reinhold’s lungs so fast he realised he hadn’t been breathing.
Crissy began moving her hips back and forth, setting her hands against his chest.
Reinhold bucked against her and tried to sit up, but she pressed her hands into him and held him against the bed.
“No. Stay,” she bobbed up and down again, repeatedly spearing herself as she threw strands of hair behind her.
She leaned back, changing the angle of penetration.
Reinhold held onto her beautiful hips and thrust harder into her, working with her undulations.
Her screams echoed throughout the room as her first orgasm forced her body to tense up, muscles tightening and gripping his cock harder.
Within minutes, his cock was awash in her love juices, the muscles of her stomach still squeezing before she fell forward, panting hard against him.
He stroked her hair, feeling the wondrous silken strands tangle in his fingers before he began thrusting again. Hair spilled over her back and shoulders while she stretched out over him.
Slowly, Reinhold began rolling his hips upward while his hands spread her ass cheeks apart.
Crissy shifted her weight for more depth. “Again?”
“I haven’t come yet, babe.”
“I didn’t plan for you to.” Her voice was dry, yet it held a note of satisfaction.
“Fuck that shit.” Using a little wolf strength, he rolled them both over so that he was on top now. “Katiera wouldn’t play with me before I left. I’m getting mine too, and your hot little body is going to help me.”
“Oh you think so, huh?” A perfectly manicured eyebrow rose.
“I do indeed.” Lowering his mouth to hers, he began the slow rolling of his hips inside her, driving himself in like a piston as she seized his tongue and stroked it with her own.
Before she could respond, he nipped her lower lip and pulled back. Grinning, he looked down at her.
“You’re good,” she purred.
Her hand reached around his backside and slapped his ass.
He growled into her ear, “What the fuck, Crissy?”
She grabbed the chain that hung from his collar. “I had better hear you ask for my permission before you damn well come.”
The beast inside Reinhold wanted him to drop his human illusion and put Mistress Crissy in her place, below his mate. In the wolf’s world, the mate was an equal in many things. Denial of orgasm was something the Alpha could force on his subordinates but never on his mate. Even his owners would be challenged often for dominance due to the fact that Reinhold was a stubborn, demanding alpha with a great deal of power.
“You’d make me be—”
“Oh gods,” she threw her head against the pillows and arched her hips into his. Her orgasm rolled through her, triggering her body to tighten up and muscles clench his cock with such a tight grip that she was practically milking him.
The storm inside him built and built until it could go no further. With a grunt and a cry that echoed throughout the room, he begged her name on his mouth, yelling for permission to come.
Crissy’s growls and moans joined his.
Her hands slapped his ass hard, the imprint of her hand stinging enough to leave a red mark and heat for a few minutes.
He’d forgotten how strong Crissy was for a human. Magickal strength was one thing but having magickal power didn’t equate to being physically strong.
Shooting deep inside her, he felt his cock spasm as his body unwound itself above her. “Goddess, you’re incredibly warm and…” He waited a moment to catch his breath.
“And in control,” she laughed. Her head lolled to one side as Reinhold pulled out.
Sliding beside her, he wrapped an arm around her stomach and let out a breath.
“You’re good,” she smiled. “Two in one sitting. That’s a record.”
He shot her a wry grin. “Oh I can go all night, babe.”
“And another night, you shall. But,” he watched her hands trail down the length of her body until she drew her legs up, “you disobeyed me deliberately. You’re challenging me again, Reinhold.”
He opened his mouth to speak but stopped when she glared at him. How could a woman so sexy look so powerful after a fuck like that?
“You know I’m right. So…I’d suggest you get that long tongue of yours between my thighs and clean me up. Suck up every last bit of your cum from me.”
His eyes widened. “What?”
Shifting her weight, Crissy patted her mons lightly. “You heard me. Eat me and clean me up.”

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