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I heard that atrocious book 50 Shades of Grey is going to be made into a movie.  Readers are wondering what they’ll do since the majority of the book is BDSM “mommy porn” and how they’ll cut or what they’ll cut out of the book for the movie to make sense.

It’s funny to think about this as an experiment of what’s good for BDSM and the public and what’s not.

In terms of readership, readers want a full story full of twists and turns, and to keep guessing.  They like to think.  The movie audience does too but visually, their minds see what the director shows them.

In some instances, a LOT of stuff will be cut.  In a book like 50 Shades of Grey, with as much heavy handed BDSM as a theme, with the fact that TRUST must be shown, any director who is NOT familiar with the Lifestyle will probably make a LOT of mistakes, not entirely on purpose due to the medium being changed.

I’ve been studying film and screen writing, trying to grasp the structure of a story told via the written script and how it compares to that which is shown on screen.  It’s not easy and while your humble romance author is smart, I’m still simple.

I imagine a LOT of the book will get cut or reworked for film purposes  Fans will either love it or hate it, and it won’t matter because at the end of the day we’ll still have one thing to fall back on.

Secretary.  A movie about BDSM done RIGHT.

Once again this post was another “done for SEO purposes” post.  Though I do not have a strong opinion of 50 Shades of Grey.

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  1. I saw this the other day and wanted to throw up. There are tons of reasons that the mania surrounding these books bother me, and they all combine to make me avoid them. First, it’s a not-disguised-at-all fan fiction, it’s not new by anyone’s stretch of the imagination (excluding the clueless media), and the terms used to describe it are sickeningly and mockingly condescending..

    I’m a former fan fiction writer, having written in several fandoms, and one of my BDSM fics was wildly popular – people still email me and post on various loops looking for it since it was pulled. I will admit to using plot and scene elements from my fics in my original works, but have never, ever tried to use the related fandoms to promote my work (looking back now, maybe I should have) to the point I won’t even tell those inquirers about my published titles other than to say I hope they’d like to read them.

    I have many many friends & acquaintances who know I write erotic romance, and yet have never read my books. But they are all asking me about this series. I keep telling them – damn it, read mine, they’re better! lol My latest line of attack? Putting together a basket for the Fundraiser/Tricky Tray at my son’s school – and I’ve made a sign saying something like “If you like Fifty Shades, you’ll LOVE these.”

    Add to all that the opinions of several respected erotic romance writers, some personal friends, some not, that in general the series isn’t written very well, and I fear what might come next from fic writers who have lots of fans, A scary idea, considering the many fandoms that are not as mainstream as Twilight.

    The idea of a movie seems to me a waste of time – they will never be able to make it mainstream enough without removing the bulk of what ties the characters together. Since most of the sex will likely have to be cut, I suspect they won’t be able to truly capture the chemistry between them – and from what i hear, that is the major factor that is making so many people devour the books.

    Transferring that from the written word to the screen can’t be easy, and I suspect it will go down in a ball of fire. Or maybe I’m just jealous as hell and hoping it will tank! lol

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