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*Facebook post, re: my return back to Author-hood.*

I’m literally scanning the watch lists for a trade since taking two off and my QQQ position losing (extrinsic) value right now, and having to ask myself: Am I not making a trade because I’m afraid, or do I seriously not like the odds?

I’ve looked at $GDX and $GDXJ for the last few days and been wondering about a play because IVR is high. But I don’t like the credit (if I’m directional)

Makes me wonder. Because I’m not writing at the moment. Oh, I finished my piece for LuckBox Magazine and I intend to send that off once I look at the suggestions. Felt good to put that together. My little short for L’Don that was cathartic? I haven’t picked back up yet.

Both the new Beauty in my life and I had to work this weekend so we didn’t get to spend as much time together as we wanted.

At least Carcer City dropped a new EP.

I’d like it if Summer had meaning again. Right now, based on last year and this? It’s tumultuous at best because last year I was dreaming of trading and seriously considering not writing. Now? I’m actually trading and trying to find that perfect bar to tend.

So I’m asking myself lofty questions because they’ll engage the mind to figure out the solution.

How is it I got the perfect bar tending job? How did I do that? How did I accomplish this miracle?

Don’t know, but my mind will figure it out. In the meantime, I’m tending bar at GWCC on the 19th. 6-1 AM…

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