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Over the last year you have probably noticed I’ve been on this spiritual and physical growth path in an attempt to not only increase my financial success but increase my happiness in life.  I’ve been driven to succeed even more.

That started when I first read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Ecker. Some of you may know on that other site that I am now T-Sascha Illyvich and there’s a reason for that explained in my profile.

The journey started many years ago honestly when I was still living with an ex in Houston, TX.  I’d begun reading Zig Ziglar and gotten into the idea of motivational speaking and learning to grow mentally since that was lacking.

I’d become a Toastmaster when I lived in California.

When I came to Georgia and found a place to call home, I’d re-read T. Harv’s book and then came across the seminar. I detailed that experience a little in this #holdontothelight post.

Shortly after that, I’d become a member (Free) of MindValley Academy and found myself immersed in free (and sometimes paid) training on how to supercharge my life in a grand spectrum.  In the post mentioned above I also talk about my affinity for author and lifestyle hacker, Timothy Ferriss, embracing simple yet powerful techniques that 10x my life. Everything from simplifying and reclaiming time, to hacking my diet, I’ve been embracing it.

Now I’m going through Code of the Extraordinary Mind, by MindValley founder Vishen Lakhiani. He is proof that you can actually change your reality to bend it to your will via the things he’s done in only the small time I’ve been following the instructors he’d brought to MindValley.

In CodeEx, he talks about the 12 areas of improvement, based on LifeBook, a program developed by John Butcher and without giving away Butcher’s program, Vishen asks you to think about these twelve areas, question them and really expound upon them. A girlfriend of mine is currently engaged in the Lifebook course and says the actual paid for course is deeper than what Vishen mentions, but the difference is that Vishen, like Tim Ferriss is hacking things for “busy people.”

You may be wondering what the fuck ANY of this shit has to do with my writing or my normal interests as a cigar and alcohol connoisseur and sex god.


Writers ARE the TRUE reporters of the world.  I have been quoted as saying “We are the heart of the world that beats with pain,  pleasure, agony, ecstasy, hope, dreams, fears, goals, wants, needs.”

I’ve also said “Remember, we are dreamers who dream the impossible, then write it like it’s fact because the world needs that.  The world hurts, and we, especially as romance writers, are the cure.”

All of the things I do to my life impact the lives of others around me and allow me to enjoy a greater range of emotion and then put that down on paper for you, the reader.

And in the end, aren’t we all looking to feel something?

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