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Ha! You probably expected that other popular slogan, didn’t you? I will say if there was a meme slogan that identified how I feel about the new WordPress editor, I’d use it. But both cats are happy and healthy, making me a responsible adult as we sail into 2022!

Kel rarely cuddles, but at 3:15 on the 29th, she crawled into my lap.
Ember rarely cuddles, but at 3:15 on the 29th, she crawled into my lap.

A lot has gone on since my last long-form post. Our living situation has gone from annoying to bad enough that I no longer want to be in this apartment. The cats are fine. The younger lover recovered fully from her surgery and is back to work. I hate comma splices. I’ve started the year off with a bang. Thank you Four-Sigmatic Perform Coffee and Bulletproof Brain Octane! Everything was golden on the 4th. I went over some Skye Warren materials for my career roadmap, began digging deeper into what I wanted to release this year, and began playing with plot and characterization, despite the fan in my HP needing a replacement. Thank gods I have an iPad Pro and my old ThinkPad T430. The 5th of January, I woke up, started making coffee for myself, only to open the cupboard to retrieve our Bulletproof Collagen protein and discover the start of a nest of bugs. We’ve been getting them steadily over time, but it was one here, one there. Then it became an everyday occurrence. If you lived with me, you’d know that I sacrificed being a cleaning Nazi to just keeping the apartment clean enough that my head remains clear. But that sight yesterday disgusted me.

We were aiming for a Charlotte/Asheville move, but the younger lover’s job is forcing her to come into the offices in Norcross. I finally told her that “Fuck it, we’ve been having a difficult time finding a place in this area within our price range, or one that’s close to mass transit. If you can find us places in Norcross or the surrounding area that work out for the time being, let’s do it.”

It would be a sacrifice in that I don’t currently drive and that area of the Atlanta suburbs isn’t as highly populated with any sort of cigar or bar scene I know of, at least not compared to Decatur. Mass transit is a fucking joke, too. I will get my driver’s license and hopefully not have to fight for my class M. And no, I don’t want to hear it, no one knows what I can see and cannot see outside of me. I had a license in Texas, and I had one in California. Remember, I had to suffer through Driver’s Ed at 38 years of age and to not only sit in a classroom where I shouldn’t discuss my previous evening plans, but the students weren’t even born when Princess Di passed.

Kel is a happy kitty too and says yes to 2022!

At least the school was near a Five-Guys burger joint.

That’s the only way a move will make sense. But I’m tired of the nonsense of living in this dead complex. The Oak Tree Villas, now The Villages at Kensington, have been problematic way before I was a tenant. Hopefully, they’re bulldozing this fucking land and putting up condos to sell. I will miss my lake view, ducks and geese, and large beautiful woods of old, but with staff changes, no new construction, fucking bugs? Not all of my electrical outlets work. Nor do I need to go on about the paint that SUCKS. It’s a pleasant color, but you can’t clean it for shit. It comes off too easily. As of this post; the complex doesn’t have hot water. Don’t get me started on the talk I had with security and the dead bodies, along with coked up bitches he’s pulled out of empty units. Or the gunshots that, while don’t come from this complex anymore, still happen because fools wanna fool. It all messes with one’s mind and I can only kill off so many characters in a novel at one given time! Believe me, when I was working on Addicted to You (Remix) I tried to drop as many bodies as realistically feasible to the plot while still satisfying my newfound enjoyment of Cannibal Corpse.

In the meantime?

I feel confident that not only do I have the tools to help, but I have three releases planned for this year, with maybe a fourth, depending on what I decide. The first novel will be an updated re-release of my Undead Souls MC novel, Riding Tempest, that came out with the I Love Vampire Novels boxed set back in 2018. I’m adding new content to the story because while I felt it was solid as it was, it can be a more passionate tale between Tempest, the half vampire-faery, and Jonas, the vampire biker thief for the Undead Souls MC.  

Here’s the original blurb:

In order to save his ailing sister, Jonas, the thief of the Undead Souls MC must find a halfling vampire-faery for her blood. His luck comes up when word arrives that one such faery is hauling valuable cargo, motorcycles with multidimensional travel capabilities that can aid the MC in returning to their realm. Can he convince Tempest to help his sister while remaining loyal to his MC?
Tempest needs one more payday to stop hauling cargo on the violent roads in Faery. Biker gang violence forces Tempest to ally herself with the very MC originally trying to steal her cargo. Can she trust Jonas to protect her or will he turn out to be another dirtbag outlaw who breaks her heart?

I know some time back; I did a cover reveal. It will get an update. The blurb will get an update. I realized while working on Skye’s material that I already had a trilogy that simply needed editing and cover art. After RWA, I purchased ProWritingAid and while it isn’t perfect, it’ll still put my mind in the right frame to work on editing. And in writing the followup stories in the Undead Souls MC trilogy, I think I grew as a writer and learned a lot about my process. My plotting style has shifted too.

The first book in my Nights of Lust series

I’ll be working with the fabulous Lia Davis to get covers for the Undead Souls trilogy. Oh, a decision I came to while at RAM? Nicholas from Endangered/An Alpha Torn will get his story finally. It’ll be fun to see how he and Isabella butt heads! I will complete that trilogy of vampire/werewolf passion. More on that in another post. If you were curious about Honey Badger One in my Burning Desires series (The Bodyguard, Saint in Sinner’s Eyes,) he’s also getting a story. I have a lot to put together, but I’m super thrilled to be back to work on these projects.

Once I get a few sheckles, I’ll pick up modern HQN Desires releases to get a better feel for their style. I still have a heart in contemporary erotic romance. You’ll be able to find me actively online starting January 12th in the Author Ad School FB group, helping and going through Amazon Ads again. Oh, and I may be found locally at Fellaship-ATL on the 14th for the One Year birthday of ATL Cigar Co.

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  1. Hai 🙂

    Happy New Year!!!

    I’m glad to see you’re writing again. congrats on working with Lia Davis. I know she’s popular. I hope prowritingaid is helpful for you. I hated it. lol Word does the same thing it does now too pretty much but I found it very overwhelming and anxiety inducing. lol A few months ago I invested in a bluetooth keyboard for my ipad and I found it very helpful to writing not at my desk. Between work and writing I was spending too much time at my desk and it was burning me out but by using my ipad other places I found my productivity going up. It was very nice. 🙂

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. I’m glad you’re still kicking. 🙂

    Hugs, Draven aka Drac

    On Thu, Jan 6, 2022 at 3:01 PM Paranormal Erotic Romance by Sascha Illyvich wrote:

    > saschaillyvichauthor posted: ” Ha! You probably expected that other > popular slogan, didn’t you? I will say if there was a meme slogan that > identified how I feel about the new WordPress editor, I’d use it. But both > cats are happy and healthy, making me a responsible adult as we sail in” >

    1. Hi hon,

      Yeah, Lia’s awesome. Know her through my “East Coast Work-Wife” LOL! Word does NOT do the same thing by a long shot, nor is it really that good for proofreading outside basic grammar. Oh I love my iPad and keyboard, use them when I need to write somewhere like the cigar club or even the shop.

      You COULD text…

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