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2013-05-24 17.07.57Just finished the book and Goddamn was it good.  First off, most of you know I have issue with the multiple POV switching shit, but this book seemed more seamless.  Said that a lot on line though.

The depth of emotion put into the characters rocked my world, watching and understanding what Tohrment and Rosalhynda (later , Autumn) went through separately.  And the fucking ending…no spoiler alerts.  Let’s just say goddamn man, goddamn.

Now I understand I missed the previous book, Payne’s story so I’m definitely a little confused by things but it’s the ONLY book I haven’t read, aside from the current release and the mini story with Zsadist, his shellan and Nalla.  But hey, I’m a writer, I’ll catch up between projects LOL!

These books have been an inspiration for me honestly.  My older work, longer work, tends to deal in darker themes and find characters who are so damaged and fucked up…didn’t think a market for them existed.  Apparently, judging by the type of reader response I got when I mentioned I was going through the series, I was (thankfully) wrong.

Looking forward to more by the WarDEN.  Much more.

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