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For the last few years I’ve been told my longer works are similar in style to the fabulous JR Ward, author of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. This paranormal romance series about a group of elite vampires sworn to protect their kind from their enemies is not just a bad ass series, but an emotional ride.

I started from the beginning and quickly devoured Wrath’s book, Dark Lover. The ONLY problem I really had with the series is the point of view changes. I’ve been told by many my readers from DitterNation that it’s necessary but as a writer I know in some instances it’s not. However, the world JR Ward puts drops you in keeps your interest and makes the transitions seem almost seamless. Even the tone of the head changes (from one of the Brothers to say… Mr. O) has a different voice and I understand that the POV switches serve a purpose.

I quickly found myself rooting for the good guys and their girls, so this habit will continue while I light up a cigar in the afternoons.

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