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I thought about putting up a video discussing this year’s upcoming writing plans since naked menagehaving moved into my own apartment, sans ANYONE!  Then I thought, naw, that’s not going to get me a larger reader base first off.

Do you make resolutions or set goals?  I do.  I write them down on the first week of the year, along with making sure I spend a good deal of time pondering them, thinking about what I really want out of the year.

Life has changed dramatically for me since my official return to where i’m living now, and I’m a different person, so my goals have shifted.  Less about family and more about success and drive to have a larger reach, like all authors want.

The direction of this site will change more, too.  More information tied to the books.  Hell, maybe even better eye candy?  Who knows.  But it’s a new year and I’m going to rock with it.  I hope you come along for the ride!

Until then, here’s a snippet from an upcoming erotic story currently titled “Road to Seduction”

Miles tore the condom open, slipped it on his cock and dipped himself back inside Cynthia, smiling when she let out a heavy sigh of pleasure.  He pulled back, ran his hand up and down his slicked cock. “Mount her, my man.”

Vince didn’t have to be told twice.  He slid between Cynthia’s thighs and hovered over her, positioning himself between those lovely lips.  He looked into her half open eyes.  “Do you want this?”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and drew his mouth to hers. Before their lips met, she whispered, “You do.  I do.  Let’s enjoy, and see where this goes.  I love you.  Obviously, he has adoration for you.  Just go with it, baby.”

Vince nodded, then plunged into her balls deep.  Still as warm as he remembered, the heat from her pussy scorched him, while her tightness gripped him like a velvet fist.  Both of them groaned in delicious pleasure before his mouth sealed over hers and he inhaled her.

Threesome-Cast-Landscape-photo-by-Sebastien-ScandiuzziThe air around them grew thick with lust, the scent of…what was that?  A flavored condom?

“Dude, relax.  This is going to be interesting.”

Vince nodded, buried his head in Cynthia’s shoulder.  She stroked his sweat covered forehead, brushing strands of sweat stuck hair away from his face.  “It’ll be okay.  You’ve been after this for a long while.”

She shifted her hips, arching his ass into the air. 

Vince felt something cold on his asshole, then a finger slid inside, making him squeal.  Then it penetrated deeper and he moaned, the sensation of his asshole stretching slowly, at an even pace, sending delightful shivers through him.

Miles slid his finger in and out, working his hole good, while making sure to crook his finger down and press on that male g-spot.

Pleasurable pressure emanated from just below his balls, and Vince moved his hips in time with both the squeezing of Cynthia’s pussy around his cock and the rhythmic thrusting of Miles’ finger. 

He pulled out, then added more lube.  It had warmed up some, but two fingers slid inside this time, spreading him open more.

After a few minutes of gentle thrusting, the three of them had worked into a gentle ocean-like sensation of rocking back and forth.  Cynthia’s arms still wrapped around Vince’s neck and she kissed him sweetly, slowly, her tongue exploring his mouth while her fingers played with his hair.

“I love that your hair is longer now.”

“Thanks.  I, ah!” 

Miles spread his fingers and pulled out of Vince’s ass.

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